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13 Funny Wine Glasses That Will Make You Smile!

13 Funny Wine Glasses

Being a wine lover doesn’t mean that everything has to be serious all of the time.

If you’re like me then you will love to have a few funny wine glasses as well as some truly lovely pieces. 

I have also found that funny wine glasses make for great gifts and have always been received very well.

Below are some of the funniest wine glasses I have seen around.

Which are your favourites? Have you bought any for friends and family?

1. 10 oz. Funny Wine Glass

I love anything with a quote on it and I especially love wine related quotes, so these funny wine glasses are ideal for me and probably plenty of you. I love the paw print on it as I have my own dog and love all dogs.

10 Oz. Funny Wine Glass

This lovely wine glass that has the quote “it’s not really drinking alone if… the dog is home” is perfect for any wine love who is also a dog lover. I know that I love to have a glass of wine while watching a film with the dog so it makes perfect sense for me to have one. It is only $14.99, too!

The writing on the glass is etched well and it would make a brilliant conversation starter with friends who also love wine and dogs.

2. Yoga Funny Wine Glass

This is a unique wine glass as it does not have the stem that wine glasses usually have. It is also a funny wine glass because of the quote “I do yoga, just kidding… I drink wine in yoga pants”. If you can relate to this then you need this wine glass.

Yoga Funny Wine Glass

You can either get 1 wine glass for $14.95 or two wine glasses for $28.95 which will save you $0.95. If you have a friend that would also relate to the message on this wine glass and see its humor then buy it as a gift… she'll love it.

This is another funny wine glass that the quote is beautifully etched on. The wine glass itself is a nice weight to help avoid accidental spills.

3. BigMouth Inc. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

I have seen these very funny wine glasses and very strange wine glass/wine bottle all over the internet… usually on Facebook and Instagram. I actually bought this for a friend of mine who always seems to finish 2 glasses of wine to my every half. She absolutely loves it!

BigMouth Inc. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

They are $11.95 each but make the most amazing gifts that will be sure to bring laughter every time it is used or even looked at. It can hold the contents of a standard bottle of wine and can actually be sealed with a standard wine stopper if unfinished.

While it is certainly a funny wine glass, it is actually made from quality glass and will make a very cue and funny gift for someone.

4. BigMouth Inc. “How Was Your Day” Funny Wine Glass

BigMouth Inc.has certainly found their niche in the market with their funny wine glasses. The “how was your day” wine glass is perfect for wine lovers or those who tend to complain a lot about their bad days.

How was your day wine glasses

It is just $13.89 and has a design that measures the levels of wine. Each level of wine has its own funny phrase including “don’t ask”, “bad day” and “good day”.

I had a friend who came around one night after an argument with her man and having her car break down. I poured her a glass of wine in this glass and filled it to “don’t ask”. This put a smile back on her face and even got a laugh out of her which is just what she needed.

It is actually a very nicely made wine glass that is beautifully shaped as well as having a touch of humour.

5. Novinophobia Funny Wine Glass

This funny wine glass made me laugh and I am very tempted to buy it to add to my collection of funny wine glasses.

I also know that my best friend would love this and her birthday is coming up soon so would be a great buy for her.

Novinophobia wine glass

The Novinophobia wine glass is so very simple but yet it is also fantastic and would put a smile on anyone’s face. It is slightly pricier than the previous two BigMouth funny wine glasses at $16.95 but would make a brilliant gift.

The quality of the wine glass is next to none and the weight of it is very pleasing as I hate any light-weight wine glasses that can easily be knocked over with almost a whisper.

6. KOVOT Funny Wine Glass

This is another very simple wine glass but the quote on it does make me laugh. The quote on it says “wine a bit… it’ll make you feel better”. I don’t know about you but sometimes I love a good whine when I’m  drinking wine so this makes perfect sense.

Kovot funny wine glass

These funny wine glasses have a price tag of just $9.99. They will certainly be a topic of talk when you have guests around or if you give them as gifts. Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift, this is a great buy.

Me and my friend are the same and love our wine so when I see funny wine glasses I tend to buy two - one for me and one for her.  She does the same for me! This is definitely a wine glass any wine lover would like.

