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Where To Buy Wine Fridges Without Breaking The Bank

This post was updated on: January 1, 2021

Where To Buy Wine Fridges Without Breaking The Bank

Where To Buy Wine Coolers? In-Store Vs. Online Shopping

Whether you’re a member of a wine club or just started your own collection, there comes a time in the life of every wine enthusiast when investing in a proper wine storage solution is a must. A dedicated refrigerator provides the best environment for your bottles, but where to buy wine coolers?

With most brick-and-mortar appliance stores and corresponding online retailers offering a wealth of alternatives, deciding where to buy your appliance may get exhausting.

That’s why we decided to compare online shopping with in-store shopping. Have a look at the pros and cons of each before deciding where to buy wine coolers.

Where To Buy Wine Coolers? In-Store Shopping

In-store shopping refers to the traditional method of going to a store that sells the merchandise you want to purchase to see, pick, and eventually buy the product. A method in a slight decline in the last years but that comes with its own advantages.

Buying wine coolers in a physical shop is similar to buying any other appliance. You’ll get to go and inspect the wine refrigerator, open its door, test the resistance of the racks and the distance between them, have a better glimpse on the real capacity and get an overall feel of the product’s quality.

For some, this advantage shadows online shopping and according to a survey, almost 50% of the consumers still prefer seeing the merchandise in person before closing a deal.

But it’s not all milk and honey when it comes to buying a wine cooler in a brick-and-mortar store.

You may get a better glimpse of the model, but most stores will charge you extra for delivery. This isn’t a real issue if all you need is a small wine cooler that fits in the trunk of your car. But if you’re aiming to buy a wine cellar with a capacity over 30 bottles, transporting the appliance yourself may get tricky.

Another slight disadvantage of in-store shopping is that you’ll rarely find a coupon or discount code for the wine cooler you want to buy. Some manufacturers do offer coupons, but they are harder to find than online discounts and coupons.

Moreover, the same appliance may cost more in a physical store than online.

Online Vs. In-Store Shopping

Where To Buy Wine Coolers? Online Shopping

With many physical stores opening their own online portals and with a host of other retailers proposing an exclusively online shopping experience, the online medium has become a more competitive market than its brick-and-mortar counterpart.

Online shopping comes with a bunch of advantages that you simply don’t have in a physical store.

The first and foremost important is the possibility to compare prices and delivery options from the comfort of your couch. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite vino, open the browser, and just type “where to buy wine coolers” in the search bar.

You’ll get dozens of options to choose from and more often than not, aggregator sites will allow you to type in the name of a specific wine cooler to get a list of the online retailers who have the product on stock.

Another important advantage of online shopping is the possibility to check user reviews; in-store employees are instructed to present the best features of a product and to skip its flaws. However, you won’t get to speak to a shop assistant online.

Instead, real people who have bought the same wine cooler you want to buy may leave a positive or negative feedback about its specs and performance. An important tool to make sure you’re not wasting your money on something of poor quality.

Because wine coolers can get expensive, it’s always nice to know that large online retailers usually offer free delivery and return.

Online shopping also comes with a greater chance of finding a great deal. Often, online stores offer discounts or coupons to the new customers. To get an even better price, buy the wine cooler when it is already on sale, for example during Black Friday or before Christmas, lowering the sales price even more with your coupon or discount code.

Of course, online shopping won’t give you the possibility to inspect the wine cooler. You’ll get to see photos and read reviews, but you won’t be able to touch the appliance to get an idea of its sturdiness.

Where To Buy Wine Coolers? Our Verdict

We recommend buying wine coolers online after you go and see the product in a real store.

Why? Because you can enjoy the multiple advantages of online shopping and still know exactly what to expect.

We don’t recommend buying directly in the store simply because you can get a better deal online. Appliances often cost less on the internet because online stores have fewer expenses, so it’s easier to find a better deal. Associate this with the sales periods and with the online discounts mentioned above and you can save a lot of money to invest in actual wine.

Online shopping also means you get to read reviews and see how the wine cooler is performing in the long run. Yes, the appliance will come with a warranty but it’s still advisable to invest in a reliable wine fridge.

Ultimately, we just like the pleasure of shopping from the comfort of our home while sipping a glass of wine.

Yet, since everybody is different, we can’t tell you where to buy wine coolers. We can just hope this short guide will help you find the shopping method you enjoy best.

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