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21 Reasons Why Wine Is Better Than Beer

21 Reasons Why Wine Is Better Than Beer

People have varying tastes, and some argue that wine is better than beer. For either beer or wine, there are pros and cons, but more people point to wine as a better choice of a drink. Wine does seem to be the drink of choice for most. However, that is a disputable fact, and there are enough reasons to go with it. Here then are some of the reasons why wine is better than beer.

It Has Higher Alcohol

It is a proven case that wine actually contains more alcohol than beer which means you are more likely to get boozy faster by drinking wine. Because in the end, science tells us that alcohol is the same no matter the name of the drink.

But It’s Easier To Metabolize

A hangover from drinking wine is much easier to handle than one from beer. Congeners are higher in beer than in wine. These byproducts of fermentation are present in a larger concentration in beer than wine which is why you are likely to wake up with drums going off in your head after a night out drinking beer. Wine is more agreeable with the system and will have fewer effects on the one drinking it.

And Is Stylish to Drink

Drinking wine

Wine drinking is certainly more widely accepted than drinking beer. In church and family gatherings, for example, wine is accepted whereas beer might not. Let's face it; you find more people drinking beer in clubs and other rowdy places. Beer is known to be the cause of fights and arguments after consuming it which is rarely the case when one drinks wine instead. Which is the reason people are more likely to consume wine at parties and the family setting than beer in most cases?

Wine Makes the Perfect Gift

 Have you ever wondered what to give a friend when you went over to their place? You probably settled on a bottle of wine, the thing most preferred as a gift for friends and family. Even for the neighbor you often go over to visit, a bottle of wine makes a great present anytime you head over to his place. Wine is considered a warm gift for people in an amicable relationship or who wish to have one.

Wine Comes Cheap

It is a known fact you can buy good beer much cheaper than the best of wines. You can, however, buy quality wine at a lower price than quality beer. It thus turns out wine is cheaper than beer since people rarely go out for the best of the two. Most usually, they purchase a reasonably priced drink when in need of relaxation. You are likely to find a higher number of quality cheap wine brands in your local store than you can think of.

Wine Pairs With Foods

riesling wine

You can take a glass of wine with a variety of foods such as meats and even sweets. You are having dinner with friends at your place, and the setting is just right for a drink. Being a home setting, you do not, however, want to end up with more chaos than you can handle once dinner is over. You also want your friends to loosen up a bit, and so you reach out for that bottle of wine you’ve had tucked away in the cooler for a while now.

Wine Just Tastes Better Than Beer

The wine has a fruity taste which is why more beginners and ladies prefer taking wine. Some light wines are quite close to grape juice even though the alcohol taste itself is stronger than in beer. It is however well concealed in wine, and the alcohol taste is much stronger in beer. Wine comes in many flavors including fruit and even chocolate flavor. More reason wine bottles find a place on many dinner tables than beer.

You Can Use Leftover Wine For Cooking

If you add a small quantity of wine to your food, it enhances the taste of the dish. The alcohol contained in wine evaporates during the cooking of food, leaving the flavor in the meal. There are quite a number of dishes you can cook with wine including fish dishes to keep them moist and soft.

Wine Helps You Sleep

Alcohol is a sedative and relaxes one's muscles. You’ll more likely have a better sleep if you take a glass of wine before hitting the sack. Drinking wine gives one a relaxing and warm feeling making it easier to fall asleep. You are more likely to fall asleep from the feeling of relaxation that comes from wine than you are taking a beer. And not only fall asleep but have a better sleep throughout the night too.

You’ll Drink A Fancy-Named Beverage

You perhaps already know some wines, or have seen countless names of wine on the shelves of the store. Wine names can be quite fancy ranging from Pinot Noir to Merlot and even Chardonnay. Doesn’t it feel good rolling off these fancy names when ordering for your favorite drink of wine? Considering wine originated from countries such as France and Italy you are bound to have a wide range of names to choose from any time you purchase a bottle of wine. And also have fun too, trying to get some of the names right while at it.

Unlike Beer, Wine Gets Better With Age

Wine does get better with time. As time goes by wine gets to shed the fresh, fruity flavors and instead have an earthy taste. The acidity and tannins soften up a bit too, and so it becomes more harmonious and with more balanced making it an interesting drink. Some wines can be stored for decades, and even the good book mentions that no one drinking old wine desires the new. No doubt old wine is good.

Wine Is Classier Than Beer

how much wine is too much

You’ve been to a club perhaps and had the chance to stare at some bar brawl brought about by some guys who had too much beer to drink. Little is to admire in drinking beer not even the reaction it brings out on those who consume the drink. If you’ve experienced the difference in beer drinkers from wine drinkers, you no doubt know this is true. For instance, you appear classier taking a glass of wine at that office outing than you do gobbling up a glass of beer. The wine has a class of its own and is in no way compared to taking a beer.

Wine Won’t Get You Bloated

Drinking wine is easy on your stomach, and it is rare that you wake up feeling bloated after you drink. Alcohol is known as an inflammatory substance causing inflammation in the gastrointestinal lining of the gut. The secret, therefore, is to buy drinks that have been through the distilling process and not fermented ones. Wine does not have wheat in it which might cause irritation to some. Processing of wine involves distilling of the fluid, therefore, less risk of causing bloating to the individual.

