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Duck Commander Wine Review

Fans of TV’s Duck Dynasty are certainly going to want to know more about Duck Commander Wine – is it actually a decent product or a marketing gimmick?

Duck commander wines

If you’re a fan of TV’s Duck Dynasty, you’re definitely going to be interested to try the Duck Commander wine, a vintage with some serious mass market appeal.

While anyone who’s watched the show might think that The Robertsons couldn’t possibly be backing a wine that’s even halfway decent, you might be surprised when you try this tipple.

If you’ve never seen Duck Dynasty, you might not be aware of the Robertson family who, according to their own marketing live “the American Dream”. Their whole brand is based on the outdoors lifestyle as well as Southern living in the Louisiana bayou. So, the idea of bringing wine to the masses might not sit well with this concept.

It isn’t surprising that wine connoisseurs seem to think that Duck Commander is just a marketing gimmick. After all, anything that’s based on a television show can’t be any good – right?

Well, interestingly, this vintage isn’t aimed at the wine snobs anyway. In fact, Willie Robertson actually said when his wine line was being launched that it was squarely being aimed at ordinary people and not “yuppies”.

When you try these wines, you can see that being borne out in practice. While it’s true that these wines aren’t exactly for aficionados, they’ve definitely got something to offer the market. The whole point of this product range is to be a stepping stone into the world of wine – introducing people who’ve never tried it before to a whole new drinking experience.

Of course, some of those people might never try another drop and go right back to drinking beer, but some will realize that wine can actually be accessible and enjoyable, and go on to try a much broader selection of vintages which don’t take their name from a TV show!

So, with all this in mind, let’s go on to take a closer look at this product range, and let’s judge whether or not it’s better or worse than you could possibly imagine!

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What Should You Know About Duck Commander Wine?

The Duck Dynasty guys expanded their empire by entering the wine industry just a few years ago, introducing three flavors to the market. All are on sale for under $10, bringing wine within easy reach of those who would normally not be able to afford a bottle.

The three varieties including the Duck Commander Triple Threat, the Miss Priss which is a Pink Moscato and the Wood Duck Chardonnay. Of course, the wines weren’t actually made by the Robertson family themselves! They’ve all been produced in conjunction with winemakers the Trinchero Family Estates from California.

What Does The Producer Say About These Vintages?

The wines have been described in glowing terms by the Trinchero Family Estates who produced them.

They described their red blend as an authentic California wine with fresh, ripe and jam-like qualities which make it stand out from the crowd. With its medium body, the red is soft, silky and fruit forward, with plenty of smooth tannins on the palate.

The Chardonnay, meanwhile, offers a tropical and rich fruity aroma which boasts hints of crisp apple and citrusy lemon in its complex nose. On the palate, this wine is vibrant, offering notes of melon, apple pie and pear with a creamy and silky finish.

Finally, the Pink Moscato boasts a luxurious aroma of floral honeysuckle, sweet caramel and fruity white peaches. On the palate, you’ll taste luscious honeydew melon and passion fruit flavors together with a hint of vanilla that perfectly balances out the refreshing acidity.

So, now we know what the producers say, what are these wines really like to drink? Let’s find out.

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Duck Commander Miss Priss – A Sweet Pink Moscato

First, let’s take a look at the Duck Commander Miss Priss, it’s a gorgeous Pink Moscato. This wine is mostly a Moscato but it has hints of rose thrown in. It is a cold fermented wine which hasn’t been through the special fermentation process (that would be malolactical) and it has been aged in a tank created from steel, rather than an oak cask.

Duck commander miss priss moscato

The alcohol content isn’t very high either. This is definitely a wine for beginners rather than those who prefer the strong and full-bodied beverage. This pink wine has a fruity aroma with passionfruit and vanilla flavors that are light and inoffensive, even for someone who has never sipped a glass of wine before.

The initial aroma is fruity and sweet, which makes this a great starter wine for anyone who is a complete newcomer. Raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and orange blends with floral honeysuckle making this very easy on the nose.

Once you take the first sip, you’ll notice that this is a very sweet and sugary tipple with lots of juicy flavor that’s ideal for anyone who enjoys a Moscato. The mixed berry flavor is paired with hints of tropical fruits and a nice acidity level for excellent balance. At the end, there is good length and sweet notes that make this an enjoyable drink. If you’re sharing with friends, this is definitely going to be a light crowd pleaser.

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2012 Chardonnay – Duck Commander Wood Duck

This wine has been through a partial malolactic fermentation process and, unlike the Moscato, it’s been aged in oak as well as in stainless steel. This lushly flavored wine also has tropical aromas and plenty of pear and apple hints that make this a slightly more mature choice than the Miss Priss.

Duck commander Chardonnay

This white has an alcohol content of 13.5% and is certain to please a crowd thanks to its pleasant nose and fruity palate. The initial aromas are of mango, pear and apple with a hint of grapefruit for a touch of citrus.

On the palate, this is a primarily fruity beverage although you’ll notice hints of wood and a little spice for added complexity. You might even detect a buttery finish, making this an all-purpose, all-around Chardonnay that won’t disappoint.

The Duck Commander Triple Threat Red Blend

This blended red mixes Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot and Zinfandel resulting in a soft, silky and fruit forward wine with a ripe and fresh flavor.

duck commander red threat

With its 13.8% alcohol content, the aroma of this wine is very potent, blending ripe fruits with coffee, caramel and spice for plenty of complexity. On the palate, you’ll detect lots more ripe fruits together with caramel and chocolatey notes and even more spice. The texture is smooth and the tannins are soft.

The long end reveals jammy fruit and sweet notes of oak that really hit the spot. If you’re a classic red lover, you’re definitely going to enjoy this wine.

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