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The Best Wine Purse Reviews To Take Your Favorite Drink With You

Best Wine Purse Reviews

For years, wine lovers carried their bottles of wine in classical leather carriers but this trend seems to fade away nowadays. In fact, wine carriers are appropriate for wine specialists, such as the sommeliers, but if you want to take a bottle of wine with you at a party, picnic or other leisure activity, a wine purse is certainly more appropriate. Don't feel like reading the whole article? Jump to the best wine purse selection clicking the links below.

In response to the high demand, many manufacturers designed various models of wine purses that vary from stylish wine carriers with the dimension and aesthetics of a handbag to real wine dispenser bags that allow you to carry and access your wine on the go without touching the bottle.

The main difference between many of these wine purse models and the traditional wine carriers is that the wine purses are usually designed to address more needs at the same time, namely to safely carry your beverage, keep it at the serving temperature throughout the day and also allow you to carry other essentials, such as keys, phone, and other important items.

But what is the best wine purse? Let’s have a look at the different types of wine purses available on the market and then read our wine purse reviews to choose the right model for you.

Types Of Wine Purses

On the market, there are available different types of wine purses that vary from stylish totes to messenger bags but in essence, we can distinguish between two major types, wine carrier purses and wine dispenser purses.

Wine Carrier Purses

This type of wine purses is nothing but a more sophisticated version of the professional wine carriers. Usually designed for the ladies, these wine purses come in all shapes and sizes and you will be able to choose the model you like best based on your personal preferences and lifestyle.

The main characteristic of the wine carrier purses is that they are insulated to keep the bottles at the serving temperature. This means that you will have to carry the whole bottle or bottles with you and, to access the wine, you will actually have to take the bottle out of the purse and open it.

Regarding the style, you will be able to choose from tote, clutch and messenger bags. Just as any other purse, these bags can be made of canvas, synthetic materials, faux or even genuine leather.

Depending on your needs, these wine carrier purses also come in different sizes and they can accommodate from one to four bottles of wine or more.

The main disadvantage of these carrier purses is that they rarely have pockets and compartments designed to keep your essentials and for this reason, they are usually more recommended exclusively to carry the bottles of wine.

Wine Dispenser Purses

As their name suggests, the wine dispenser purses allow you to carry the wine and access it without getting the bottle out of the purse.

To do this, this type of purses is provided with a compartment that accommodates a pouch of various capacities. The pouch connects to a small tap that can be accessed through a hole in the design of a purse. This opening is usually hidden and covered with a flap, so no one will be able to tell the difference between a traditional purse or bag and a wine dispenser purse.

The main advantage of these wine purses is that they have different compartments designed to accommodate your belongings, you will not have to carry actual bottles with you, and you will be able to pour yourself a glass of wine at any moment.

Regarding the styles and materials, just as the wine carrier purses, they come in all shapes and materials. Depending on the occasion, you will be able to choose from professionally-looking shoulder purses that are perfect to use at business meetings, colorful tote purses, and even messenger purses for both men and women, to name just a few of the available models.

How To Choose A Wine Purse

Since wine purses come in so many models and styles, choosing one might be harder than it seems.

The first thing to consider is whether you need a fashionable wine purse to attend a wine and cheese party, or maybe a purse that allows you to access the wine at any moment on the go.

In the first case, you will probably need to opt for a stylish wine carrier handbag as you will probably want to open the bottle of wine in front of your friends or give it to the hosts as a gift.

In the second case, a wine dispenser purse is certainly the solution, but you will still have to decide what type of purse to choose. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Design

    As already mentioned, wine purses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You should choose the design of the wine purse based on your lifestyle and needs. For example, if the only reason you need a wine purse is to have a stylish carrier, you should choose an elegant clutch purse, maybe made of leather, that can enhance your look.

    On the other hand, if you need a wine purse for leisure activities, such as attending an informal party or going on a picnic, a larger and more colorful tote bag, maybe made of canvas or another type of fabric, is more appropriate.

    Lastly, if you need a wine purse for everyday use, maybe one that can double as an elegant lunch carrier, then a sober shoulder purse or a messenger bag could be the right choice.

