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Updated: May 11, 2023

Why Do People Like And Drink Wine?

Why Do People Like And Drink Wine?

There are a host of different reasons why people like and drink wine. These can range from the banal to the benign, but many tend to enjoy it for reasons that are a lot more predictable than you might think. We’re going to set aside the whole ‘drunk’ part of the equation, as this isn’t unique to the wine itself.

Instead, we’re going to focus on why people drink wine instead of other alcoholic beverages, and what makes it stand out from the ever-crowded choices on offer.

Tickling The Senses

More than any other type of alcohol, the wine has the uncanny ability to affect more of your senses. According to most wine drinkers, wine can easily bring some kind of pleasure not only to your taste buds but also to your sense of sight, as well as your sense of smell.

Many compare it to the likes of a good meal, where not only does it hit your palette a certain way, but the sight and smell of it help to provide a more well-rounded drinking experience. Different wines have different aromas, as well as tastes, so many can experience a unique blend of smells with each different bottle.

This is the main reason that people tend to talk about wine; more specifically, it’s why people talk about wine in the manner they do. There’s virtually no other alcoholic drink that provides the same sort of experience. As we’ve already said, it’s more akin to experiencing a meal than a typical drink.

Adaptability And Versatility

Wine can be used in a number of different ways, and with a number of different types of meals. There’s a reason why wine lovers talk about different wine pairings; namely because certain wines go better with certain foods. Wines can also be used when you’re actually cooking, making it more adaptable and versatile than most.

While the same can be said for some ciders, you can cook more dishes with different wines than you can with cider. There’s also the likes of dessert wine, which can be used to in a number of ways with your dessert preparation. This generally follows the same fermentation process as normal wine, but it uses up more sugar and has a shorter process.

Because of that, there’s a higher sugar content and lower alcohol content, so it can be used as a sweetener for a lot of desserts. It can also be used in more bitter dishes in order to make them slightly sweeter. These kinds of wine normally have a sugar content of around 30%, compared to more typical alcoholic wine, which normally has a sugar content of 2%.

Taste Difference

With the majority of other alcoholic drinks, once you’ve tasted one, you’ve tasted them all. For example, a Jack Daniels whiskey made in 2018 tastes the same as a Jack Daniels whiskey made in 1998. Both would also give you a glimpse of what other whiskeys taste like. The same can’t be said for wine.

If you were to take a wine released in 2018 and compared it to the same wine released in 1998, there would be a noticeable difference in taste. This is due to the fact that different years produce slightly different fruit, which affects the overall taste of the wine. Even if one ingredient is slightly different from another year, it can have drastic effects on taste.

There’s also the fact that, as a general rule of thumb, wines tend to taste better as they age. This is because the wine continues to ferment for its entire life, meaning that it can change slightly for every year that you have it.

However, while this is seen as a pretty common rule of thumb, it does have its limitations. If left too long, you run the risk of letting it ferment too much, and as a result, it can turn into the likes of vinegar, or it may just sour. There’s also reports that wine tastes its best about a year after it’s been produced, so if you buy it new, then chances are it’ll have a better taste around 12 months later. However, this is dependent on the wine itself.

All Of The Aromas And Tastes

No two wines taste the same, and as we’ve already shown, no two different years can taste the same either. Each bottle of wine is packed with tonnes of different flavors and smells, all of which come out when first poured into a glass.

Because of that, you get more satisfaction with a glass of wine than you would with other drinks; while you might only get hints of certain tastes in the first sip, you can get even more with the next, providing a pretty sensational experience.

Wines create a balance between bitterness, fruitiness, and acidity that goes far beyond anything that most other drinks can even dream of. While many whiskeys etc. have the same undertones, wines are different each time, and the balances of tastes can be drastically different between each brand, and even between each year.


Speaking of how wines may get better with age, they can also offer a glimpse into another time and place. A wine grown in a certain region during a certain time can seemingly bring images of the region and era with it. Its taste and aromas help form a picturesque image of where it was created. No other alcoholic beverage can really do this, and only a few types of food can do it. For this reason, wine is one of the few agricultural products that reveals its environment, or terroir.

Health Benefits

There are a few small things which can be great for you in small doses, and it’s been shown that wine may be one of these things.

A number of studies have shown that having one or two glasses of wine could actually benefit your health due to some of the organic compounds that naturally occur in grapes.

This has been shown to be the case versus people who drink different types of alcohol, as well as non-drinkers. Maybe instead of an apple a day, we should be saying a glass of wine a day.

It Can Extend Your Palette

It’s common knowledge that wine can have a host of different ingredients, as we alluded to when we were talking about the taste difference. Because of that, you’ll have to exercise your palette a lot more often in order to pick up on all of the different tastes on offer, even in the one glass of wine. This is also the case with the different aromas that can arise.

Because of that, as you become a more experienced wine drinker, you’ll notice your palette opening up a whole lot more. This also helps with the likes of food, as you’ll be able to pick up some more flavors in meals. Who wouldn’t want to be able to really taste their food and drinks?

Why people love and drink wine can be just one of these things, a combination, or even all of them, but wine lovers will understand and attest to the majority of the reasons we’ve mentioned above. While some may cite other reasons, they’ll generally fall under one of the core categories we’ve mentioned above. With all of those reasons, is it really hard to imagine why people love wine?

If there are not enough reasons there to even try a nice bottle of wine, then there’s almost nothing that can convince you. A perfect blend of taste, ageless aromas, and a possibly longer life all seem great, and with the versatility that wine offers, there are several ways to enjoy it without having to go anywhere near a glass.

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