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14 Very Unique Wine Stoppers

Unique Wine Stoppers

Even though I am a self-confessed wine lover, it is rare that I ever finish a whole bottle in one sitting. One night I might have a glass of red wine with steak and the next night I could have a glass of white with fish. This means I would then have two opened bottles that are three quarters full. This often happens and so I have a number of unique wine stoppers to help keep the wine fresh and last longer after being opened.

I love wine stoppers, especially the very unique looking ones. They can be as fun as you want them to be, as stylish as you want them to be, as modern as you want them to be or as vintage as you want them to be. I have a wide range of wine stoppers because I just can’t help myself but keep buying them.

I have been browsing the internet and somehow found myself looking wine stoppers again. This prompted me to put together a list for all of you of some of the unique wine stoppers that I came across.

1. Reusable Silicone Wine Stoppers

These reusable silicone wine stoppers are most definitely fund and I believe would make a great gift for a friend or family member as well as for yourself. I simply love the “wine not?” wine stopper as I do tend to say this a lot myself.

Reusable silicon wine stoppers

It is only $19.99 for the four reusable silicone wine stoppers. I have bought metal pin shaped wine stoppers in the past but the rattle around and feel they don’t air tight the bottle. These silicone wine stoppers fit the wine bottle like a glove to properly seal it.

This is definitely the better and easier option that having to re-cork a bottle of wine every time you open it for a glass.

2. Kate Aspen Seaside Sand and Shell Filled Globe Wine Stopper

There is something so serene and peaceful about the seaside which is what makes this very unique wine stopper so special. If you tend to have a lot of neutral shades in your home then this wine stopper would certainly fit right into your décor.

Kate Aspen Seaside Sand and Shell Filled Globe Wine Stopper

This wine stopper is made from the finest quality chrome and has a rubber band around it so as to seal the bottle properly. It also come in a beautiful gift box if you want to buy it as a gift for someone. It is only $8.02 and is a truly lovely wine stopper to add to your collection.

The little seashells inside the globe are amazing and the sand just makes you want to stick your own toes in the sand.

3. Kate Aspen Our Adventure Begins Wine Stopper

This is a truly stunning wine stopper that is so nice that you almost don’t want to use it. It sits so pretty in its gift box that it looks more like an ornament that should be hung up than a wine stopper. This would make a perfect gift for someone.

Kate Aspen Our Adventure Begins Wine Stopper

It is hard to believe that this lovely wine stopper is only $8.72 though. It is a gorgeous antique bronze finish which is what gives it that authentic and vintage look. It would certainly be a great addition to your wine stopper collection.

The quality of it is brilliant and is fairly heavy which helps to firmly seal the wine bottle. One thing that it is not is cheap looking.

4. NFL Football Helmet Wine Stopper

This NFL football helmet wine stopper is definitely a lot of fun and I think would make a great gift. I know my dad loves wine (which might be why I do too) and loves his football so this would be a brilliant gift for him… I might order it now actually.

NFL Football Helmet Wine Stopper

It comes in a whopping 23 different styles for each NFL football team so you can literally pick one out for the team you support or the team the person you are buying for supports. They are all hand painted and are made from nickel plated brass. They are a great gift idea for just $12.30.

Not only do they look brilliant but they fit nice and snug to standard sized wine bottles with the rubber band firmly keeping the bottle sealed.

5. Heart Wine Stopper

What could be better than a heart shaped wine stopper? What makes this wine stopper so unique is that the heart is just the outline so that you can get a good grip when opening it. If you’re a bit weak like me then you sometimes struggle to get the wine stopper back out. This unique wine stopper will make it a lot easier.

Heart wine stopper

The great news is that each one of these heart wine stoppers is just $2.28 so you can buy a bunch of them. If you’re getting married and looking for unique wedding favors then these would be a great idea.

They are very cute and will make great gifts too. Whether you are buying for yourself or for someone else, they are a great bargain find.

6. Rabbit Wine Stoppers

If you’re looking for wine stoppers that are bit simpler but still unique then these rabbit wine stoppers are ideal. They come in some really bright and wonderful colors that will brighten up your kitchen or dining room.

Rabbit wine stoppers

You can get a pack of four for just $7.80 which is amazingly cheap for the quality that they are. They provide a truly air tight seal for your wine bottles making sure that they stay fresh for longer. You can remove them with just a single pull too.

The great thing about them is that you place opened bottles back into your wine rack even when they lie horizontally because the wine stoppers seal the bottle that tightly.

7. Owltoppers The Tops In Wine Stoppers

These owltoppers the tops in wine stoppers are so very cute but so very elegant at the same time. The colours are very unique as is the design and I believe they would look great in any home as a gift or buying for yourself.

