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How To Make Wine At Home With Wine Expert Kits

How To Make Wine At Home With Wine Expert Kits

Wine enthusiasts who decide to approach winemaking often find it easier to start their first batch of wine from a kit rather than from fruit. From all the solutions available on the market, Wine Expert kits are the most popular.

If you’re new to winemaking and want to learn more about these winemaking kits, then read through this guide. Alternatively, click on the links below to discover our selection of the best Wine Expert kits.

Starting a wine from kits is simple, but a distinction should be made between grape juice or concentrate kits, such as Wine Experts kits, and the winemaking kits that contain the necessary equipment to make wine at home.

Wine Expert kits contain grape juice or concentrate and are designed to transform winemaking into an easier process compared to starting the wines directly from grapes. Read on to learn why this brand is better compared to the competition and how to use the kits.

What Are Wine Expert Kits

Wine Expert Kits are winemaking kits containing either juice or concentrate of selected grapes and designed to provide you with a batch of about 30 bottles of wine in about 8 weeks. Wine Expert is not the only brand of grape juice or concentrate kits but it is the most popular.

Wine Expert’s popularity is linked to the quality of the juice or concentrate used, together with the quick winemaking time.

In detail, the manufacturer offers a choice of different kits that vary based on the quality of grapes selected and on the time of winemaking. The quickest choice is a 4-week kit. These kits are made from the finest selection of grape juice or concentrate, and most of the times you’ll be able to choose the desired grape variety from the most popular ones. Ideal for beginners, the wines are usually ready to taste a few weeks after bottling.

The 7-week kits are made from premium quality grape juice blends and are usually fuller-bodied compared to the 5-week kits. These wines require a longer aging time after bottling and are usually ready to serve after at least 3 months of aging.

Lastly, the 8-week kits are made from 100% varietal grape juice from country-specific vineyards. These Wine Expert kits are ideal for more advanced winemakers who are eager to produce Pinot Grigio from Italian grapes, for example. These wines, included in the Selection Estate Series, are of an exceptional quality and need an aging of about 6 months after bottling.

Wine Expert Kits Selection

Wine Expert aims to offer a wide selection of wines to all winemakers and wine lovers. Their kits are divided into collections which vary in price and winemaking difficulty. Either you want to make an affordable white wine to drink every day or a fine red to impress your guests, there is a solution for everyone.

Chai Maison

Chai Maison is probably the most affordable Wine Expert collection and includes a selection of white and red wines. Created as an alternative to store-bought everyday wines, the kits are ideal for beginners and the wine is ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

Vintners Reserve

Vintners Reserve is a collection of kits designed to offer exceptional quality and excellent flavors and aromas at affordable prices. There are over 30 wines available in the collection, including red, whites, and rosés.

World Vineyard

The World Vineyard Wine Expert kits represent a versatile selection of wines ready in 4 weeks. Most of them require an aging of only a few weeks after bottling and you’ll be able to brag about your wine in less than three months from production.

The grape juice in these kits come from specific areas in the world, more precisely from Australia, California, South America and Europe.


Après is a selection of sweet dessert wines that are ready to bottle in 6 weeks. The collection includes a wide range of grape juices and concentrates available at medium-range prices.


LE17 is a limited edition of high-quality wines dedicated to those connoisseurs who want to taste their own production of some of the fines wines in the world. The collection includes only five wines which are Apulia Negroamaro, Hawke’s Bay Merlot, La Mancha Milagro Bianco, Rawsonville Chardonnay Chenin Blanc, and Riverland Petite Ruby Cabernet.


Selection is probably the most popular Wine Expert kits collection and includes a series of wines with exceptional body, aroma, and flavor. There are more than 40 wines available in the collection and it is guaranteed that there is one for each taste. The wines are ready in 6 to 8 weeks.


The high-end of the Wine Expert is Eclipse, a collection of ultra-premium wines made from the finest quality varietal juice. These wines need a longer maturation and they are ready to bottle in 6 to 8 weeks.

