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15 Wine Room Ideas For Your Home Or Wine Business

Wine is a delicate thing. It has to be stored at a certain temperature, needs a certain level of humidity and tolerates badly any fluctuations of these parameters. The best place to keep it is a wine cellar. But what if you don’t have one?

Check out these 15 wine room ideas to create a controlled environment at home or at your business’ premises.

Wine Room Ideas: The Basics

Wine rooms have been ideated by and for those who don’t have a cellar. Yet, while the main purpose of such room is to preserve your bottles in the best conditions, wine rooms have become more than a storage space.

A wine room is a sort of retreat, a place where to meditate with a glass in your hand. Or a social space to share with your family and friends.

However, when designing a wine room one should always consider the primordial purpose of this space. Apart from the design, you should focus on the technical features of the room. In fact, when building a wine room you should aim to create a controlled environment where to store and age your favorite beverage.

To begin with, decide where to build the mini cellar. In the best of the hypothesis, you should build the wine room in the coolest room in your house. If you have a basement, consider using this space for the cellar.

If you have a wine shop or wine tasting business, it is advisable to install a climate control system in the wine storage area. And the same goes for the homeowners who don’t have a suitable area where to install wine storage units.

Here are a few climate control actions to take when building your long-desired wine room:

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    Insulate the future wine room to avoid temperature fluctuations.
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    Install an air humidifier if the room tends to go dry.
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    Consider installing a cooling system if the room is large.

To preserve its properties, wine needs a constant temperature of about 55°F and a constant humidity level of about 57%.

Inspiring Wine Room Ideas For Your Home

1. Under Stairs Wine Room

One of the best wine room ideas I’ve seen takes advantage of the wasted space under the stairs. Instead of a closet, use this space to make an inspiring cellar your friends will envy. To create the illusion of an open space, install a large window and place wooden wine racks in front of it.

A transparent glass door will add more light to the environment, while white walls will increase the idea of space.

Decorate the wine room with recycled wine crates and, if the space allows it, place a small coffee table and an accent chair in a corner of the room.

2. Spanish Style Wine Room

If you have a medium-size spare room and love the traditional design, make a Spanish style wine room. This cozy environment will become your favorite despite the rather low temperatures. For a flawless design, choose Majolica pavements and solid wood furniture in natural colors.

Dark brown wine racks pair perfectly with beige walls and stone columns. A traditional dark wood ceiling chandelier and a robust table with chairs compliment this type of wine room with success.

3. Industrial Wine Room

If you’re living in a flat, transform one of your rooms in an industrial style cellar. Brick walls pair perfectly with a grey pavement. To enhance the design of this space, paint two walls in dark grey and use distressed wooden furniture.

Besides shelves or modular racks, your new wine room will also need a tasting table and few design chairs. Decorate the walls with vintage wine pictures for a finished look.

4. Mediterranean Sophistication

A Mediterranean wine room gives sophistication and a fresh-look to a countryside villa or stylish suburb house. Opt for graphite stone walls and matching pavements, then mount sturdy wooden racks on the walls.

Brown leather chairs, a solid wood table, and a wrought iron chandelier will complement this type of space with success.

If the room is big enough, create a cozy corner with a coffee table and a comfy accent chair. A faux cow leather carpet will add the final accent to the design.

5. Walk-In Wine Closet

Even the tiniest space, such as a walk-in closet, can become a stylish wine room. Ditch the fashion items and build tall racks on the walls. Incorporate a wine cooler in the furniture and add some stylish touches with a French accent table if the space allows it.

As for the environment, install a climate control system if the closet tends to get too hot in the summer.

6. Custom Glass Wine Cellar

A custom glass wine cellar makes a stylish statement in a contemporary style villa. Build a glass cube in a corner of your living area and furnish the space with minimalist furniture. Add personality to the environment with the help of LED lights and futuristic accent furnishings.

A last-generation wine cooler placed next to the tasting table will ensure that your whites will always be chilled to perfection before serving.

7. Ranch-Inspired Wine Room

In a countryside cottage or even in your cozy Manhattan flat, a ranch-inspired wine room will bring a touch of personality and playfulness. Paint the walls in light blue, keep the wine on shelves made of recycled wine crates and decorate the walls with colorful ranch items.

A recycled wine barrel and bar stools will add the final touch to this amazing in-house cellar.

8. Hidden Underground Wine Stash

A basement is a great place for a wine cellar and you’re lucky if you have one. To make a different wine room, build a hidden underground wine stash with access from your kitchen or living area. Build the access door directly on the pavement and furnish the walls with wine racks.

A spiral staircase will take you in the depths of your wine cellar where a brown leather sofa with coordinated armchairs and a solid wooden table are waiting to offer you a relaxing wine tasting experience.

Original Wine Room Ideas For Your Wine Business

9. Contemporary Cool Wine Room

Take your wine shop to the next level with a contemporary cool wine room. Building a custom cellar in your shop will only show your clients you’re a true connoisseur that knows how to preserve wine. Investing in a great climate control system is crucial.

As for the furnishings, choose minimalist contemporary pieces that offer comfort to your visitors. Invite your clients to taste the wine in this space and your sales might boost to the stars.

10. Modern Wine Tasting Room

If you’re a sommelier dreaming to organize wine tasting sessions in a stylish environment, build a modern wine tasting room. There are dozens of styles to choose from depending on your preferences. An eclectic wine tasting room, for example, is cozy and relaxing. An industrial-style space is probably more functional.

Regardless of the choice of style, invest in a couple of high-quality wine coolers to keep the beverage at serving temperature.

11. Mesmerizing Colorful Wine Room

Plexiglas and colorful LEDs can make your wine shop outstanding. Simply build some arches with built-in wine bottle spaces. To create a stylish contrast, build these design racks in a side of the shop and decorate the other  side in a traditional style.

Keep furnishings to a minimum. After all, your shop only needs walls full of wine bottles and a counter.

12. Brick And Old Barrels Wine Room

If you’re fond of the traditional “wine cellar” design, recreate it in your wine shop or wine tasting room. Opt for bare brick walls and choose distressed furniture. Reconditioned old oak barrels double well as tables or you can use them to make an original counter.

Use the lids to decorate the walls and choose wine racks made of recycled barrels or wine crates.

13. Design Wine Room

Wow your visitors with a design wine room, whether in a shop or in a wine tasting business. Choose industrial colors, such as rusted metal walls. A bare metal staircase that leads nowhere makes a perfect wine rack while some design tables and chairs will accommodate your guests.

Install some metal shelves to display decorative wine bottles and dress the walls in tin wine pictures depicting wine origins, flavors, and aromas. 

14. Cozy Wine Storage Room

A wine shop certainly needs a wine storage room. But instead of keeping the bottles in a dull deposit, transform this space into an attraction for your customers. Let them see where and how you keep the wine without feeling ashamed of it by creating a cozy wine storage room.

Functionality must be the main feature, so focus on building wine racks and cabinets on all walls. Choose a simple table and a few comfy chairs to place in a corner. Use this space to accommodate your visitors while talking them through the history of the wine or while explaining them the wine pairing secrets.

15. Custom Stone Cellar

If you have a large wine shop, expand your business by building a stylish wine tasting room. Just build a stone cellar directly in the shop, trying to recreate the winery cellar environment to the best extent.

If you aim to create two distinct environments, choose opposed styles for each area. For example, go for a traditional wine cellar design in the tasting area and choose modern elements for the rest of the shop.

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