About Us 

Wine Turtle is one of the leading online wine publications in 2022.

Connecting with wine enthusiasts in over 150 countries, we provide independent and engaging content that covers the wine world in its entirety.

From divine wine and food pairings, to personal wine recommendations, to wine history, to detailed winemaking guides, we're passionate about wine journalism and we absolutely love what we do.

Wine Turtle was founded in early 2015 by Tim Edison.

Tim was brought up around wine and starting a website about wine where he can vent, rave, gush, and swoon about tastings seemed like the most natural (and therapeutic) life choice he ever made.

You can get better acquainted with Tim and the team down below.

Why Wine Turtle?

If you’re wondering where the name Wine Turtle came from, you’re not the first.

Yet, it perfectly describes what we stand for, who we are, and the approach we take when it comes to wine.

At our core, we are a group of people that share a deep passion for wine and everything related to it. Especially, wine drinking and wine making!

And these two things (like most things in life) are done best when done slowly and patiently.

At a turtle's pace!

That's why we are Wine Turtle.

Our mission at Wine Turtle is to keep wine fun and engaging.

The world of wine is a large one, that still has an air of intimidation about it.

We aim to bring you the stories, history, details, and the knowledge without any of the pretentiousness that wine drinking can sometimes be associated with.