Island Mist

Island Mist is a delicious alternative for those who love alternative wines. The collection includes a selection of fruit juices and concentrates that combine the unique flavors of berries, coconut, apples, and a wide range of other fruits. The wines in this collection are usually ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

How To Make Wine With Wine Expert Kits

Making wine from Wine Expert kits is very similar to making wine from fresh grapes, with a few advantages. The first advantage is that you’ll not have to crush the grapes yourself to obtain grape juice. Instead, you’ll have the juice ready to use in a kit, that also comes with instructions on how to make the wine.

The winemaking process is simple and straightforward. Just sprinkle wine yeast on the juice and let it ferment for the time indicated on the package. Rack the wine prior to bottling. It is also recommended to degas your wine after racking, to make sure all excess carbon dioxide is eliminated.

If you don’t feel like following the whole winemaking process just yet, the manufacturer also gives you the possibility to make wine on their premises. In this case, you’ll only have to add the yeast to the juice and bottle the wine when it’s ready.

A wine kit usually produces 30 bottles of wine, and you can make multiple batches at the same time if you need more than that.

Best Wine Expert Kits

1. Vintners Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular red wines and an excellent choice for the beginner winemakers or for those who want to bottle their wine in as little as four weeks.

The juice is obtained from Canadian grapes and the wine has a bold and deep character. It is recommended to age the wine for as long as possible after bottling. If you’re really in a hurry, at least try and age it for two or three months prior to uncorking the first bottle.

Your Cabernet Sauvignon will pair wonderfully with many types of mains, especially meat-based dishes.

Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies HOZQ8-1568

2. World Vineyard Washington Merlot with Grape Skins

Winexpert World Vineyard Washington Merlot Wine Kit with Grape Skins

The wines in the World Vineyard selection offers the possibility to taste the most famous wines from all over the world. If you appreciate the medium-full body of an oaked aged Merlot, then the Washington Merlot Wine Expert kit could be the best for you.

The juice is obtained from the finest selection of grapes and it contains the grape skins, so you’ll achieve a higher concentration in tannins and a more decided flavor.

The wine is perfect to pair with red meat, game, and some pasta dishes.

3. World Vineyard Washington Riesling

Washington wine is, without a doubt, one of the most famous in the United States. Among the most popular grape varieties grown in the state, we can mention Riesling.

This exquisite white wine is loved all over the world because of its freshness, while its dry body gives it a crisp finish of flinty mineral notes able to conquer the heart and taste buds of everyone.

This World Vineyard Wine Expert kit is suitable for the enthusiast winemakers who want to bottle their beverage as quickly as possible. The wine is ready in 4 weeks and you’ll be able to pour the first glass in less than 3 months.

Ideal to pair with light cheeses, fresh salads, white meats and cream sauces.

Wine Expert World Vineyard HOZQ8-1573 Washington Riesling

4. Wine Expert Selection Luna Bianca Original

Selection HOZQ8-1638 Luna Bianca

Luna Bianca is a noble wine with a full body and comparable to the lush and rich Californian Chardonnays. This wine included in the Selection collection has a tropical fruit flavor which is wonderfully blended with a vanilla-oak aftertaste, a flavor usually achieved only through barrel fermentation.

This selection Chardonnay is definitely meant to impress even the most demanding wine lovers and it will be ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

The wine compliments wonderfully a creamy pasta dish, white meats such as chicken or turkey, but also fish dishes including oysters or lobster.

5. World Vineyard Italian Sangiovese

The exquisite Italian Sangiovese is one of the most renowned Italian reds and you can make your own high-quality batch with the Expert Wine World Vineyard kit. This dry wine is characterized by a dry, medium body with an intense oak aftertaste and a lively fruit aroma.

The slight flavor of berries combined with the wooden aftertaste pairs wonderfully with candied fruits such as figs and cherries, with veal, intensely flavored cheeses, but also pasta dishes.