Owltoppers the tops in wine stoppers

You can get a set of four assorted colors for $22.95 that come in two different sizes to make sure they fit any bottle of wine or champagne you might have. They weigh heavier than the average wine stopper which is why they carry a heavier price tag.

They come beautifully packaged so would make a very nice gift for a friend or family member who loves their wine.

8. Puzzled Metal Frog Premium Décor Wine Stopper

If you love all things nature and are looking for a unique wine stopper then the puzzled metal frog premium décor wine stopper could be the ideal wine stopper you’ve been looking for. This gorgeous metal frog wine stoppers is so intricately detailed.

Puzzled metal frog premium decor wine stopper

It is $11.45 but is well worth the money as it will instantly brighten up a dining table or vertical lying wine rack. It is made from metal alloy and the most gorgeous colored crystals to give it that very elegant and unique look.

This very striking wine stopper is also very durable as well as being very nice to look at. Its quality is what makes this delightful wine stopper is what makes this wine stopper so popular.

9. Kate Aspen LOVE Chrome Wine Stopper

Yet another wine stopper from Kate Aspen has made it to my list and for good reason. I actually already have two of these wine stoppers and I can tell you first hand they are truly beautiful and well worth the money.

Kate aspen love chrome wine stopper

Each of these gorgeous wine stoppers are just $4.77 which is why I bought myself two of them and also another two for my mum. They are fairly weighty which is what makes them so good and the seal sits nice and tight in every wine bottle that I have used them on.

They arrive in a gorgeous gift box which is why I bought two more as a gift for my mum after buying two for myself.

10. Kate Aspen Nautical Anchor Wine Stopper

How amazing is this Kate Aspen nautical anchor wine stopper. If it is one thing, it is certainly unique and I just love it. It would make a great gift if you know someone who owns a boat and loves to take a bottle of wine of their journeys.

Nautical anchor wine stopper

For only $6.24, it is a gift well worth giving or buying for yourself. At the price, you could buy a number of them too. It has a pewter finished resin to give it that antique look that makes this wine stopper so unique.

These wine stoppers are truly adorable and very unique with the seal being of cork material instead of the usual rubber.

11. Upside Down Kitty Cat Wine Stopper

The upside down kitty cat wine stopper is a lot of fun and I know a few friends who would just absolutely love it. It makes me giggle every time I look at it and would be great anyone who loves cats as well as their wine.

Upside down kitty cat  wine stopper

It is a bit on the pricey side at $12.98 but it is way too cute to resist. Plus, there is no price on putting a smile on your face which is what this unique wine stopper certainly does. As well as looking great and being a lot of fun, this wine stopper is very practical too.

I you’re not buying for yourself then this would make a great prezzie for someone and I bet any money that it would be well received.

12. 2 Vacuum Wine Stoppers

These are brilliant wine stoppers that are brilliantly made and a lot of fun too. I especially love the “its wine o’clock” wine stopper. They work by simply placing the wine stopper on top of the bottle and pumping it until the air is the bottle has been removed.

2 vaccum wine stoppers

The set of two is just $19.97 and they will make sure to keep our wine as fresh as the day you opened with its very clever design and vacuum function. They would make great gifts for someone as well or even as wedding favors.

You will literally not notice the difference in taste from a wine bottle that has been open for a week and a wine bottle that has just been opened. They are very clever as well as very good to look at.

13. Foryee LED Wine Stopper

Since we’re in the 21st century, it makes sense I suppose to have a USB wine stopper… we have USB for everything else. The USB is used to chare these wine stoppers so that they light up. This very unique light up design will be sure to brighten up your dining table or bar when having guests around.

Foryee LED wine stopper

You will get two of these clever wine stoppers in a pack for just £13. 99. They are very quick to charge and only take 1 hour to fully charge which will give you hours of light. It is also handy to know how much wine you have left in red wine bottles especially.

Using these wine stoppers will create a lovely ambience of lighting in the home when you have visitors around.

14. Murano Art Deco Elegant Gold Swirl Wine Stopper

This is a highly unique and glamorous wine stopper and the first gold wine stopper on the list. I just love how rich and pricey this wine stopper looks which is why I have bought two for when I have guests around for dinner.

Murano Art Deco Elegant Gold Swirl Wine Stopper

Even though they look pricey they actually aren’t. Each wine stopper costs just $8.75 and comes in a beautiful gift box with silk underlay. They will really wow people when they come to visit and will be jealous that they haven’t got the same.

If you want to wow your guests or just want to dress up your wine bottles a bit then these gorgeous Murano art deco elegant gold swirl wine stopper are just the thing.

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