  • Capacity

    Wine purses have various capacities but usually under five bottles of wine. A purse should be lightweight enough to carry with ease, therefore probably the best compromise if you need to carry more than a bottle of wine in your purse is investing in a model that allows you to carry two or three bottles.

    However, if you need to take with you more bottles of wine, a more suitable thing would be to consider a wine carrier instead of a wine purse.

  • Features

    Apart from carrying your wine, a wine purse should also be functional. It should have an insulated compartment to accommodate your bottles or the wine pouch and it should have other pockets and compartments designed to accommodate your other essentials.

Wine Purse Vs. Wine Carrier

In some cases, the main difference between a wine purse and a wine carrier is the capacity. In fact, the carriers have capacities that vary from one to six or nine bottles, and in some cases even more.

Wine carriers are designed for professional use and they have no other features or characteristics other than carrying the bottles of wine safely.

Wine purses, on the other hand, are more versatile. They usually have different compartments for the wine and for other items together with other additional features depending on the model. Wine purses are designed to be used by all wine lovers on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, some models are very similar to the carriers but they have reduced dimensions and are more fashionable.

Now, let’s see what are the best wine purses on the market to choose your favorite one.

Best Wine Purse Reviews

1. Vina Deluxe 2 Bottle Wine Purse Tote Bag White

If you do not fancy the idea of a wine dispenser purse but would love a bag that allows you to carry up to two bottles of wine without using a traditional carrier, then the Vina Deluxe tote bag might be the wine purse you are looking for.

With a compact and stylish design, this wine purse will pass as a regular handbag to the eyes of many, at least until you open it.

Vina Deluxe 2 Bottle Wine Purse Tote Bag White

This wine purse is large enough to accommodate two bottles of wine, including the larger bottles of champagne. Its interior is padded and thermal insulated, keeping your wine at serving temperature for hours. If you need to keep your wine cool for even a longer time, you can put some ice bags in the purse together with the bottles.

A thing we really like about this wine purse is the removable divider that will allow you to change the wine purse into a stylish picnic or lunch bag.

Things We Liked

  • Available in different styles: the manufacturer proposes seven different colors and patterns for this purse that vary from elegant to cheerful, therefore finding the one that best matches your personality is easy.
  • Front storage pocket: in addition to the wine, this purse can also accommodate small essentials, such as the keys, mobile phone and a minimalist wallet in the front storage pocket with zipper closure.
  • Corkscrew included: to make it easier for you to open the bottles, the purse comes with a free corkscrew.
  • Portable design: this purse has both hand tote straps and an adjustable shoulder strap designed for easier carrying.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The insulated interior is not waterproof. This might not be a problem for many but moist can pass through the interior walls and reach the zipper pocket used to store the essentials.

2. Primeware Textured Insulated Wine Bottle Clutch

Primeware Textured Insulated Wine Bottle Clutch Lunch Bag

A really fashionable wine carrier purse to consider if you are looking for the perfect purse to attend a party or a formal event is the Primeware Textured Insulated Wine Bottle Clutch. Made of faux leather, this wine clutch matches well with many outfits and its compact and stylish design will certainly enhance your look.

The wine bag has a capacity of one bottle and the insulated interior will keep the beverage at a serving temperature for a long time. Apart from this, both the interior and exterior can be easily cleaned with a cloth and the purse is water resistant.

The faux leather exterior is extremely elegant. The finish is glossy without looking cheap, the upper zipper matches the shade of the purse perfectly and two sturdy tote handles will allow you to carry the wine safely.

Things We Liked

  • Three colors available: to match any style, outfit or event, this purse comes in black, red and purple.
  • Compact design: this wine purse is perfect when attending formal events thanks to its compact dimensions. The purse measures only 2 inches in height and it is 8 inches wide, accommodating perfectly any size of wine bottle.
  • External pocket: for small items, the purse has an external pocket with zipper.
  • Wine opener included: the purse comes with a stainless steel corkscrew, a nice addition for a complete wine lover purse.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The external zipper pocket is really small and it can barely accommodate the included bottle opener. For this reason, it is unlikely to fit anything else other than your keys in there.

3. PortoVino Wine Purse

If you want to carry your wine with you and also be able to access it without hassle, a splendid wine purse to consider is PortoVino by Bella Vita.

