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Updated on: August 10, 2020

9 Homemade Wine Making Recipes That Will Blow Your Socks Off

homemade wine making recipes

If you’ve ever thought about making your own wine here’s some great news: the possibilities are endless. And the best place to find those recipes is the Internet.

Grapes make wine, but so does pretty much anything that grows. That means that the home winemaker has so many decisions to make. From styles to ingredients, you could spend weeks combing through recipes.

Have no fear, though, we at Wine Turtle have scoured and found 9 great homemade wine recipes for making all kinds of wine at home (and we have another 17 step-by-step recipes here, if you're interested). If you’ve never made wine at home before, be sure to familiarize yourself with making wine from grapes and making wine from fruit so that you have everything you need, and a little practice, before starting.

1. Pineapple Wine Recipe

Pineapple Wine Recipe

If you’re making something with pineapple, or have just purchased one to snack on - you don’t have to waste a bit of it. The skin, or peel, can be used to make a delicious, refreshing, pineapple wine in about a month. Pineapple Wine Recipe from Nisahomey.com

2. Cherry Jubilee

Black Cherry Wine Recipe

Lovers of black cherry, sangria, cold wines and young wines will want to try this recipe for Black Cherry Wine. It is thicker than other fruit wines and despite its color should be served chilled. Black Cherry Wine from The Spicie Foodie

3. Find Your Thrill On Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Wine

You can make delicious wine from frozen blueberries, but Celebration Generation insists that fresh is the way to go. They also include links to home winemaking sites in case you’re just starting out. Blueberry Wine from Celebration Generation

4. An Apple A Day

Apple Recipe

Apple wine is a favorite to make in the fall with leftovers from pies and trips to the orchard. This particular recipe also contains information and opinion on making winemaking easier, equipment tips and helpful general information for winemaking. Apple Wine from ChickensInTheRoad

5. Don’t Be Blue


 There are so many styles of wine that you can use one fruit many ways. While you can make blueberry wine (#4), you can also make blueberry port. Port is a sweet, fortified wine. Not only is it great for drinking, but drizzle a little on vanilla ice cream for a special treat. Blueberry Port from Wines by Ari

6. Let’s Go Crazy

Loquat Wine Recipe

Loquat is a small fruit, similar in appearance to a kumquat, that many don’t know how to use. If you have a tree or if you have a friend or neighbor who has one, offer to take the berries (they are often just left for birds and squirrels) off their hands and make wine. Loquat Wine Recipe from The OC Beer Blog

7. Don’t Say OregaNO!

oregano wine

 If you can make tomato wine, and basil wine, why not oregano wine? There’s no reason not to. Any herb can be turned into wine, and if you have an oregano bush you’ve probably got enough to make a batch. Oregano Wine Recipe from The Washington Winemaker

8. Wine From Another Vine

 Grapes grow on vines but so does the summer favorite, watermelon. Watermelon is a common ingredient in wine but be sure to read the notes on it because watermelon, due to its high water content, spoils very quickly. Watermelon Wine recipe from Wine Turtle.

9. Lo How A Rose

Strawberry Wine Recipe

Rose petals make beautiful, fragrant wines. Collect petals right when they pass peak and freeze them to retain them at the right stage while you get enough. Then brew a beautifully colorful and fragrant wine. Rose Petal Wine from Lovely Greens

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This list just scratches the surface of possibilities but you’ll notice that the process is similar for all the wines. So check out what extra produce you have, either available to you or in your fridge or garden and start making your own wine. Also, check out our list of 17 step-by-step recipes here for further inspiration!

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