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Updated: June 1, 2022

25 Unique Ideas To Recycle Your Wine Crates

25 Unique Ideas To Recycle Your Wine Crates

When buying wine from a cellar or getting it from your wine club, the bottles are likely to come in wine crates. 

Old wine crates are ideal to transform into original furniture or accessories.

In fact, wooden wine crates can really revolutionize your home and save you money at the same time. All you have to do is recycle them.

Wine crates can be used both closed and opened. They can be painted or left unchanged. They can be reinforced and hung on the walls or used as storage boxes.

The limit is your imagination and the number of objects you can create depends on your creativity and skills.

Wine Crates To Furnish Your Kitchen

wine crates

Old wine crates are perfect to recycle if you want to give a fresh look to your kitchen. Here are a few ways to use them.

1. Kitchen Cabinet

Probably one of the best ways to use wine crates in the kitchen is by transforming them into a kitchen cabinet. Moreover, you can use the wooden boards of the crates for a makeover of your existing furniture.

If you want to use the crates as they are, a simple yet stylish idea is to arrange more wine crates one on top of the other to make an original cabinet.

On the lower crates you could even mount wheels to make it easier to move around, or simply place the lower crates directly on the ground.

Depending on your preferences, you can arrange the crates to make a perfect rectangular shape or both vertically and horizontally for a more original cabinet.

If you’re not yet ready to replace your old kitchen furniture but would love a makeover, a nice idea is to use the wooden boards of the crates and make with them new cabinet doors for your existing furniture. The effect is guaranteed.

2. Kitchen Shelves

Wine crates are also perfect to create kitchen shelves. For this project, I recommend using the crates that don’t have a major sentimental significance, as you’ll have to disassemble them and use the separate wooden boards.

To make the shelves you can either varnish the crate boards to enhance their natural color or paint them in the color of your choice.

Mount the boards to the wall and voila, you have new wine crates kitchen shelves.

3. Fitted Wall

Storage space in the kitchen is essential; however, kitchen cabinets and cupboards are somehow outdated. To give a fresh look to your environment and transform your dull kitchen into a designer space, you can use old wine crates to create an original fitted wall.

For this project, make sure all wine crates are reinforced with nails or you might risk they break under the weight of your kitchen essentials.

 Once you reinforced all the crates, my suggestion is to mount them on the wall both horizontally and vertically for a more stylish effect. I’d also avoid painting the crates. In fact, their natural color will not only match all types of interior design, the various seals of the wineries will enhance the beauty of your space.

4. Fruit And Vegetable Storage Shelves

If you’re not really skilled at handicrafts, you can still transform the old wine crates into simple useful objects. In the kitchen, a great idea is to make fruit and vegetable storage shelves.

To make them you will need two or three wine crates and four angle slots. Then, you should simply mount the crates to the angle slots to create an original storage unit perfect to hold your goodies. 

 If you want to make your storage unit more attractive, paint the crates in various colors and you can even write down on the crate the name of the veggie or fruit stored in each section.

5. Firewood Holder

In a rustic environment, such as a countryside kitchen, having a firewood holder is a must. This is another creative project that doesn’t require artistic skills, as you will only have to flip the crates, place them one above the other, then pile up your firewood next to the oven.

In this case, I’d recommend using the crates unvarnished to enhance the rustic feeling of your space.

Wine Crates in the Living Room

wine crates ideas

Whether you have a shabby chic or modern décor, wine crates can successfully reshape the design of your living space.

From stylish furniture to splendid decorations, there are a bunch of creative solutions.

6. Coffee Table

One of the most important elements in a living room is the coffee table. For this reason, there are various DIY ideas that propose the use of different alternative items to create original coffee tables.

Wine crates are probably the noblest of these items. They are versatile, can be arranged in multiple ways and there are several coffee table designs you could use.

For example, you could arrange four wine crates in a square, leaving an empty space in the middle of the table. You can then use this space to place a design pot or a vase, or other decorative elements.

The crates can have a double functionality, acting as the table’s legs and as shelves for various items such as magazines or books.