7. BigMouth Bad Assy Funny Wine Glass

Yet another funny wine glass from BigMouth is the Bad Assy wine glass. This has the same design as the “how was your day” wine glass in that it has a different phrase at the three different levels. The black stem of this wine glass makes this a lovely wine glass in addition to being funny.

Bigmouth Inc. bad assy funny wine glass

At just $9.99, this BigMouth wine glass in definitely a must-have for your wine glass collection. We have all done it: poured our wine at an acceptable level when we’re feeling classy and then had those days where you just fill it to the top.

I have a bunch of BigMouth wine glasses because they are not only funny but excellently made too.

8. Stemware Glass Funny Wine Glass

I love the colors on these funny wine glasses made by Stemware Glass. They got everything right with this glass from the font to the colorful stem, and from the funny quote to the quality of the glass.

Stemware glass funny wine glass

It is no surprise that these funny wine glasses carry a higher price at $17.49 but: you get what you pay for and with this, you get quality as well as humour. The wine glass is hand painted and comes in a lovely gift box which is great if you're buying it as a gift for someone.

They offer a variety of quotes, too, with different colors so you can build up a cute and fun collection of funny wine glasses.

9. My Therapy Funny Wine Glass

It is no secret that a nice glass of wine can help you relax and forget the stress of the day you have just had or your worries. Plenty of us joke that wine is our therapy so it was only a matter of time before someone added the quote to a wine glass… and I love it.

My Therapy funny wine glass

This glass makes a great gift for any wine lover that you know and costs $18.42. It is a very sturdy wine glass that is fairly large and can fit up to 13 oz. of wine. Whoever you buy this for, it will be sure to make them laugh.

It is certainly not cheap looking with the glass being fairly thick so no easy chips or accidents. The letters on the glass are also durable and will not come off in the wash as some other glasses do.

10. "What Night?" Funny Wine Glass

This funny glass comes from the same people who make the My Therapy funny wine glasses. It is very similar to the design of the BigMouth “How Was Your Day?” wine glass only this time the three phrases are “Good night”, “Great night” and “What night”.

What night funny wine glass

This is a great wine glass for $17.42 that certainly made me giggle as I’m sure it will do the same to you. It will make a great gift for someone who you know loves their wine and sometimes tends to  drink too much in one sitting.

I have quite a selection of funny wine glasses and these funny ones are by far my most favourite. There is nothing wrong with adding a little humour.

11. BigMouth Inc. Tipsy Wine Glasses

These funny wine glasses make me drunk just looking at them before I’ve even had a sip of wine. I’m of course a big fan of the BigMouth funny wine glasses so I have these wine glasses in my collection and I love getting them out for parties or when friends are around.

BigMouth Inc. tipsy wine glasses

They are a very good price too with a set of two costing just $18.62. They are not dishwasher friendly so be sure to hand wash them in lukewarm water.

This set of funny wine glasses will also make a great gift if you know someone who enjoys their wine and likes a bit of humor.

12. Mr. & Mrs. Stemless Wine Glasses

I love these wine glasses; they are certainly very cute and funny. I love to have different styles of wine glasses too so I like that these are stemless which makes them unique. Both me and my husband love to drink wine so this is a great pair of wine glasses for us.

Mr & Mrs Stemless wine glasses

It costs just $17.99 for a set of two of these wine glasses. I think they would make an ideal wedding gift that is certainly different. What’s better is that these glasses are made from BPA Free silicone and not glass so they are unbreakable.

If you or your other half are a bit accident prone  they make the perfect funny wine glasses.

13. Fifty Sips Of Red Funny Wine Glass

Remember the Fifty Shades of Grey craze that seems to have gone on forever? My friend absolutely loves the Fifty Shades of Grey books and dragged me to go and watch the first film. I’m not going to lie, I did read all of the books to see what the hype was about but think that’s all it was… hype. Anyhow, because I knew my friend loved it I bought her this wine glass which she still loves and uses.

Fifty sips of red funny wine glass

You can also get a Fifty Sips of White wine glass if you or whoever you’re buying for prefers white wine instead of red. It is $15.97 for this amazing wine glass and will be sure to bring laughs and conversation to the room.

This isn’t just a novelty wine glass either; it is also made of quality glass and will last for a long time as my friend’s has.

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