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Updated on: September 19, 2022

6 Best Costco Wines [Top Recommendations for 2022]

Are you looking for great wine at low prices? Look no further than these six best Costco wines – they’re amazing value for money!


Costco might be best known for its industrial sized packs of food and unusual and exciting discoveries. However, you might not have thought of heading here to try a range of high-quality fine wines. 

In fact, a recent report has shown that Costco is the USA’s top wine retailer and when you take a closer look at the facts, it’s easy to see why.

The prices for wine here are much lower than at similar stores and you won’t be compromising on quality!

If you’re keen to try some of the best Costco wines, read on and discover the best value options in your local branch today.

A Quick Intro to Costco Wine

Costco can offer low prices thanks to the slim margin that this retailer takes due to its membership model. 

While the range of Costco wines may not be the most extensive, they should satisfy most people who enjoy a tipple, especially if they don’t want to spend more than $20 a bottle.

Some of the varieties on sale here can easily be found for less than $10 and, contrary to expectations, they aren’t only fit for cooking!

We guarantee that once you try them, you’ll be stocking up in bulk ready for your next dinner party or even just to indulge your glass a day habit!


Some of the best wines at Costco are available in other stores, but they are usually only sold at a much higher price.

There are, however, some lesser-known brands which make an interesting change from the usual suspects.

There are wines from all over the world available for purchase, and thanks to the low Costco wine prices, you’re sure to find an awesome deal, with some of the bottles here being retailed at half their usual cost.

Costco sells a range of both white and red wines, however here, we’re going to focus on some of the best reds that are on this store’s shelves.

Made with a range of popular grape varieties from all around the globe, you’re sure to be impressed by the selection on offer and you’re bound to discover a tipple that tickles your tastebuds.

Are you ready to find out more?

Then read on and discover the top six wines in this popular store that you might want to add to your cart on your next shopping trip.

Our Recommended Costco Wines

These are the Costco wines that we can't live without! Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section!

1) Bodega Garzon Tannat Reserve

This 100% Tannat tipple hails from Garzon in Uruguay. While you might not immediately think of Uruguay as a home of top wine vintages, this is actually one of the best red wines at Costco thanks to the fact that it has been aged for 6-12 months in a French oak barrel and cask.

Although this bottle usually comes in at around $20 elsewhere, at Costco, you can find it on sale for only $12, which is almost half price – amazing value for money!

Bodega Garzon Tannat Reserve wine

This quality wine is made with grapes that have been grown on the winery’s own estate and which have been sorted and harvested by hand.

As a result, their character really comes out in the uniquely fruity taste of this tipple.

It’s high 14.5% alcohol content makes this a great choice for anyone who likes a full-bodied red.

Its deliciously enticing aroma conjures up tastes of licorice and spicy notes along with the juicy flavor of dark, ripe fruits.

The flavor is deep yet sweet, and while it is tannic, it’s also surprisingly smooth – something which only improves the longer it remains in the glass.

Don’t rush this wine – it should be sipped slowly and enjoyed over a long meal with friends.

With its undertones of dried herbs, this wine also has a dry and long savory finish that makes it the perfect accompaniment to roast red meats, stews and barbecues.

Get it at Wine.com now!

2) Kirkland Signature Sonoma County Old Vine Zinfandel

Found on Costco’s shelves for only $10, this classic Zinfandel comes from the Costco home brand – Kirkland.

While sometimes home brand varieties can be poor quality, don’t be put off - Kirkland wine is definitely worth a try thanks to its rich flavor and, of course, its impressive value for money.

Kirkland Signature Sonoma County Old Vine Zinfandel

This wine comes from California’s well-known wine country, Sonoma County, and is produced from an estate of vineyards which have been the home of zinfandel wines for a century and a half.

The vines used to produce this fine wine have an average age of 45 years, and perhaps this is why this classic wine has such a delectable bouquet and delicious flavor on the palate.

Affording deep, opaque shades of red-purple fruits, this wine offers notes of blueberry, cassis and blackberry with chocolate and vanilla overtones.

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This is also supported by spicy notes from its oak maturation, all lifted by the ripe, supple tannins and its bright acidity.

This is a strong wine, with an alcohol content of 15.5%, so it’s ideal for anyone who enjoys a full-bodied drink with their barbecue!

An awesome alternative is the Rodney Strong Zinfandel from Sonoma.

3) Benziger Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet sauvignons are among the most popular wines on the market anywhere, and here at Costco, this Benziger variety, hailing from California’s Sonoma County has plenty of mass market appeal.

Having been aged in oak casks for 16 months, this delightful wine is usually found for sale at around $20, but here you can get it at a fraction of the price at just $13.

Benziger Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine has an impressive family heritage. The Benziger family were among the earliest pioneers of sustainable farming when they set up their winery in California almost four decades ago.

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Their aim was to grow exceptionally delicious grapes in line with natural seasonal cycles.

