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Persimmon on white background

Homemade Persimmon Wine Recipe

Homemade Persimmon Wine RecipeIt’s certainly not a common wine but we believe it should be more popular. Naturally sweet and quick to ferment, it’s a winemakers dream!In many ways, persimmons are the ideal fruit for homemade wine. Not only are they easy to prepare, they are also rich in natural sugars – which are a […]

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Yellow lemons hanging on tree

Homemade Lemon Wine Recipe

Homemade Lemon Wine Recipe We’ve all heard about wines made with berries – not to mention grapes – but have you ever come across a citrus wine recipe?Despite the commonly held view that fruits used for wine have to be sugary, citrus fruit makes for truly unique, great-tasting wine.  And though lemons may not be […]

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Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2015 wine

Kung Fu Girl Riesling Review

Kung Fu Girl Riesling Review If you’re a fan of sweet wines, you might be surprised by Kung Fu Girl Riesling, an unusual Asian-inspired dry wine that won’t disappoint.When you think of a Riesling, what imagine comes up in your imagination? Most people will immediately think of German wines with their off-dry flavor that tingles […]

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petite sirah wine

Petite Sirah Wine Guide

Petite Sirah Wine Guide Deepen your understanding of fine wines and the grapes that make them with this comprehensive Petite Sirah wine guide.Petite Sirah is one of the most beloved of all American wines, and it has been made from a special breed of French grapes since the mid-19th Century.  Despite the name, Petite Sirah […]

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Valpolicella wines

Valpolicella Explained

Valpolicella Explained Here we will learn about the Valpolicella grapes and the diverse Valpolicella wines, including how they are made and what you should be pairing them with.Valpolicella is the home of Amarone grapes and the birthplace of that sweet bitter Amarone wine.  However, many people are not aware that the region is home to many […]

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Ripasso Valpolicella wine

What is Ripasso Wine?

What is Ripasso? Check out our complete guide to Ripasso wine. Learn about its history, where it’s grown, its distinguishing features, and what sets it apart from other varieties. Every wine variety has a rich story behind it, and Ripasso is no exception to the rule.  Grown in the iconic Valpolicella vineyards of Verona, Ripasso wine […]

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Meritage Red Wine

What is Meritage Wine?

What is Meritage Wine? Whether you’ve heard of it or not, if you’re interested in wine, this high-quality drink is an important part of modern wine culture. Meritage, pronounced like ‘heritage’, is a type of wine that has soared in popular since its creation in the 1980s. Whether you’ve heard the name and you want to know […]

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