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An Introduction to Wine Turtle

Wine Turtle is one of the leading online wine publications in 2023.

Connecting with wine enthusiasts in over 150 countries, we provide independent and engaging content that covers the wine world in its entirety.

From divine wine and food pairings, to personal wine recommendations, to wine history, to detailed winemaking guides, we're passionate about wine journalism and we absolutely love what we do.

Wine Turtle was founded in early 2015 by Tim Edison.

Tim was brought up around wine and starting a website about wine where he can vent, rave, gush, and swoon about tastings seemed like the most natural (and therapeutic) life choice he ever made.

You can get better acquainted with Tim and the team down below.

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Why 'Wine Turtle'?

If you’re wondering where the name Wine Turtle came from, you’re not the first.

Yet, it perfectly describes what we stand for, who we are, and the approach we take when it comes to wine.

At our core, we are a group of people that share a deep passion for wine and everything related to it. Especially, wine drinking and wine making!

And these two things (like most things in life) are done best when done slowly and patiently.

At a turtle's pace!

Essentially, that's why we are Wine Turtle.

Our mission at Wine Turtle is to keep wine fun and engaging.

The world of wine is a large one, that still has an air of intimidation about it.

We aim to bring you the stories, history, details, and the knowledge without any of the pretentiousness that wine drinking can sometimes be associated with. If we ever stop being fun to read then be sure to let us know!

How to Contact Us

You can reach us over on our 'Contact' page, directly by email, phone, or even write to us.

  • For general enquiries: [email protected]
  • For more exciting/urgent matters: [email protected]
  • Tel: (971) 300-4724
  • Snail mail: Wine Turtle, 10350 N Vancouver Way, #1024 Portland, OR 97217

Meet Our Team

Meet the people that make Wine Turtle happen. Honestly, they're a nice bunch really, even after a couple of bottles of wine!

Tim Edison

Founder, Chief Writer

Tim Edison for WT

Hi, all! I'm Tim. 

First of all, thanks for being here.

I hope you're finding Wine Turtle of interest and it has grown into the wine resource that I always had in mind. I always love hearing from our readers and I welcome any feedback good or bad. You can be sure we read every message on our contact page.

Anyway, a bit about me...

I've been interested in wine from a pretty young age. My parents were keen wine drinkers and my brother and I first tasted sparkling wine in our early teens at family celebrations.

It definitely wasn't an instant 'hit' with me (does anybody actually like alcohol the first time?) but I started to enjoy wine with food a short while later.

I think the diversity had a lot to do with it. A drink made from just one fruit has so many incarnations and expressions. Winemaking seemed so inventive and it piqued my curiosity in a big way. Then, when I started learning about the science involved, I was hooked!

I started Wine Turtle way back in 2015.

It was basically started as a means for me to write about the things I'm passionate about and connect with other like-minded people (I always wanted to start a forum too but I've never had the time. Watch this space!).

Fast forward to today and we have visitors from over 150 countries, and that's something I'm really proud about.

I've got big ideas and ambitions about taking Wineturtle.com to the next level and I hope you'll continue to support me and the team here with what we're doing. We really appreciate each and every one of you!

What I'm Currently Doing...

I've recently been taking the time to brush up my knowledge on some wine regions that I've never visited (but will do very shortly).

In doing so, I've earned a Rioja Wine Diploma awarded by the Control Board of the DOCa Rioja and also the Champagne MOOC Certificate (with merit) awarded by the Comité Champagne.

Rioja Wine Diploma

My Rioja Wine Diploma awarded by The Control Board of the DOCa Rioja

Champagne MOOC Certificate

My Champagne MOOC Certificate awarded by the Comité Champagne

If that's not enough, I also recently completed World of Wine: From Grape to Glass, a course issued by The University of Adelaide in Australia.

You can see my wonderful new certificate here 🙂

I take my role at Wine Turtle very seriously and try and stay up to date with the ever changing wine world by periodically doing courses like these.

Update: I've just passed an amazing course at University of California, Davis which concentrated on sensory techniques for wine tasting. 

It has really helped me hone my wine appreciation skills. You can see my results here.

University of California wine certificate

My certificate from the University of California, Davis wine tasting course

Update: I'm now a published author! 📕 

I've been working on a book in the background for some time now and it has finally been finished. The book is available for Amazon Kindle or as a regular ebook.

The Wine Galaxy cover

It's fair to say I'm always extremely busy but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Ps. If you'd like to see my work on Wine Turtle, you can find my author page containing all my articles here.

My Details

You can reach me at the email address below or on LinkedIn.

Email: [email protected]

Connect with me on LinkedIn:


Researcher, editor, behind the scenes magic 🙂

James Smith profile

I joined Tim at Wine Turtle back in 2018. I came on board originally to help out with some of the technical aspects of running a website but over time I've transitioned into more of a dual role as a researcher/editor.

My main job is to plan Wine Turtle's path. Obviously Tim has control over this but I like to think I have an influence on the direction we take with the site.

This involves speaking to winemakers and vineyards and keeping up with current trends and innovations in the wine world.

I'm responsible for a lot of the topics we cover and a key part of my job is second guessing what I think you (the readers) want to see on Wine Turtle.

Update: I'm enrolled in the WSET Level 2 Award in Wine. I start in June and I'm really excited about this! I'll keep you posted on my progress and I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the course. Reach me at the email address below.

My Details

You can reach me at the email address below or on LinkedIn.

Email: [email protected]

Connect with me on LinkedIn:

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