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Can Wine And Coffee Be Drank Together? Match Made In Heaven?

Can Wine And Coffee Be Drank Together? Match Made In Heaven?

Coffee and wine are both highly aromatic, and you might think mixing them sounds a bit odd. But it actually makes a lot of sense to drink wine and coffee together, because they share a lot of flavor and characteristics.

And while many people enjoy blending their wine with coffee or caffeinated drinks, the question that consequently arises is, is this match made in heaven?

To answer your questions, we’re going to analyze both coffee and wine, and see why they might or might not work together.

Coffee is an infused drink darkly colored, and it is prepared from coffee beans. It is known to have an invigorating effect on its consumers.

To many, coffee has been an irreplaceable drink for quite a long time because after you have a drink, you often feel relaxed which helps you to mingle, be more social with other individuals and also enjoy your time. Coffee seeds are also known as ‘beans.’ When coffee beans are ripe, they are picked and dried.

Depending on the desired flavor, coffee beans are roasted to varying degrees.  The solid particles that form a residue are then brewed with near boiling water to produce coffee.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Undoubtedly, drinking coffee comes with countless benefits. Check out just some of them.

  • It helps in weight reduction. Coffee contains minerals which aid your body to use insulin required to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • It helps in burning fat by the breaking down the fat cells.
  • It reduces the risk of death. Studies have shown coffee drinkers overall risk of premature death is 25 percent lower than that of those who don’t consume.
  • Capable of reducing the risk of cancer. In men, coffee helps in the reduction of prostate cancer by 20 percent and in women endometrial cancer by 25 percent.
  • It protects the brain and lowers the risk of dementia. High caffeine level in your blood also reduces the risk of Alzheimer disease.
  • Coffee helps fight depression.
  • It brightens your mood. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system by boosting the production of neurotransmitters examples dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline which elevate your mood.
  • Also reduces the risk of stroke. Two to  four cups a day is associated with lower risk of stroke
  • Coffee helps in protecting of the body because coffee contains a lot of antioxidants which helps the body to fight against free radicals which are harmful to your system.

Some Disadvantages of Coffee

Not everything is milk and honey when it comes to coffee. The drink also has some counterindications and a few disadvantages.

  • Coffee is not advisable for pregnant women to drink more than a cup of coffee a day.  The fetus is highly sensitive to caffeine.
  • Individuals  suffering from high cholesterol are advised to choose filtered coffee because coffee beans contain cafestol and kahweol, two ingredients which appear to raise cholesterol levels.
  • In young adults, it increases the risk of heart attacks.
  • Due to caffeine, it can cause indigestion.  Consumption of caffeinated beverages often leads to an upset stomach or indigestion.

Understanding Wine and Its Benefits

Fermented grapes fabricate an alcoholic beverage known as wine. Wine is the center of happiness. It helps in relaxing of the mind and brings smiles to faces. Moderate consumption of alcohol is pleasant for your physical health. There are many different types of wine, but the basic type of wine are red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine, and fortified wine.

  • Red wine: It’s wine made with black grapes.
  • White Wine: It’s wine derived from green and sometimes black grapes.
  • Rose Wine: Black grapes are produced by removing the skin before they deeply color the wine.
  • Sparkling Wine: Sparkling wine can be red, white or rose and can scope from rich to sweet and minerally.  It involves a secondary fermentation causing bubbles.
  • Fortified Wine: Winemaking involving fortifying wine with spirits.

We know a glass of wine is potentially good for your health and these are some of the advantages of moderate wine consumption.