Wine Is Healthy For Your Heart

You’ve heard it more times than I care to repeat. Drinking wine is good for your heart especially red wine. Taken in moderation red wine, is known to be heart healthy. Alcohol and antioxidants that are contained in red wine help prevent coronary artery disease, which is the condition leading to heart attacks. There is no clear understanding between taking red wine and fewer heart attacks neither can the benefit antioxidants can increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels, which is known as good cholesterol thus keep away buildup of cholesterol. Antioxidants contained in red wine known as polyphenols help protect blood vessels lining in your heart. One called polyphenol in red wine has caught attention.

Wine Doesn’t Make You Fat

Wine And Food Pairing

There are a number of reasons beer does make one fat. One is that it increases calorie intake. You are more likely to eat more after drinking beer as it increases your appetite. Another reason beer is likely to make you fat is that drinking alcohol might hinder your body burning fat. This is since your body highlights alcohol breakdown over others including stored fat. wine, on the other hand, has fewer calories than beer meaning you are less likely to gain weight and belly fat from drinking wine. There are even instances that link a moderate wine intake with weight loss.

Wine Is Stored In Fancy Wooden Barrels

Wine gets stored in fancy wooden barrels while the beer is stored in plain steel tanks. Wine storage is part of what makes wine consumption ever so intriguing. From the beginning of wine production wine is stored in wooden barrels to enhance maturing of the drink. Oak Barrels impart flavor in the wine from a slow exchange of water and oxygen mixes with lignin in the wood. Depending on the wood type, each barrel could have a different effect on the wine. Aging wine in barrels allows certain metabolic reactions to take place which results in smoother-tasting wine that is creamy to the taste Fermentation and aging of wine is no doubt the most important facet of creating an exceptional product. The duration you age wine and storage during the aging process can determine the kind of drink you have at the end of the process.

Wine Is Perfect For Celebrations

In most places, wine is consumed during celebrations which is not so with beer. One item you should never leave behind during celebrations is a bottle of wine. Wine is used throughout the entire world whenever there are celebrations taking place. Think of your wedding anniversary or even that for that romantic dinner you plan to have with your spouse and the picture of your favorite wine is bound to pop up in mind. There is no shortage of events where wine is essential to celebrate, and they range from romantic liaisons to a christening, Thanksgiving, and Christmas among others. More expensive wine such as champagne is used to celebrate milestones or achievements in a person’s life.

Wine Smells Better Than Beer

The wine has a glorious smell while beer stinks. Especially when stale. You know the smell of wine and the effects it has on your taste buds. Wine lures you in from the smell making you yearn to reach out for an empty glass to take a drink. The aroma is either floral, fruity, earthy citrus or vegetal depending on the grape variety that is used in the process of making wine and the storage conditions. At the moment you smell the wine, the brain gets ready for the drink you intend to take. The sense of smell does have a profound effect on how the brain processes flavor. You are more opt to greater taste if your sense of smell precedes the taste. This is why wine tasking is an important aspect of the drink.

Finding Good Wine Is Easy

white wine aperitif

A good bottle of wine is not hard to find. Come to think of it; there are thousands of bottles of wine for you to choose from without any trouble. Ranging from the more expensive kind that is reserved for special occasions to more common types found in any store shelves across the world, finding a good wine bottle is not hard to do. There are many varieties of wine that come in different flavor as well as consistency and taste for one to choose from to match the intended use. You’ll be able to find a good bottle to take after the christening of your son as you will find one to celebrate your daughter’s graduation from college. Even for a lazy evening drink in the house, there is a good bottle of wine to match the occasion. There is, therefore, no excuse not to have a drink of wine anytime the occasion calls for one.

Wine Won’t Give You A Headache

You are more likely to have a headache from drinking beer than wine. Alcohol contained in wine and beer is also known as ethanol. It can cause headaches, first because it is also a direct vasodilator which might cause a headache in some individuals. Ethanol is a natural diuretic, and it leads to excretion of salt, minerals, and vitamins from the body to the kidneys. Excess consumption of it can lead to dehydration and chemical imbalance in the body.

Wine Enhances Sex

You have a romantic evening coming up, and everything is in place. You look forward to having a great time with the one you love and have anticipated it will go well for you both. After a wonderful dinner in town, you intend to head over to your place to spend wonderful moments together. You have a surprise hidden in your dressing table, one you intend to pull out when the time is right. That time comes, and you pull out your favorite bottle of wine and proceed to pour out a glass for your date. Wine is a well-known sex enhancer, and studies found that of among alcoholic beverages to take before sex, red wine alone can actually enhance your sexual experience. There’s a good explanation for it as red wine taken in moderation is a boost to testosterone which is known to increase the desire for sex. You have to take it in moderation however as too much wine could turn out wrong, therefore, go with a glass or two.

You Can Store Wine

malbec wine

You can buy a whole box of wine and stow away some to take later on. If you are unable to finish just put the wine back in the box for later use. That is not so with beer, however, as you will have to take it all once you open it. For the moderate drinker who does not necessarily need to drown in drink wine is a good choice as you can pick up where you left off next time around.

More About the Health Benefits of Wine

Not only is wine good for the heart but also has other benefits to your body as well. A glass of red wine has in it 187 mg of potassium, roughly about 4 percent of your daily requirement, and wine also has a significant amount of fiber, in it. A study discovered small amounts of resveratrol in red wine, does wonders to slow down aging. The Flavonoids that are in wine protect your skin from damaging UV rays going by a study. Certainly good news to ladies out there giving the reason for them to consume wine more often.

And so the question begs, is wine better than beer? The points above point to that being the case as wine has more benefits for the one drinking it. And there’s enough information from studies to back it up ranging from health benefits to lifestyle benefits as well. No doubt a bottle of wine has better standing compared to beer any time.

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