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13 Unique Wine Racks On Which to Store Those Bottles

Unique Wine Racks

If you love your wine just as much as me then you will also love the many things that come with it such as unique wine racks. If you collect wine then you will obviously want to display your most prized bottles in a beautiful display. Sometimes as simple wooden criss-cross wine rack just simply isn’t good enough.

I love all things unique and so it makes sense for me to choose a standout unique wine rack that will not only look amazing in my home but it is what my wine collection deserves. The only problem is choosing which unique wine rack to buy. There are so many beautiful unique wine racks and I just want to buy them all!

Even though the choice is hard, it is certainly a fun choice to make. I do have a number of favorites which are currently for sale on Amazon at some great prices. I have put all of current favorite unique wine racks in a list below. Which unique wine rack in the list below do you most like?

1. IMAX Wine Rack

This is certainly a very fancy and elegant looking wine rack and is one of my favorites because it just looks like something wine would resemble in my eyes. With the swirls and grapevines, it really is a very detailed and beautiful unique wine rack.

It can hold up to 12 bottles and is handcrafted from solid wroughtiron. It is one of the more expensive wine racks on the list at $85.65 but it is a quality and very well made wine rack that will look amazing for many years to come.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a very attractive wine rack that is different from the usual.I find that it looks great when placed in the corner of a room but if you any other ideas then let me know.

2. WELLAND Round Hanging Wine Rack

I just love this unique wine rack for its simplicity but very powerful creativity. I think this would look great if you have a small bar are in your home or even in the dining room. The fact that it can also hold two wine glasses just adds the perfect finishing touch to this wine rack.

The good news is that it is only $39.99! It will fit in well with almost any home décor and is a great way to add a touch of uniqueness to your wine storage. Because of how unique it is, it will be also be a talking point when friends and family come round...they will be sure to want it.

It is a very authentic looking wine rack but very elegant at the same time. You will be sure to get good value for money as the quality and durability of this wine rack is top notch.

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3. WELLAND Metal Wine Rack Stand

This is a more simple looking wine rack than the first two on the list but it is still very unique. It is perfect for those who don’t want to add too much drama to their décor but still would like something a bit fancier than their traditional wine racks.

You can get this unique wine rack in a number of sizes to fit in more wine bottles. There is a wine rack that can hold 5 bottles to a wine rack that can hold up to 20 bottles. Depending on the size of rack you choose, prices can range from $27.99 to $45.99.

You will be very pleased with the wine rack which will not only have the practicality of holding your wine bottles but will also look great in your home as décor. It truly in an amazing wine rack and I’ll bet you will be very pleased with it.

4. Wall Mounted Pallet Wine Rack

This wall mounted pallet wine rack is definitely different and I absolutely love it. It is quite similar to the round hanging wall rack but this one holds more bottles and glasses. I think what might be better about this wine rack is that the bottle are up standing too but that’s personal preference I suppose.

You can either get this wall mounted pallet wine rack to hold up to 4 bottles or up to 8 bottles. Depending what size wine rack you want, the price can range from $67.67 to $129.57. This is one of the more expensive wine racks on the list but I think it is worth every cent.

It will be certain to start conversation when you host a dinner party or have friend and family around. The quality of it is what stands out as much as the creativity of it.

5. Deco 79 Wood Wine Rack

To really create a spectacular wine display, get the Deco 79 wood wine rack. This amazing unique wine rack can be placed outside as well as inside and will not only hold your wine bottles but will act as an interesting art piece to your home.

This unique design can hold up to 40 wine bottles which another bonus for those who tend to have a large number wine at any given time. The price of $76.33 really isn’t bad compared to what you get from it.

You will get a lot of people telling you how beautiful and classy it looks and can either hang it up on the wall inside or outside or even lean it against the wall which still looks great.

6. Venezia W Shape Wine Rack

This is simpler than the other wine racks but looks great on counter tops. Even though it is one of the smaller wine racks on the list, it can actually hold up to 8 wine bottles. It is certainly a compact wine rack with a lot of punch.

The great thing about it is that it can be easily cleaned and looks very modern in any home. It would also make for a great gift if you know someone who loves their wine. With a price tag of $18.99 it makes it hard not to buy this unique wine rack.