This wine dispenser purse is stylish and elegant, perfect to wear on any occasion and it can literally hide 1,5 liters (or two bottles) of wine in a specially designed compartment that accommodates a wine pouch. Pouring yourself a glass of wine is easy thanks to the easily accessible tap.

PortoVino Wine Purse (Red)

What we like about this purse is the clear division between the wine pocket and the compartment dedicated to transporting your other items. In addition to this, the wine pocket is insulated and it will keep your wine cool for a fairly long period of time.

Apart from a large internal compartment, this shoulder purse also has two other internal pockets designed for the phone and other small items such as the keys, so you will be able to keep your things organized.

Things We Liked

  • Stylish design: the wine purse doubles well as a regular purse and in fact, it can be used on a daily basis even when you don’t want to carry any wine with you.
  • Party pouches: the purse comes with a wine pouch included, but if you need to carry more than the equivalent of two bottles, this is possible thanks to the convenient party pouches.
  • Large interior: this wine purse will certainly accommodate all your essentials, thanks to the really large interior compartment.
  • Hidden tap: the wine dispenser tap is hidden under a flap, so you will be able to carry the beverage with you in a discreet way.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The shoulder straps are rather thin and uncomfortable to wear when the wine pouch is full.

4. The Kevin Messenger Beverage Dispenser Bag

The Kevin Messenger Beverage Dispenser

Wine purses are not designed exclusively for women and a wonderful model to consider if you are looking for a gift for a male friend is the Kevin Messenger Beverage Dispenser bag.

Although designed for men, this messenger bag is actually suitable for both men and women and it can be a nice addition to the accessory collection of sporty women. The bag is made of black canvas with light brown leather details.

The wine is transported in a pouch that is accommodated in a large insulated pocket. A dispensing tap is located under that bag’s flap and it can be easily accessed at any moment.

Apart from this, there is a large interior compartment where you will be able to keep your belongings.

Things We Liked

  • 3-liter capacity: the messenger bag comes with an empty beverage pouch with a capacity of 3 liters or four bottles of wine.
  • Hidden access pocket: the beverage pouch is located into an insulated pocket that can be accessed through a hidden zipper located on the bottom of the purse. The pocket is large enough to accommodate both the wine pouch and an ice package.
  • Large main compartment: the main compartment of the bag is large enough to carry all your essential belongings with you either you use it to go to work or formation courses. Two internal pockets for keys and phone will help you keep the small items organized.
  • Sophisticated details: the light brown details and crossbody strap enhance the look of the bag making it sophisticated.

Things We Didn't Like

  • This bag comes in only one color selection.

5. Kali Swankey Beverage Tote

If you are looking for a colorful wine dispenser purse perfect to carry a large quantity of wine while accommodating everything you need to take with you at the beach or pool, then Kali Swankey beverage tote is definitely the wine purse for you.

This wine purse distinguishes itself thanks to the cheerful design that combines vibrant colors with a simple yet extremely functional design.

Kali Swankey Beverage Tote

This tote purse is manufactured in many colors and patterns and it will be really easy to find the model you like.

Apart from this, the purse can hold up to 5 liters of wine and dispenses it through a tap hidden under a flap on the side of the purse.

Things We Liked

  • Attention to detail: this purse is extremely well made and it is of a high quality. The various patterns, on the other hand, make it really fashionable.
  • False bottom: it is easy to keep the wine hidden thanks to the false bottom of the upper compartment that hides the wine pouch from the curious eyes.
  • Accessories available: if you need glasses with your purse, the manufacturer proposes a selection of high-quality glasses.
  • Ice brick included: to keep your wine cold, the wine purse comes with an ice brick.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The only downside of this purse is that the main compartment doesn’t have a zipper, so keeping your belongings safe when it is crowded can be tricky.

Conclusion & Final Pick

In our opinion, the best wine purse available on the market is the PortoVino wine purse by Bella Vita. This purse has some minor flaws, but it certainly is one of the greatest wine dispenser purses you can find.

We prefer this purse over the wine carrier purses because probably the main reason why anyone needs a wine purse is to be able to access the beverage easily. And PortoVino not only allows you to do this, it also keeps your belongings safe thanks to the zipper closure.

Note: check the open container regulations in your state before investing in a wine dispenser purse or bag.

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