Written by: Tim Edison

Updated on: January 6, 2023

The Wine Turtle Wine Quiz 2023 [How’s Your Wine Knowledge?]

Wine quiz

If the past few years of covid and lockdowns gave us anything worth doing, they gave us quizzes! 

Here at Wine Turtle HQ we love a quiz, especially if it's wine-themed!

So, how much do you know about wine? 

Are you prepared to put your neck on the line and see which of our readers knows the most?

We designed this quiz to test your basic wine knowledge with a few fun questions thrown in.

Post your result over on our Facebook page or down in the comments section!

You can start the quiz by clicking the button below.

Wine Quiz: The Aftermath!

So, how did you do? Be sure to post your score down below to see how you fared against the rest of our readers!

If you've got a spare few minutes and you feel like reading more about some of the wine questions in our quiz then here are some great resources:

Cork taint and corked wine

Wine grapes


How hydrometers are used in winemaking

Guide to fortified wine

If you have any questions about anything in the wine quiz then be sure to send us a message and we'll do our best to help out.

We'd also really appreciate your feedback!

How did you find the quiz? Was it too easy or too hard? Did you find it enjoyable? Were there any questions you didn't enjoy?

Leave us a message down below and we'll be sure to take your feedback on board before we start making the next one.

If this one goes down well, we might even make this a regular thing. Here's to wine trivia!

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  1. Just the 8/16 for me… Though fairly happy with my score! There were some questions that were beyond my fledgling wine knowledge. Very enjoyable none the less!

  2. Great site, enjoyed reading about elderberry wine and loved the quiz I am a second year allottment holder and have planted five red grape vines and spent first year training them along wires hoping to get a ough for making a gallon or two in a couple of years time

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