The only thing is that you will need to assemble this wine rack but it is quite easy to do and will only take you a few minutes so it isn’t really a downside.

7. Foster & Rye By Twine Gears And Wheels Wine Rack

If there is one word I can say about this wire rack, it is...WOW! What a beautiful and very unique design it is. I love décor that has rustic vibes which is why I think this wine rack appeals to me so much.

It would look good on the counter top but I feel it would look even better if placed on a sideboard in the dining room with other décor around it. It can hold up to 6 bottles and has a price tag of $60.67 which I think is well worth it.

This would also make for an amazing gift for someone who loves their wine or even for someone who isn’t necessarily a wine lover because it looks great as décor anyway.

8. Firenze Bamboo Countertop Wine Rack

This very modern and elegant wine rack will look great on your counter top. It comes in both black and natural bamboo color and will pretty much fit in nicely with your décor. It is a very simple yet creative wine rack to give a great compact display.

This neat little wine rack can surprisingly hold up to 8 wine bottles and has a very good price tag of just $29.99. The even better new is that you do not have to put this wine rack together as you do with the Venezia W Shape Wine Rack.

This is a very sturdy wine rack that is very well made from eco-friendly renewable bamboo material and will have a great presence on your counter top.

9. Deco 79 Woodland Antique High Wheel Bicycle Wine Rack

I just love this wine rack which is very cleverly designed and made. There is something so authentic about it and plus I love everything vintage so this is a real favorite of mine. It’s not just a wine rack;it really is a decorative piece that will great in your home.

It can hold up to 7 bottles of wine and will look great either inside the home or outside. The price of $40.94 is fantastic for what you get for it too. The wine rack itself is made from iron and so is sturdy enough to be placed outside if it is an outside wine rack you’re looking for.

This really is a cute wine rack that I’m sure all wine lovers would really like to have as the perfect display for their wine.

10. TWINE Vintage Style Movie Reel Wine Rack

While I’m on the subject of vintage this beautiful TWINE vintage style movie reel wine rack is a true delight. If you love movies and love having a wine while watching a movie then what better wine rack to have than this one.

It can hold up to 4 wine bottles and the weighted base is what helps this unique wine rack to be so sturdy. It is $53.49 which is slightly pricey for how many bottles it can hold but it is great for how unique this wine rack really is.

This would make for a great gift for any wine lover or movie buff. It will look great on either the counter top or as a décor feature on a table top.

11. Puzzled Solomon Wooden Circle Wine Rack

The Puzzled Solomon Wooden Circle Wine Rack is an absolute treasure of a find.It oozes elegance and is a great antique looking piece for the home and to display your beloved wine. It is quite a large piece standing at 21.3 inches tall so can be placed standing on the floor.

It can hold up to 10 bottles of wine and is fairly cheap in price considering how truly amazing this unique wine rack. It can be yours for just $67.99 which I steal in my eyes. The main advantage of this wine rack is that the wine bottles are positioned horizontally but slightly downwards so that the cork stays moist so the wine lasts longer.

If you’re a wine lover and love all things that are unique and antique then this is a must-have wine rack for you.

12. Napa Style Double Stave Wine Rack

I love how these Napa Style Double Stave Wine Racks look. It kind of reminds of a local restaurant that I love eating at because they have some of the best collection of wines. The curve in the middle of the rack is what makes these wine racks unique and elegant. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Each rack can hold up to 5 bottles but I think they look even better when there are a few of them hung up in columns on the wall. This is the most expensive wine rack on the list though with each one costing $145. No wonder they look restaurant quality.

These unique wine racks would just look perfect if you have a bar in your home. Next time you are hosting a party; your guests will truly feel they are at some fancy bar.

13. Oenophilia Wall Gallery Wine Rack

If you’re looking for a unique wine rack then you can’t get any more unique than the Oenophilia Wall Gallery Wine Rack. It is fun and it is definitely different to any other wine rack. It will make for a great piece of décor in your home and will be sure to be a talking point.

This wine rack can hold up to 5 bottles but you can get a number of them to line up on the wall if you want to hold more bottles. 

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