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Best Wine Glasses for Red Wine [11 Recommendations]

Best Wine Glasses

The best wine glasses for red wine are those that not only look great, but also give you the best wine tasting experience possible.

The perfect glass adds a touch of luxury to every occasion and celebration.

They are what make a good wine tasting experience into a great one.

In this guide, we recommend the wine glasses that will best compliment your favorite wines.

1. Crystal Stemware Wine Glasses

crystal wine glass

Wine glasses can make a big difference in how much you will enjoy your wine.

To really get the most out of a good wine you should choose your wine glasses with care.

If you are like me and you love receiving compliments, then crystal stemware wine glasses are the perfect wine glasses for you. 

They look really elegant, they are of an excellent quality and they are perfect for red or white wine.

They will enhance every occasion. Whether they are used for an intimate dinner for two, or a full family get together, they will be just perfect.

Crystal stemware wine glasses are sleek, balanced and a treat to serve with. They are timeless and sophisticated.

Think of America in the 1930’s, to the era of movie legends and adventure, this is the atmosphere these beautiful wine glasses recreate. Cheers!

2. Magnum Red Wine Glasses

magnum red wine glass

If you are a red wine lover and have been drinking red wine for several years, you will almost certainly have gone through lots of styles of different types of wine glasses in your quest to find the style of wine glass that suits you best.

Look no further, I think I have just found it! These Magnum red wine glasses could be the ones you've been looking for.

The magnum red wine glass feels natural in your hand when it is cupped around the bowl. This is the way a truly delicious red wine should be served.

Your hand should be cupped around the bowl as oppose to holding the stem because red wine is not meant to be served chilled. By cupping your hand around the bowl you are adding warmth.

The heat generated from your hand will improve the intensity and warmth of the red wine. The tannins in the red wine will react to the warmth of your hand and the aroma and taste of the red wine will be prolonged when you hold your magnum red wine glass in this way. 

3. Ultimate Wine Bottle Glasses

What fully fledged wine drinker wouldn't want an ultimate wine bottle glass. They are fun to look at and even more fun to drink from.

I never even knew these ultimate wine bottle glasses existed until my friend bought me one for my birthday. Since that day I have never looked back.

You can watch a movie right through without getting up once to refill your glass. I think this is a great idea because you are guaranteed to never miss the punchline ever again.

Dip into your favorite box of popcorn, have a sip of your wine (or mouthful)and enjoy a relaxed night in, in front of your own TV enjoy your own movie experience without having to move from your favorite comfy chair. 

4. Stemless Red Wine Glasses

stemless wine glass

Let me cut to the chase, stemless red wine glasses don't look like wine glasses at all, they are different and that's why I love them.

If you are like me and love quirky wine glasses then stemless red wine glasses are a great choice for you. 

They look really smart, they are practical, and they offer a contemporary feel to any home.

If you are slightly clumsy like me, you will appreciate having a glass that has got no stem, they are less easy to knock over, and they stay just exactly where you want them to.

They are sturdy and robust, so much so that if you have kids or dogs running and jumping all around you, you will not have to worry about them tipping over your favorite wine.

Your wine will survive the chaos.

5. Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Is there anything better than a beautiful hand painted wine glass, I don't think so.

There is no way mine will ever end up in the cupboard. They deserve to be on show. I put mine on the dining table, they look stunning, especially when the light coming in from the window captures them and little rainbows are created all around the room.

The colors are beautiful and the designs are perfect. When I am sitting comfortable and relaxed I can't help but twirl the wine around in the glass. I don't know why I find this so satisfying, I just do.

If you are the type of person who wants some color in your life, then hand painted wine glasses are the ones for you. Cheers.

6. Flexible Wine Glasses

When I go on a camping vacation, I like to take as much camping gear as possible. I want to make my life easier in the great outdoors.

I am not a believer in minimal back to nature camping trips. I am more a believer in take everything you can fit in your back pack as possible type of person. If it doesn't all fit in then I will take two back packs. I want my home comforts wherever I go.

Picture the scene, the tent is up, the fire is lit, the lake is glistening in the sunlight, the birds are twittering and the food is cooking nicely on the camping stove.

The time is now wine o’clock. So out it comes, the bottle of wine that has been brought along, just for this special moment in time. 

This is when a flexible wine glass becomes your best friend. It won't break, it won't spill anything, its light, it's fun and best of all it's full.  Yippee, life doesn't get much better than this. Cheers.

