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Updated: April 17, 2023

Whispering Angel Rosé Review

The Chateaux D'Esclans Whispering Angel rosé wine has become the headline act for Provence rosé in recent years. But, what makes it stand out and does it offer good value for money?

whispering-angel bottle

The Whispering Angel Rosé Wine comes from the Esclans valleys in Provence, France, just northwest of the ancient Roman city of Frejus on the Mediterranean coast.

It is part of the Chateaux d'Esclans wine portfolio, well known for its spellbinding rosés.

This wine is perfect for summertime sipping, with its delicate floral flavor and soft fruity finish. It's also a great choice if you're hosting a party, as it goes well with many different types of food.

We got our hands on the 2021 vintage and in today's review, we explain our taste and aroma experience.

A Little About Chateaux D'Esclans

The chateaux was purchased in 2006 by Sacha Lichine. His vision was to create the greatest collection of rosés in the world.

He introduced innovative winemaking techniques to revolutionize rosé production in the region.

Situated just north of St Tropez, the chateaux is now synonymous with Provence rosé.

Fast forward to 2023 and the winery produces one of the Provence region's most well know rosés in the Whispering Angel.

The team at Chateaux D'Esclans are passionate people that are dedicated to making great wine. Their winery has received critical acclaim and is now synonymous with Provence rosé

Whispering Angel rosé wine bottles

What Grape Varietals are Used in Whispering Angel Rosé?

It's made from 3 grape varieties, all grown locally and hand-selected in the La Motte region of Provence. These are:

  1. Grenache (known for its red fruit/berry flavor profile)
  2. Cinsault (another that's predominantly berry)
  3. Rolle or Vermentino (citrus and fresh apple)

You can read more about various grape varietals in our guide.

Whispering Angel rosé wine label back


Whispering Angel Rosé is a beautiful pale pastel pink color. It could be described as a light salmon pink.

It's wonderfully translucent and looks alluringly drinkable in a nice decanter.

Whispering Angel rosé pink wine bottle


On the nose, it's very floral with aromas of white peach and apricot. There are also subtle hints of citrus fruits like lemon and grapefruit.

At 13% alcohol by volume, no alcohol sting to the nose was present either.

A really pleasant nose overall that offered a bit of something new for the first few attempts.

Whispering Angel rosé wine label front


The wine is light-bodied with a delicate flavor profile. The Grenache gives it slightly red fruit flavors like strawberry and raspberry.

These are combined with some lovely floral notes from the Cinsault. The watermelon and pomegranate notes of previous vintages remain too.

It's smooth, almost creamy and very well balanced.

While having quite a delicate profile, it remains complex enough that you'll enjoy picking apart the different flavors and discussing notes with friends.

It's a rosé you'll come back to but won't tire of.

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whispering-angel bottle


It has a long, soft fruity finish that begs you to take another sip. Full and smooth, it's very approachable.

Food Pairings

Whispering Angel Rosé is a great match for shellfish and chicken. It also goes really well with dishes like goats cheese salads.

Is It Worth Buying?

If you're looking for a delicious rosé wine to enjoy this summer, then we highly recommend picking up a bottle (or two) of Whispering Angel Rosé Wine!

Pale pink in color with delicate aromas of strawberries and citrus fruits, this rosé wine is perfect for sipping on a hot day or serving at your next party.

With flavors of strawberry, raspberry and watermelon, the finish is soft and mellow with just a touch of sweetness.

Retailing at around $20, it represents great value for money. You'll be hard-pressed to top this rosé wine at this price point. If you do then make sure you tell us all about it!

Update: Get it at its cheapest when it's at Costco.

Have you tried Whispering Angel or any of the other Chateaux D'Esclans rosés?

We'd love to hear your thought down in the comments section!





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