 For more versatility, mount wheels on the crates to move your table around with more ease.

7. Book Case

A book case is another beautiful element of design to have in a living room. You can either build the furniture with wine crates or mount them on a wall for an alternative solution.

 You can even paint the crates to match the existing interior design or decorate them with the decoupage technique.

8. Dog’s Bed

Pets have a special place in our souls and many pet owners care about the comfort of their faithful companions. As such, I’m sure your dog or cat will appreciate having a personal resting place in the living room and a great idea is to transform a wine crate into an original bed.

To make this, remove a side wooden board from the crane. Choose a cushion that fits perfectly into the crate and gives it an attractive look with a romantic or original pillowcase, then place it in the crate.

 Your pet will certainly love your effort and use the brand new bad for naps.

9. Wall Decoration

If you have some valuable wine crates then you should exhibit them. An original way to do this is by transforming them into an original wall decoration.

Dissemble the crates and only use those boards that show the name of the winery or other valuable information. Treat the boards with a thin layer of transparent wood varnish and mount them on the wall to create an original piece of art.

 If you have many crates, you can even cover a whole wall in wine crate boards.

10. TV Stand

Wine crates can even be used to make an original TV stand. There are numerous creative ideas you could use depending on your skills or available space.

For a large living room, you can create a whole TV console unit with various storage spaces and shelves. In a small space, you can simply stack up a few wine crates to create a narrow TV stand in a corner of the room.

Wine Crates in the Bedroom

Wine Crates & Bathroom Décor

The bedroom can also benefit from the creative recycling of the wine crates. Again, you can make original furniture or outstanding accessories that will become the envy of your family and friends.

11. Shoe Rack

An important part of the bedroom is the dressing space. To keep this tiny space organized, all your clothing items, including the shoes, should be kept in a precise order.

As such, a shoe rack is an important piece of furniture to consider when planning the design of a bedroom. For an original and inexpensive solution, use old wine crates to make racks for your shoes.

 You can either mount the crates on the wall and use them to exhibit your shoe collection or transform two or three crates in original benches with shoe racks.

12. Bedside Tables

Besides tables are among the easiest to make. In most cases, it will be enough to arrange your wine crates vertically on the sides of the bed to have two original bedside tables.

However, if you want to test your carpenter skills, there are many projects designs that use recycled wine crates and transform them into more complex pieces of furniture.

 Adding a drawer or a door to this ad-hoc furniture isn’t complicated and your bedroom design will certainly be original.

13. Toy Box

If you have kids, you probably know how hard it is to maintain your home tidy. For this purpose, toy boxes are a must.

On the market, there are numerous models of toy boxes to choose from yet you can make use of your old wine crates to create original storage space solutions for your or your kid’s bedroom.

 To make a toy box simply choose a wine crate with a lid, paint it in white or other pastel colors and coat the inside with a colorful fabric.

14. Original Lamp

Right bedroom lighting is sometimes hard to achieve. However, you should know that you can use old wine crates to make original bedside or wall-mounted lamps.

For bedside lamps, choose a wine crate made of multiple wooden boards rather than wooden panels,  as these types of crates usually have enough space between the boards to let the light pass.

 Mount a light bulb inside the crate and place your lamp on the original bedside table presented above.

15. Chest of Drawers

Making an original chest of drawers with wine crates is not exactly simple yet the result is rewarding. The simplest way is to replace the existing drawers with wooden crates, although finding a piece of furniture that fits the dimensions of the wine crates might be tricky.

 Another way to make an original chest of drawers is by using a cabinet without doors. Choose a cabinet with a fairly wide spacing between the shelves, and place your wine crates on the shelves, using them as drawers.

Wine Crates & Bathroom Décor

wine crates ideas

For a countryside home or for an original urban design, use wine crates to decorate your bathroom.

16. Bathroom Shelf

Wine crates can be used to make bathroom shelves in a way similar to the kitchen shelves. If you don’t want to disassemble the wine crate, you can even mount in on the wall and use the bottom and upper sides as shelves.

