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Updated: July 13, 2023

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  • 17 Best Trader Joe’s Wines in 2023 [Essential Buys On Your Next Visit!]

17 Best Trader Joe’s Wines in 2023 [Essential Buys On Your Next Visit!]

Trader joes wines

Trader Joe's is great for cheap, private label wines, but there are also hidden gems that can hold their own at the fanciest tables.

You don't have to spend a fortune to drink good wine, and Trader Joe's is a great place to pick up good wine on a budget.

However, finding those gems isn't easy in the sea of swill. So, we've put together a list of the 17 best Trader Joe's wines you should try in 2023.

The wines recommended here are private labels that offer excellent value. You'll find the perfect tipple below, whether you love red or white wine.

Best Red Wines at Trader Joe's

These classic reds are a great way to start our recommendations. Fruity, dry, rich, and very hard to put down!

1. Reserve Paso Robles Syrah, 2019

reserve paso robles syrah

Reserve Paso Robles Syrah is a bold red with black cherry, blueberry, and toasty oak notes, with a hint of spice.

Ripe blackberry, licorice, exotic spice, and plum dominate with a faint dark chocolate aftertaste on the palate.

This wine goes down a treat with red meat and cheese. It has a sweet blueberry mid-palate and a crisp, refined finish – perfect for dinnertime.

2. Best Cabernet Sauvignon at Trader Joe's - Diamond Reserve Stags Leap

diamond reserve stags leap

Vinted and bottled by Russian River Winery in Santa Rosa, this Cabernet Sauvignon has a sophisticated flavor, with dark fruit, spice, vanilla, and cherry on the tongue, with notes of vanilla, spice, blackberry, and blackcurrant.

It's great with lamb and pork, spicy food, and pasta. It has ample depth and powerful tannins, creating a robust finish.

3. Best Merlot at Trader Joe's - Reserve Merlot Sonoma Valley, 2020

reserve merlot sonoma valley 2019

Produced with ripe fruit from Sonoma Valley, Reserve Merlot has cocoa, spice, berries, and vanilla notes, with a balanced flavor profile of blackberry, sweet raspberry, and plum. It's rich, decadent, and smooth with a long finish.

Powerful and refined, this wine is best with hearty chicken and pork dishes, aged cheese, and other foods with powerful flavors.

It lingers in the mouth with a pleasant finish of cherry and spice, an enticing combination that demands a second glass.

4. Best Pinot Noir at Trader Joe's - Platinum Reserve Pinot Noir Carneros Lot 79

platinum reserve pinot noir carneros lot 79

Trader Joe's Platinum Reserve Pinot Noir Carneros is one of the livelier reds, combining sweet and sour fruits, cola, and cherry on the palate with a strong tartness. It's rich on the nose, with dark fruit, leather, and tobacco.

We love how this red wine goes with red meat and barbeque food, with the leather and tobacco notes bringing out the best in smoky food.

It also works with hard cheeses, pasta in red sauce, and chocolate desserts.

5. Best Zinfandel at Trader Joe's - Petit Reserve Sonoma Zinfandel

petit reserve sonoma zinfandel

Classic Zinfandel, Petit Reserve Sonoma Zinfandel has satisfying layers of ripe fruit, rich tannins, spice, and a sweet finish.

It's juicy and uplifting, with spice, toasted oak notes, and sweet red and black fruit scents.

A medium-long finish with a pleasant taste of black cherry adds to the appeal. This wine is a great choice with hard cheeses and desserts.

Best Sweet Red Wines at Trader Joe's

If the previous reds are a bit dry for your liking then don't sleep on these fabulous sweet red wines.

6. MoonX Red Blend

moonx red blend

Inspired by the total blackness of a new moon, MoonX Red Blend is loaded with flavors including dark chocolate, mocha, black cherry, and ripe red fruit with a touch of vanilla and a bit of earthiness. The nose is juicy, with a sweet berries scent.

Taking a sip is interesting – this is a blended wine lacking a distinctive profile, but it satisfies the itch for a hearty, sweet wine you can drink with almost anything.

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7. Best Blended Red Wine at Trader Joe's - Tribunal Red Wine

tribunal red wine

This is a blend of eight reds (Zinfandel, Syrah, Merlot, Petite Sirah, Barbera, Grenache, Petit Verdot).

It has a pleasing aroma of black cherry, vanilla, and dark chocolate with spicy notes and a mellow, dark fruit taste that is slightly acidic.

The flavor profile is well balanced with anise, blueberries, and black cherry notes. Hints of anise and oak add sophistication.

It’s best served with red meat, and it also goes well with chocolate, brownies, cakes, and pies.

Best White Wines at Trader Joe's

With summer just round the corner, it's time to start stocking your cupboard with white wine again. 

These bottles just might surprise you and won't cost the earth!

8. Best Dry White Wine at Trader Joe's - The Delicious Monster, 2020

the delicious monster 2020

The Delicious Monster is a cult favorite at Trader Joe's.

It blends Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, and Muscat from Western Cape, South Africa, creating sweet fruit notes in a dry white wine.

It's inspired by fruit salad and definitely has a fruit salad flavor with lemon, honey, grapefruit, and peach on the nose.

Medium acidity and a crisp taste give this wine lots of appeal. The nose is delicious, and the flavor profile is perfect if you enjoy fruity wines—best with fish, grilled seafood, chicken, and pasta with white sauce.

