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How To Degas Wine

How to Degas Wine: 3 Simple Approaches

How to Degas Wine: 3 Simple Approaches One of the key steps of home-made wine production is wine degassing. Gas, namely carbon dioxide, forms into the wine during the fermentation process, as a result of the action of yeast. You shouldn’t worry too much about degassing in the case of other home-made beverages, such as cider […]

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What Does Mead Taste Like ?

What Does Mead Taste Like?

What Does Mead Taste Like? The “Nectar of the Gods”, the famous “Ambrosia”, the most beloved drink in the Greek mythology and probably the oldest alcoholic drink on Earth. I’m talking about mead, a drink made of three simple ingredients: water, honey, and yeast. Also known as honey “wine”, mead is a really ancient drink, much […]

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2 How to Make Dandelion Wine

How to Make Dandelion Wine: An Easy Recipe You Follow At Home

How to Make Dandelion Wine: An Easy to Follow Recipe Dandelion Wine Recipe 1. Introduction2. Equipment3. Ingredients4. Instructions for making dandelion wine5. Conclusion 1. IntroductionDandelion wine is not just something that’s drunk by cartoon rabbits in your favorite children’s book – it is a very real, very accessible and very, very delicious. Like elderflower wine, dandelion […]

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Watermelon wine recipe

Watermelon Wine Recipe: The “Cool” Fruit

Watermelon Wine Recipe: The Only Recipe You’ll Need! Watermelon Wine Recipe 1. Introduction2. Equipment for making watermelon wine3. Watermelon wine ingredients4. Watermelon wine recipe instructionsSection 5: Conclusion 1. IntroductionNumerous reports have been published about the benefits of this giant among fruits: they are a great source of vitamins A, B and C; they are full […]

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