17. Bathroom Cabinet

Wine crates can make beautiful bathroom cabinets, either wall-mounted or under the sink. The easiest to achieve is a wall-mounted cabinet made with reinforced wine crates.

 Under the sink, cabinets are stylish and functional, yet you will need the help of a carpenter or outstanding DIY skills to create a beautiful piece of furniture.

18. Mirror Support

For the less talented, transforming a wine crate into a mirror support is a rewarding way of decorating the bathroom in an original way.

For this project, you’ll only need a simple wine crate and a mirror. Mount the mirror inside the crate, fixing it with glue on the bottom of the box, then mount the crate on the wall above the sink.

 If natural wood color is too dull for you, before gluing the mirror you can paint the crate in the color of your choice.

19. Towel Holder

Using a wine crate to keep your towels together is another inventive solution if you don’t have a special talent in carpentry.

The towel holder can be placed either on the bathtub’s edge, on top of a bathroom cabinet or mounted on the wall.

 For a shabby chic effect, keep the natural color of the crate but treat the wood with transparent wood varnish to prevent the formation of mold.

20. Laundry Basket

Another simple yet effective solution is to transform an old wine crate into an original laundry basket. You can make the basket in a way similar to the toy box described above and keep it under the sink or on the bottom shelf of a bathroom cabinet.

Wine Crates & the Garden

Wine Crates In The Garden

Your outdoor space can also benefit from the use of wine crates as original decorative and functional elements. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

21. Garbage Baskets

From an environmental point of view, separating your trash into categories is a must. However, nobody says you have to use ugly plastic garbage bins for this purpose.

You can simply use three old wine crates to collect glass, plastic, and paper trash. Paint each crate in a different color and write on them the type of trash that should be stored in each one.

 For example, you can paint the crates in blue, yellow and green to make it easier for your family members to remember what waste goes where. Arranges next to the fence, these creative garbage baskets will maintain the flawless design of your outdoor space.

22. Flower Pot Holders

Mounted on the external wall of your house or on a fence, wine crates can also be used as flower pot holders.

To enhance the look of your garden you can paint them in pastel or intense tonalities and use matching or contrast flower pots.

 In the same way, the wine crates can be used to decorate the wall of a terrace or balcony.

23. Planters

On a balcony or in the garden, wine crates can be used as planters. If you only have a balcony, you can mount the wine crates along the outside edge of the balcony’s wall and grow some colorful perennials.

In the garden, you can use wine crates as planters either alone or arrange them in sophisticated artistic compositions.

 A stylish idea is to use wine crates arranging them one on top of the other in an irregular pattern, then use every available corner of each crate to plant a small flower or succulent.

24. Bench

With a bit of effort, you will even be able to transform a few old wine crates into original garden benches. The simplest idea is to use two crates as support and mount a wide wooden board on them.

Finish the bench with a long cushion arranged on top of the board and place it next to a wall or fence to provide back support.

 Similar with other pieces of furniture made with wine crates, you will be able to paint the crates in the color of your choice or valorize the beauty of the wood by treating it with transparent wood varnish.

25. Raised Beds

Lastly, you could use old wine crates to make raised beds for herbs or vegetables. A beautiful idea of a raised bed is by using a wine crate arranged vertically as support for another wine crate placed horizontally on top of it.

Fill the upper crate with good potting soil and use it to grow cherry tomatoes or aromatic herbs.

 Another great idea is to use several wine crates and arrange them on a square directly on the ground, to make an original square foot garden. in this case, use each crate for a different herb or vegetable remembering to rotate crops regularly.

Final Thoughts

Next time you receive your subscription wine from your wine club, or the next time you buy a large quantity of wine from your favorite cellar, remember that old wine crates can have numerous versatile uses.

Between sipping a glass of your favorite beverage and fixing a few nails or painting a wooden board, you can transform old wine crates  into attractive artworks or functional elements. Enhance the beauty of your home and make the best out of your wooden boxes!

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