7. Shatterproof Wine Glasses

Shatter proof wine glasses are a brilliant idea. Whoever thought of them was a true genius.

A genius who probably learned from experience that when a crystal wine glass shatters into a million, billion pieces it is always one of the barefoot guests at the party that stands on one of those pieces.

Apologies to the unfortunate barefoot guest will go on long into the night. These occurrences need never happen again. Thanks to the genius, they are history.

The best wine glasses I have ever bought are shatterproof; they give me peace of mind. I can relax during any occasion that I have organised, knowing that my guest’s safety is looked after.

If your friends are like my friends they can get quite boisterous after a few wines, and there will always be somebody who accidentally drops a wine glass, instead of feeling mortified at their clumsiness, they will laugh when the shatterproof wine glass lies at their feet intact.

The great atmosphere at your gathering will carry on as if nothing had happened. All is well that ends well. Cheers.

8. Recyclable Wine Glasses

I know we think our planet is huge and it will last a lifetime, but we do need to recognize that it is forever becoming more overcrowded.

All the resources we have on earth, all the raw materials and an awful lot of energy that we use, are limited. Once we have used these resources up, we won't get any more.

This is why it makes sense to use things up as wisely as we can. The best way todo this is to recycle. This is where recyclable wine glasses come into their own; they can be used over and over again.

They are sturdy, they are good to look at, they are a pleasure to hold and they don’t break.

Be one of the good guys, save our planet by using recyclable wine glasses, they really don't need to be thrown away. Cheers.

9. Unbreakable Wine Glasses

It makes perfect sense to me to have unbreakable wine glasses in my home. The reason is simple, sometimes I over indulge, I end up drinking too much wine, in which case I become a teetering, slurring,  unstable, clumsy mess.

This is when I am about 99% certain to drop my beloved wine glass. Now in normal circumstances, this is when things can get messy and dangerous.

The wine glass has shattered on the floor and every shard is sparkling like a diamond in a jewelry store. But guess what?  This doesn't happen anymore, no, no, no. I have been drinking out of an unbreakable wine glass.

If you are anything like me and are prone to over indulgence then I know that unbreakable wine glasses are the most suitable wine glasses for you. 

You can feel secure in the knowledge that from now on you are safe from getting any nasty cuts. Cheers.

10. Silicone Wine Glasses

Silicone wine glasses are perfect for you if you like something that is practical. They have a lot going for them:-

  1. Silicone wine glasses are stain resistant, which is great if you like both red and white wine.
  2. They can be used for hot and cold drinks, if you like hot mulled wine at Christmas they would be perfect.
  3. They are soft and pliable, they won't break and their pliable feel is a joy to handle.
  4. They can be stylish; they add a touch of class to any celebration.
  5. They freeze well, so if you want to have lovely ice cold wine on a hot summer’s day, you can get one out of the freezer and pour in the wine of your choice straight away. It will stay cool a lot longer.
  6. They're thick, sturdy and robust; they will withstand all that your party guests use them for.
  7. They are unbreakable; they do not break when they are dropped. This is perfect if you are sitting around the pool.

Enjoy the get together you have with family and friends in the future, knowing that you have done everything possible to give them a wonderful time. Cheers.

11. Short Stem Wine Glasses

If you are the type of person who enjoys hosting dinner parties, then short stem wine glasses are the perfect wine glasses for you.

Hosting a dinner party can be a lovely way to treat your friends, a dinner party brings everybody a lot closer, it is an intimate affair and conversation flows beautifully.

One thing you will want to be certain of is that you have set the dining table up to look stunning. Everything will have been thought about with great care.

The table cloth will be freshly laundered, the crockery will be presented beautifully, the cutlery will have been polished, the napkins will have been chosen to suit the décor of your home, and bottles of wine will be placed in ice buckets where your guests have access to them.

The finishing touch is of course the wine glasses. By using short stem wine glasses your table will look wonderful. They are very stylish in design, they are easy to hold and they enhance the flavor of the wine and can also function as one of the best wine glasses for red wine.

When your guests are seated and the food is being devoured with great gusto, the last thing you want is an upset glass of wine spilt across the table’s surface. This is when using short stem wine glasses really show its practicality.

When your guests reach across the table, they are far less likely to knock over a short stem wine glass. They are not as top heavy and unstable as long stemmed wine glasses. The dinner party will be a success. Cheers!

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