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Updated: October 24, 2023

Is a Wine Fridge Worth it? [7 Signs You Need A Wine Fridge]

Empty wine fridge

Wine refrigerators can be really expensive and the truth is they're just not for everyone.

But, in the right situation they can be a wonderful asset that keeps your precious wine in great condition and ready to serve at the optimal temperature.

So, how do you know if a wine refrigerator is right for you? How can you be saved from making an expensive mistake?

In today's article, we list 9 reasons that you might want to consider purchasing a wine fridge for your collection.

What's the Point in Wine Fridges Anyway?

A wine cooler is designed to keep wine bottles at a consistent temperature (or temperatures in the case of a dual-zone cooler).

Here are a few reasons why they beat your regular refrigerator for wine storage.

  1. Wines have quite narrow temperature ranges at which they should be stored and served at. If you store a wine at too high or low a temperature, you seriously risk spoiling it.
  2. The multiple temperature zones in wine fridges allows you to both keep wine for long term storage and keep wine at serving temperature. You may also keep different types of wine.
  3. A wine cooler keeps humidity higher than an average fridge, which stops cork shrinkage. Cork shrinkage can be particularly devastating as it allows oxygen to enter the bottle and affect the quality of the wine.
  4. They don't vibrate like a regular fridge. Vibration causes sediment to unsettle and can cause unwanted chemical reactions which can affect the taste.
  5. Wine can absorb odors from your refrigerator. You don't want last nights curry tainting your favorite red now do you?

Signs You Need a Wine Fridge

Still on the fence about getting a wine cooler? Read on to see if you can be described by any of these factors.

#1 You’re Serious About Wine Drinking

Drinking wine

To you, wine is more than just a liquid beverage. Drinking wine is akin to appreciating fine art.

You do your best to learn about all of the flavors and aromas. Perhaps you’re not quite sure yet why everyone seems to detect chocolate aromas in a red, but you do your best to learn and develop your skills

You’ve read about wine tasting and already learned the etiquette. You even know the types of wine grapes used and where to find them.

At this stage, a wine fridge could be of huge benefit to you to get the most out of each bottle and your wine experience.

#2 You Own More Than 10 Bottles

wine bottles

Constantly having two bottles of wine in your fridge is hardly called a collection.

Having ten bottles or more though starts to get cumbersome. At this stage, it’s best to invest in your first wine fridge.

Don’t go for a 10-bottle appliance just because that’s what you have. Someone who already owns ten bottles and has a passion for wine will more likely grow the collection further.

My advice? If you’re truly serious about wine and wine collecting, get an 18-bottle wine cooler.

This is the most versatile size for beginners, giving you plenty of space to grow into but still compact enough to fit in your home. 

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#3 Your Kitchen Fridge is Full of Wine

fridge with wine

Is your family complaining about the lack of space in the refrigerator for food?

The truth is your kitchen refrigerator serves other purposes, and it will never do a good job at storing wine.

The only time your wine should be in the kitchen fridge is when it needs chilled just before serving.


Because refrigerators are designed to pull the moisture out of the cabinet, but your wine bottles need it.

On the contrary, a wine cooler is designed to keep the moisture trapped inside and prevent cork dryness.

Keep your fridge free for all those fine foods you can pair with wine! Salmon, chocolate, the list is endless! 

#4 You Spend More Than $20 on a Bottle

A clear sign that you need a wine fridge is that you spend more than the average person on wine.

If you find yourself impulsively buying above average wines, make sure you store them properly and don't let them spoil!

Even if you live in a cool climate, storing your wine in the cupboard is a shortcut to disappointment.

wine tasting

#5 Your Wine Collection is Growing Quickly

Wines are sensitive to humidity, light, and of course temperature.

A bottle that sits for even just a couple of weeks in a cupboard that's too hot or too cold may taste odd when it comes to opening.

A traditional fridge is just too cold and dry to store wines for long periods.

You need consistency of temperature, humidity, and darkness and that's where a wine fridge comes in.

#6 Your Friends Call You a Connoisseur

drinking wine

Just think for a minute. What is the main topic you have when you’re out with your friends? Are you talking about soccer or the latest model of purse? Or each time you find yourself in front of a glass of wine you start explaining its story and background?

How many times did you look critically at the waiter pouring wine the wrong way?

Do your friends come to you before choosing the wine for dinner? Do they all unanimously agree you’re a connoisseur?

Then you need a wine fridge. 

This way, the next time you and your friends gather at your home, you’ll be able to serve them wine chilled to perfection.

#7 You Know All About Serving Temperature

Different wine serving temperatures

A sign that you need a wine fridge is knowing all about serving temperatures.

You know why reds and whites are not served at the same temperature. You even know why various types of reds or various types of whites require different serving temperatures.

You could be wondering why you need a wine fridge at this stage, but the answer is simple.

Since you care so much on serving temperatures, you might also want to enjoy a perfect glass of wine.

That’s only possible if you invest in a good wine fridge that can chill your beverage at an appropriate temperature.

enjoying red wine

Final Thoughts

Wine fridges come in various styles and sizes. You can find a single or a dual zone, a compressor or a thermoelectric.

Some appliances have wire racks; others come with sleek wooden shelves. Some have internal lights while others don’t.

There are wine fridges that hold a handful of bottles and fit on a countertop while others hold many bottles but also require a dedicated space.

My point is, you’ll find the right appliance for your situation.

What do you think? What were the signs that let you know when you needed a wine fridge? What else would you add to this list?

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