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Updated: July 13, 2023

Paxis Red Blend Review

Looking for something that’s affordable but with enough flavor to have you doing a double take on the price tag? Check out our review of Paxis Red Blend from DJF Vinhos.

Paxis red blend review

If you are a red wine lover but interested in something a little different to your usual pickings of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, why not look to Portugal and the lower end of the price range. Specifically, towards this Paxis Red Blend made by Jose Neiva Correia’s DJF Vinhos. 

It’s true and most people will agree that any wine below the price of say, 10 bucks is not likely to be very good. Let alone one that is lower than 5 bucks. Who drinks those bottles? There must be some people out there. However, when you start looking at more expensive bottles, the playing field opens wide. 

The difference in quality from different wines at the same price point beyond 10 bucks and over, is rather astonishing. Which is interesting because a lot of people still hold fast to the belief that when it comes to wine, expensive means better. In our experience, even as a rule of thumb, that’s inaccurate. 

Because, getting back to the subject at hand, the Paxis Red Blend 2013 with the delightful bulldog image on the label. This is a decidedly modest priced wine with a whole lot of character and flair that you’d expect from something more expensive. 

Search for a bottle of this stuff anywhere and there’s one fact that you’ll repeatedly come across – it received high praise in The Wine Enthusiast’s Top Value Wines back in 2016. The Wine Enthusiast Magazine, if you’re completely new to wine, is an important critical publication that knows a thing or two about wine. High praise indeed, but is it really that good? 

Let’s see with a closer look at the Paxis Red 2013. 


DFJ Vinhos Winery

About DJF Vinhos 

Paxis Red is the brainchild of DJF Vinhos is a Portuguese winemaker based in the Lisboa region of the country with vineyards that stretch along the northern coast to the Lisbon.

The company had an ambitious goal and a simple line of philosophy – to switch up the deeply diverse and rich, Portuguese wine varieties into high-end wines that can be accessible for everyone to enjoy. 

Great value for money and high-quality wines were the key. DJF, because of their creations, have scored more prestigious awards in the wine world than any Portuguese winemaker over the last couple of decades.

These awards include the IWC red wine of the year and the New York International Wine Competition Portuguese Winery of the Year two years running.

So, it’s clear that DJF Vinhos and Jose Neiva Correia are responsible for a lot of fine wine over the years, which leads us back to Paxis Red. 


About Paxis Red Blend

One of the exciting things about this Paxis Red Blend 2013 is that it features a striking blend of varietals many reading this may not have tried yet.

The three grapes are Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz. But what about that name? That has an interesting story...

Dino Ventura, a member of the winery’s sales and marketing team, was watching some children play a game called Bulldog. It’s an old playground game that kids would play at school – very physical. While they played the game, children would shout out ‘Paxis!’ so they were immune from being caught.

The word was then taken as symbolism for escaping the stresses we face in the world where we can appreciate nice wine. And voila, Paxis Bulldog was born. The sentiment is drummed home by the fact the bulldog in the picture on the label looks very chilled and not stressed in least.

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About the Nose

The Paxis blend has a very aromatic nose and this passes through the air even when it’s poured a small distance away. There isn’t that alcoholic sting you get on the nose sometimes with strong reds, but nice hints of spices, black cherry and raspberry. 


About the Palate

When you finally take a sip from this sumptuous-looking red, you noticed that it is very smooth and refined from the moment it hits your mouth. There’s a hit of flavor, but no noticeable bite or acidity, then as it settles you are rewarded with raspberry and cherry in rich quantities. What is magical is the fact that there’s definitely tannins, but that don’t hang around and outstay their welcome.

Many who have drunk this wine experienced something of a chalky texture to it, but we will leave that to you to discover and give your opinion. With a rather shorter finish than most blends, this red leaves you wanting more.

In Summary

To summarize the Paxis Red from DFJ Vinhos, we would suggest that it’s something of a big and quick hitter, delivering highly concentrated flavors from the moment it hits the roof of your mouth and swirls around your tongue.

It’s not as complex as other blends out there but is still a wonderful wine to drink. The aroma, taste and consistency of it all combine well together and has a smoothness and lightness to it that you don’t often get in blended reds. 

Aside from the flavor and aroma though, the most amazing and commendable thing about this wine is that ridiculously low-price tag. It almost feels like daylight robbery buying a wine of this caliber for far lower than we probably should. Is that going to stop us? You can be sure it won’t.

So, if you are looking for a smooth and high-impact flavorsome full-bodied red that doesn’t linger past its bedtime in your mouth, check out the wonderful DJF Vinhos Paxis Red Blend.  


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