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Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2015 wine

Kung Fu Girl Riesling Review

Kung Fu Girl Riesling Review If you’re a fan of sweet wines, you might be surprised by Kung Fu Girl Riesling, an unusual Asian-inspired dry wine that won’t disappoint.When you think of a Riesling, what imagine comes up in your imagination? Most people will immediately think of German wines with their off-dry flavor that tingles […]

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19 crimes red wine

The 19 Crimes Red Blend Review

The 19 Crimes Red Blend Review Discover more about the 19 Crimes Red Blend wine which travels from Australia. Sweet, fruity and inviting, the soft flavors of this Shiraz are something special. Elegant, sophisticated and refined…wine conjures up certain images regardless of yourfavorite tipple. However, 19 Crimes Red Blend is a break from the norm, and awine […]

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Best Moscato Wine

The Best Moscato Wines: 30 Top Recommendations

What’s the Best Moscato Wine? Moscato wine is the number one choice as a wine for desserts and a great companion for many other dishes and occasions. It’s definitely one of the most loved wines around the world! Moscato wine is produced from the Muscat grapes, a family of grapes with origins in the ancient Greece. Each variety […]

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naked wine

Naked Wines Review

Naked Wines Review We all like wine, right? No that’s not right, we love wine! There’s nothing quite like pouring yourself a large glass of wine as a reward for a long week at work.  So, when a company comes around that offers its customers delicious and exclusive wines for wholesale prices, surely it must […]

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need wine aerator

5 Reasons You Need a Wine Aerator

5 Reasons You Need a Wine Aerator I used to be a skeptic when it came to wine aeration but now I am a believer in the benefits after having conducted my own blind tasting. Keep reading to see the results of the tasting, but let’s begin with 5 reasons why you should get your self […]

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best wine opener reviews

Best Wine Openers – Top Reviews & Picks for 2021

Reviews of the Best Wine Bottle Openers There are plenty of wine tools available online – chill sticks, decanters, fridges, temperature gauges. But, the first tool you need, and need to master, is a wine opener. The question is, which is the best wine bottle opener? To save you time reading through the entire article, we’ll just […]

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Duck commander wines

Duck Commander Wine Review

Duck Commander Wine ReviewFans of TV’s Duck Dynasty are certainly going to want to know more about Duck Commander Wine – is it actually a decent product or a marketing gimmick?If you’re a fan of TV’s Duck Dynasty, you’re definitely going to be interested to try the Duck Commander wine, a vintage with some serious mass […]

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