The family’s vineyards have a vibrant ecosystem thanks to the butterflies, birds, cows and sheep that live there and as a result, the vines thrive, producing juicy, rich grapes which are packed with flavor.

With its 14.5% alcohol content, this cabernet sauvignon tantalizes the palate with its ripe, fruity aroma with its touches of chocolate and vanilla, all topped with plenty of spice.

This is a smooth beverage with just a touch of sweetness that makes it very moreish, and its dry, long finish ensures that this is a crowd pleaser.

Also available right now at Wine.com

4) Kirkland Signature Carneros Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is one of the top wine varieties for many connoisseurs, and they certainly won’t be disappointed by the Kirkland Signature Carneros bottle.

Hailing from Carneros in California’s Napa Valley, this lovely Pinot Noir can only be found in Costco and with a price tag of under $10 it represents amazing value for money.

Kirkland Signature Carneros Pinot Noir wine

The Carneros region is known for its unique climate. Thanks to the regular cool fogs and cool winds, this is one of the best places to grow Pinot Noir grapes.

This beverage combines elegance with richness, counterbalancing the forest floor and black fruit notes with the tartness of ripe rhubarb and cherry for the perfect blend. Since this wine is also aged in French oak barrels, there’s a nice spicy overtone to savor on the palate.

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With its 14.5% alcohol content, this pleasing wine is balanced and smooth with a medium to full body and a dry, long finish.

This wine is best savored, since it only gains in complexity the longer you leave it in the glass.

This is certainly not a wine to rush, and it should be sipped slowly alongside red meats or barbecues.

5) Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret

This amazingly fruity Bordeaux style blend contains 75% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which is blended with 21% Petit Verdot and 4% Petite Sirah Californian grapes.

Aged for 14 months in traditional French oak casks, this claret should cost you $21 in other retailers, but from Costco, it only costs around $13 making it great value for money.

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret wine

Although its British name might be confusing, this wine has been made in the style of Medoc-type wines from Bordeaux. As a result, it boasts unique flavors and an exceptional depth which won’t disappoint.

It is called claret since it honors the heritage and authenticity of this style of wine which was made by California Vineyards’ Captain Niebaum back in 1910.

With its 13.5% alcohol content, this popular wine has a very pleasant aroma, conjuring up plenty of spice, vanilla, anise and dark fruits.

With its smooth and dry taste, this tipple boasts notes of blueberries and blackberries together with just enough earthiness and dried herbs that it tantalizes your tastebuds.

Its long, dry finish allows the oakiness to really come to fore before chocolatey fruity notes linger on.

Although this wine is a lovely beverage to enjoy on its own, it’s even better with beef or other red meats.

Also available right now at Wine.com!

6) Kirkland Signature Brunello Di Montalcino

This 100% Sangiovese wine hails from Montalcino in Italy.

Having been aged in traditional oak barrels for three years, this Signature wine is from Costco’s home brand range, but it certainly doesn’t compromise on quality.

Kirkland Signature Brunello Di Montalcino wine

This is one of the more expensive wines on this list, coming in at almost $27 a bottle. However, it’s well worth the money.

This is an outstanding tipple, with a fresh and balanced taste that boasts soft tannins together with just a hint of candied fruit.

With its 14% alcohol content, this wine has been produced for almost a decade, and by its Brunello designation, it’s clear that it has been made to some of the most stringent requirements, requiring it to have been aged for at least 4 years with two of these years at a minimum being in oak. As a result, you won’t be disappointed by this impressive bottle.

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At first sip, you’ll detect aromas of licorice, spice and black cherry with just a touch of cedar. On the palate, you’ll enjoy a balanced and smooth taste with spicy notes that add a little more depth.

 While this is a slightly lighter bodied red wine, this doesn’t detract from its quality and in fact makes it even more delicious.

Once it has fully opened up, you’ll detect a full range of flavors and aromas and a dusty, dry and long finish with hints of lingering tobacco.

This is the perfect wine to open and enjoy at any time, and can be enjoyed either on its own or with roast meats as the ideal accompaniment to your meal.

wine bottles in a wooden box

Choosing Costco Wine – An Affordable Yet High Quality Choice

If you enjoy a glass of wine with a meal or after a long day, you’re probably looking for the best possible deal for your favorite tipple.

While you may not have considered heading to Costco for your wine purchases in the past, this roundup of the best wines available on this retailer’s shelves might have changed your mind.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to quality beverages, and whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself or a bottle to share with friends, you won’t go far wrong by choosing something from their range.

Although Costco’s range isn’t as extensive as that you’ll find in your local supermarket, let alone your nearest wine store, it certainly won’t disappoint.

There are wines from all over the world and from some of the finest wineries anywhere.

With fine wines for sale for under $20, and some bottles even coming in at under $10, it’s well worth visiting Costco to see what they have in store.

Whatever your favorite grape, you’re certain to find something that’s worth trying at a price that you can afford. So, what are you waiting for?

Head to Costco on your next shopping trip and load up your cart with all of your affordable favorites! 

What's your favorite Costco wine? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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