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Updated: April 22, 2023

Where to Find Wine Crates

Wooden wine crates are a stylish accessory for any modern home. Check our guide on where to find wine crates for free, or for a low cost.

wine crate

If you usually spend more time contemplating the contents of wine crates than looking at the exterior, you’re not on your own.

It may therefore come as somewhat of a surprise to discover there’s a huge market for wine crates as a type of urban decoration.

Vintage crates in particular are typically highly decorative and offer an interesting option for upcycling.

These wooden crates can be used for all kinds of purposes in the home but tracking them down isn’t as simple as you might imagine.

Here are a few ideas about how to be a wine crate detective - and what you can do if you really can’t find any.


First of all, it’s important to remember that these wooden wine crates do exist. They are out there in the community so it’s just a matter of tracking them down.

Local community sites can be a good place to start looking, so check places such as craigslist. Sometimes it really is that simple to find them!


A Google search is another excellent idea and if you’re not lucky first time around then set up a recurring search so you’ll be notified as soon as any do pop up.

Wine crates are extremely popular so you’ll need to be very quick to nab them. Sellers won’t hold items that are going for free so be prepared to spring as soon as you see them.

Flea markets and other types of community events may also use wooden crates. You might not necessarily get them for free, and they may want to re-use the crates themselves but it’s a source worth trying.

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If you have any contacts in local shops, now is the time to use them. Although we’ve described them as wine crates, they could be used for other purposes to such as beer, fruit or general packing.

Think about which shops are likely to have products which arrive in this type of transport. Most items will be breakables so take a look at the stores in your surrounding area that sell this type of item, particularly if it’s imported.

local grocery store

Some of the most common types of stores that use wooden crates include:

  • Grocery stores
  • Garden nurseries
  • Pet shops
  • Sam’s Club and Costco
  • Hardware stores
  • Wineries
  • Glass companies

Once you’ve narrowed down the shops that are the most likely to have these crates, you’ll just need to approach them and ask.

Increasingly you might be told that the products come in cardboard, not wooden crates which is, of course, no use. The more expensive retailers however may still use wooden packaging.

If you are lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you’ll need to organize collection yourself. It’s best to pick up the crates either before or after the store closes, to minimize any inconvenience.

If you’ve got a friend who will help you, that’s an excellent idea as crates can be heavier than you expect!

Try online

Although you might be lucky enough to find stores who are giving away wine crates for free, you might have to pay for them.

If this is the case, there are plenty of places who offer cheap wine crates, particularly if you look online.

Going online may not seem like the ideal choice but it does remove the hassle of going to collect the crates yourself so it’s not the worst option in the world.

Pinterest is a good place to start your search because as well as having places where you can purchase the crates, it will also provide a whole wealth of ideas about how they can be used.

Set aside some time to browse as Pinterest can be a bit like Alice’s rabbit hole and you can accidentally spend hours just jumping from one search to another!


The place of all things weird and wonderful, Ebay, is another excellent place to look. You’re almost guaranteed to find wine crates for sale.

The only challenge is securing them for the price you want to pay, particularly if you’re in a bidding war.

Other online sources to try include Amazon, Etsy and Wayfair.

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Get creative

If wood wine crates are proving elusive, all is not lost. It is possible to simply make some yourself, even if you’re not the world’s most proficient person at DIY.

It’s possible to pick up the wood you need really cheaply from timber yards, and then it’s simply a matter of nailing it together.

The only downside is that making the crates yourself means there won’t be the type of ornate printing and decoration that make the more expensive boxes so appealing.

However, depending on what you’re planning to do with the finished item, it’s not necessarily a huge problem.

wooden crate

If you really do want the vintage look, you can add some faux prints to the side of the crates yourself. Look online for inspiration about how they should look.

Remember, the finish doesn’t need to be perfect as vintage items often have flaws.

If you’re willing to do a little work to get your crates, you could also consider damaged crates. Many places will be happier to get rid of damaged crates as they’re unlikely to spend the time repairing them.

Check out markets for damaged timber crates; you might find them in the trash area awaiting recycling.

Opting for a damaged crate can be a great option as you’ll get the stylish finish and you’re unlikely to need to pay anything either!

Use wooden crates in your home

Wooden pallets and crates can be used in all shapes and sizes for projects around the home. Get as creative as you want both indoors and out.

Shabby chic works especially well with vintage timber so accessorize in any room of your home with imaginative upcycling.

Remember, wooden wine crates are hugely on trend right now so you’ll need to be quick to source them and if you’re not successful at first, keep on trying!


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