  • It decreases the mortality rate by attacking cancer cells.
  • Wine contains antioxidants which help in the fighting of free radicals that may cause terrible diseases such as cancer.
  • It boosts the immune system. Drinking a glass of wine a day can help boost your immune system which keeps the body defense mechanism alert.
  • It helps in stroke reduction. Wine acts as a natural blood thinner which breaks up blood clots that could lead to stroke. Alcohol in general also prevents blood clotting. The possibility of suffering a blood clot which causes stroke reduces by 50 percent.
  • It also lowers cholesterol. It decreases bad cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol found in the body.
  • It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. Research has proven that resveratrol improves sensibility to insulin.
  • Reduction in risk of cancer like colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer can be reduced by drinking a glass of wine.as we have found antioxidants combat nasty free radicals that allow cancer to thrive.
  • Wine slows brain decline.
  • It leads to healthy blood pressure and blood vessels.

Drinking too much of any alcoholic drink is harmful to your health. Wine consumption may also have some of its disadvantages like addiction, fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, and several cancers.

Is It Advisable to Drink the Coffee-Wine Cocktail?

Is it even possible to come up with a cocktail made from coffee and wine?  Yes, mixing of coffee and wine is totally okay. There are positive and negative sides of it. First, let's look at the possible common way of drinking a cocktail of coffee and wine. 

Infusing red wine with coffee beans is a common technique used in liquor joints or bar to come up with a cocktail. Where in most cases you add a stick of cinnamon and a touch of vermouth, this won’t be the first time wine and coffee has been combined to form a cocktail.

Mostly, coffee is added to wine to boost its flavor. The cocktail is more like wine, and the goal of the cocktail is for people to experience something giving them the means to enjoy the craftsmanship of the most skilled bartenders.

Different personalities have come up with this idea of coming up with unique cocktails into the market.

However, according to medical experts, mixing coffee - which contains caffeine - and wine is not good for your health as the mixture may provoke heart diseases and cause serious heart problems.

In recent days research by the Food and Drug Administration in America has stated that it's unhealthy to add caffeine beverages into alcohol. It is claimed that caffeine cause you to feel more alert and postpones that feeling of intoxication, which eventually leads you to drink more. 

But this doesn’t mean it is less dangerous to mix coffee with wine. The caffeine in the coffee and other chemicals like sugars and alcohol can become poisonous to your body making it hard for your kidneys and liver to carry out their functions.

  • As much as drinking the cocktail is harmful, it can make you feel soberer and freshened up. One of the abilities of caffeine is to mask the depressant side effect of alcohol. An individual consuming coffee and wine as a mixture tend to rate themselves soberer than they actually are. Certainly coffee does not help to sober you, but it can keep your mind clearer.  
  • The consumption of this cocktail can also lead to impaired judgments. The cocktail makes you feel soberer which is problematic because those who perceive themselves to be soberer are more likely to be engaged in dangerous behaviors and activities like drunk driving.
  • There are also other theories which indicate a big NO to the consumption of coffee with or after alcohol.
  • Human heart finds it more difficult to pump blood containing every gram of alcohol entering your system in this case your blood does not get sufficient oxygen required. This leads to high arterial blood pressure and negatively affects the blood flow.  In most cases when an individual consumes alcohol, it thinners your capillaries and when you add coffee which has caffeine, the mix the situation might become critical.  The strain on your heart will double or even triple if you add coffee.
  • A lot of people think it is okay to drink alcohol and with coffee which is okay for your health up to an extent but actually, it is the other way round, it affects your cardiovascular system which is starved of precious oxygen.
  • When the heart starts pumping and finds it difficult to breathe, it causes a change in mood that makes you feel depressed, irritated instead of the high energy and good mood most people expect. Scientifically this will lead to a nervous breakdown.

In conclusion, you are now aware that you should not drink coffee with or after alcohol, but you can make your own decision.

As much as wine-infused coffee sounds to be in a class of its own to rock the hell out of your world with the flavor and the tantalizing scent, in the long run, it's a health hazard.

Now, it up to you. Is wine and coffee drink a match made in heaven? Tastewise, it certainly is. Healthwise, you might be better off keeping that coffee away from wine – and away from any other alcoholic beverage, as a matter of fact.

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