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Updated: August 23, 2022

How to Make an Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

How To Make An Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

One of my favorite things is having a glass of good wine while watching the sunset from the beach. And I enjoy it even more when there is an outdoor wine glass holder next to me. 

While there are dozens of models of outdoor glass holders to buy, I found it much more satisfying to make my own. 

If you’re also a DIY enthusiast, then this simple outdoor wine glass holder project might be perfect for you.

This holder is designed to hold two glasses and a bottle. Just perfect for those looking to share some wine with their better half while enjoying the wonders of nature. 

Outdoor Wine Glass Holder Project

This glass holder is very easy to make. It requires basic carpenter skills and you can follow the project in the video above to make a folding holder.

Although I found inspiration for this project, my outdoor wine glass holder is a bit different.

To simplify the process, my holder is not foldable and it’s even easier to make than the original one.

In the end, it’s up to you. Both results are awesome and it all depends on your skills and needs. Have fun!

What You’ll Need

  • A square wooden board 12x12 inches;
  • Two wooden boards 12x4 inches;
  • 1/4-inch steel rod;
  • Wood glue;
  • Pencil;
  • Epoxy gel;
  • Hole Saw;
  • Hacksaw;
  • Jigsaw;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Wood Varnish;
  • Pencil;
  • Ruler;
  • Compass;
  • Adhesive paper.

How to Make it

  • Draw the blueprint of the holder’s top on a 12x12 inches sheet of white adhesive paper. You will need to draw three holes with a diameter of 3,25 inches at equal distances from the center of the square. Use the ruler and the compass to measure the distances and draw the circles.
  • For the two opposite circles, draw a 2-inch wide corridor from the edge of the circle to the edge of the paper. You will use this corridor to insert the stem of the wine glass when the holder is ready.
  • Apply the blueprint on top of the 12x12 inches wooden board and use the template to cut the holes. Use a hole saw to cut out the circles and a jigsaw to cut out the notches for the wine glass stems.
  • Use the sandpaper to smooth the edges and surface of the holder’s top.
  • Take one of the two wooden boards and cut a groove into it along its length. This groove should hold the steel rod. The rod should be 20 inches long and 8 inches should stick out from the board. Use epoxy gel to attach the rod to the wooden board.
  • Complete the holder’s leg by gluing the other wooden board to the wooden board with the rod. You should obtain a 12-inch long leg with a steel rod running through its middle. The extra 8 inches of the rod will be used to stick the holder in the ground.
  • Use sandpaper to remove any imperfections of the wood.
  • Now it is time to glue the leg to the top of the holder. Use the ruler and the pencil to determine the center of the top and attach the holder’s leg with wood glue. Let it dry for at least a few hours and ideally by applying pressure on both parts.
  • Varnish the holder with a water-resistant coating. You can choose transparent varnish to highlight the beauty of the wood or any other color, according to your preference.
  • Take the outdoor wine glass holder at the picnic or in camping. Stick the rod in the ground and use your finest stemware to enjoy to the fullest all the aromas of your wine.

Alternative Outdoor Wine Glass Holder Solutions

If you’re not skilled in carpentry or simply don’t want to make your own outdoor wine glass holder, there are many alternative solutions on the market.

A stylish and minimalist solution is the wine glass holder stick. Made of metal, the stick is shaped to hold a stem glass. Simply stick the holder in the ground and place your wine glass on it. There are even stick sets designed to hold the glasses and a bottle.

Plastic outdoor wine glass holders are also a solution. These holders hold the base of the glass and they can either be attached to your picnic table or chair or fixed into the ground.

Moreover, on the market, there are available wooden outdoor wine glass holders that are ready to use. Most of the times they are made of bamboo, are stylish and made to last for a long time. Alternatively, there are even outdoor wine glass holder tables made of metal or resin.

Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to make an outdoor wine glass holder or buy one, this is a versatile object to have with you when camping or picnicking. The holder will hold your wine glass safely and you’ll be able to enjoy your valuable beverage from a proper wine glass.

Now, all you have to do is to decide if making an outdoor wine glass holder is worth the effort or not.

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