9. Best Chardonnay at Trader Joe's- Reserve Chardonnay Sonoma Valley, 2020

reserve chardonnay sonoma valley 2020

If you love Chardonnay, this wine is for you. The nose and palate are dominated by citrus, honey, and peach, with hints of butterscotch and vanilla.

Crisp and refreshing served chilled, this wine is the perfect tipple anytime.

We love this wine with fresh fruit, desserts, and salads, but it's also suited to fish and mild dishes like white fish and chicken.

It's delicious on a hot summer's day pulled straight from the chiller, or you can add a little sparkling water.

10. Best Sauvignon Blanc at Trader Joe's - Blue Shell Sauvignon Blanc

blue shell sauvignon blanc

White peach, grapefruit, lime, pineapple, and hints of tarragon and lemongrass give this Sauvignon Blanc incredible depth.

It's a treat on the nose and palate, with a fruity explosion giving way to a bright and savory finish (dry-sweet).

You can enjoy this white wine on its own anytime, and it is best paired with green salads, grilled fish, soft cheeses, and pastries.

The flavor profile is delicate, so avoid spicy food and dishes with powerful flavors.

11. Best Prosecco at Trader Joe's - Incanto Prosecco

incanto prosecco

This is a delightful light citrus spritz with green apple and lemon notes and interesting hints of jackfruit and banana.

It tastes divine, with light bubbles and medium acidity, with a honeysuckle and apple finish bringing you back for more.

Incanto Prosecco is perfect for dinner parties and special occasions, working well with light snacks, sweets, chocolate, and cakes.

It's a fine alternative to cheap champagne and goes down a treat with a little fruit juice.

12. Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco DOCG Superiore

villa antica asolo prosecco docg superiore

Asolo Prosecco DOCG Superiore is a refined prosecco for special occasions. It has a nose of melon, pear, grapefruit, peach, and apple, with balanced acidity.

It tastes like grapefruit and peach, with a hint of lime, guava, and banana.

If you like dry prosecco with a tropical twist, this is the one for you.

The flavors are perfectly balanced with hints of tropical fruits, and it's fantastic with cakes and pastries, with the tropical flavors cutting through savory food.

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13. Best Riesling at Trader Joe's - Emma Reichart Dry Riesling

emma reichart dry riesling

Tangy with high acidity, Emma Reichart Dry Riesling has a striking aroma of honeysuckle, apricot, and lemon.

It's fresh and crisp, with a lemon, lime, green apple medium-bodied palate, citrus on the nose, and a medium finish.

Refreshingly enjoyable with cheese, pastries, snacks, sandwiches, and salads, this Riesling is an excellent option if you enjoy dry, citrusy wines. 

The high acidity also lends itself well to clearing the palate with oily food dishes.

14. Best Sparkling Wine at Trader Joe's - L'Eclat Brut Rosé

l'eclat brut rosé

Light and refreshing with a burst of fruity flavors, L'Eclat Brut Rosé has strawberry, tangerine, and watermelon notes with lemon.

It's dry with medium acidity, with a perfect amount of fizz and a pleasant aftertaste.

On the finish, strawberry, raspberry, and pink grapefruit. This wine is perfect with oily fish, shellfish, chicken dishes, cheese, and risotto.

Best Rosé Wines at Trader Joe's

Our list of recommendations wouldn't be complete without some fine rosés. These are the bottles that stood out for us.

15. Ile de Conas Le Rosé, 2020

ile de conas le rosé 2020

Ile de Conas Le Rosé is delicious, with aromas of red cherries, blackberries, apricot, and floral notes.

It tastes like a stew of red cherry, pear, and honey, with a mid-palate of melon and a slightly dry finish. It's bright, crisp, and refreshing.

This wine entices you with a pale pink color and a delicate nose.

It's acidulous and light with no lingering aftertaste. Perfect with desserts and light snacks.

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16. Loma Negra Rosé

loma negra rose

With a touch of salty minerality and a long, smooth finish, this is our favorite rosé at Trader Joe's.

It's dry and tart in the mouth, with strawberry, cherry, and watermelon on the mid-palate, with a subtle nose of red fruit and berries.

Unlike many rosés, this one isn't overly sweet, and it has enough depth to keep you coming back for more—best with grilled fish and spicy food.

Our Favorite Trader Joe's Wine - La Sonriente Garnacha

la paca sonriente garnacha

If we could only have one wine from Trader Joe's, it would be La Sonriente Garnacha.

Produced in Calatayud, Spain, this red wine has cacao, red cherry, light spice, and oaky notes on the nose, and stewed raspberry, red fruit, and juicy plum in the middle.

The finish is light but long, with an aftertaste of peppered plum.

It's hard not to love this wine for the price. It's packed with flavor and robust enough alongside red meat, stews, and pasta with red sauce.

Selling for around $6.99, it offers top value for money and should be top of your list.


Despite a somewhat dubious reputation, Trader Joe's has plenty of good wines that deserve a chance.

Our favorite is La Sonriente Garnacha, but if you're looking for white wine, check out The Delicious Monster, a bottle of dry, crisp wine with a blend of juicy grapes.

Our favorite rosé at Trader Joe's is Loma Negra Rosé because it perfectly balances fruity flavors with acidity and saltiness.

For sparkling wine, we’d reach for a bottle of L'Eclat Brut Rosé for a burst of fruity flavors.

We'll admit that Trader Joe's has some low-quality wines, but this list will guide you to the tastiest wines worth trying. Give them a go and see what you think!

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