The wine is ready to bottle in as little as 4 weeks and you’ll be able to pour your first glass after about three months. For better results, it is recommended to age it for at least 3-4 months.

WineExpert Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies Italian Sangiovese

6. World Vineyard Italian Pinot Grigio

Italian Pinot Grigio (World Vineyard)

If you love Pinot Grigio and are eager of making your own, Wine Experts kits might be a great solution to get started. The manufacturer proposes an exquisite selection of Italian Pinot Grigio juice that transforms into wine in only four weeks after the addition of the yeast.

This means that you’ll be able to uncork the first bottle in less than 3 months from the beginning of the process.

The Wine Expert Italian Pinot Grigio is an unmatched wine with a dry character and crisp, pleasant acidity. The floral fragrance and delicious fruit flavor makes it perfect to pair with light salads and cheeses, fish and seafood, but also with a wide selection of white meats.

7. Vintners Reserve Shiraz

This Californian red wine is characterized by a dry character and a medium body with slight aromas of vanilla and oak. The quality of this wine is undisputable, and Shiraz is, without a doubt, one of the most beloved wines around the world.

The Vintners Reserve Shiraz has a tempting aroma of blackberry fruits, spices, and chocolate, while the flavor has a distinctive full body and a crisp taste given by the concentration of tannins.

The wine pairs perfectly with grilled meat, spicy steak, stews and other types of red meat or game.

Vintner's Reserve Shiraz Wine Ingredient Kit

8. World Vineyard California Trinity White

California Trinity White

California Trinity White is a World Vineyard unique blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Colombard grapes grown exclusively in California. Started from the kit, the wine is ready to bottle in 4 weeks and can be tasted in less than 3 months.

This dry white wine boasts a crisp citrus aroma that blends perfectly with the rounded, refreshing flavor. The wine is medium-bodied and the fruit aftertaste will delight your taste buds for a long time after you sipped the last drop.

The wine pairs wonderfully with grilled chicken or fish, with sautés, and also with fresh salads.

9. Vintners Reserve Chamblaise

Wondering how a Californian wine would blend with a French one? Wine Expert kits have the answer for you. The Vintners Reserve Chamblaise is blended with the highest quality of Chenin Blanc and Colombard grapes, producing a smooth, light, and crisp dry wine with a refreshing aftertaste.

The wine has subtle fruity characters and it is better serves ice cold. The light-medium body pairs well with salads, seafood, and fresh, salty cheeses.

The wine is ready to bottle in 4 weeks and it can be enjoyed soon after bottling.

Wine Expert Vintners Reserve HOZQ8-1503

10. Vintners Reserve Pinot Blanc

WINEEXPERT HOZQ8-1513 Pinot Blanc

Originally from the Alsace region of France, Pinot Blanc is not the most exquisite member of the Pinot family. Nevertheless, it is a fresh, full-bodied wine able to impress enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

The Wine Expert’s Vintners Reserve Pinot Blanc is undisputedly an excellent dry white wine with a lightly fruity aroma and a sharp and decided flavor. Refreshing and light, it is the perfect summer wine to enjoy under California’s sun.

The wine pairs beautifully with light cheeses and cream sauce dishes, with delicate meats and with fish or seafood.


Wine Expert kits are definitely a convenient solution if you want to make a variety of quality wines without actually buying the grapes. They come with all the instructions needed to produce a delicious wine, and you’ll usually be able to enjoy your beverage in less than six months.

Choosing the best one is arguably impossible. As wine lovers, we know that choosing the best wine is often a matter of preference. Especially when you’re not an expert.

We believe that the best kit is that of your favorite wine. Moreover, we suggest starting with a World Vineyard and ending with a Selection wine, to train your taste buds and learn the different aromas and flavors of the most renowned wines in the world. Thanks to the Wine Expert kits, all this is possible.

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