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Updated: April 22, 2023

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The Best Electric Wine Bottle Opener To Open Your Bottles Fast

electric wine bottle opener

Indispensable in every kitchen, a wine bottle opener is an accessory with a simple yet important function.

On the market, there are available many different types of wine bottle openers, ranging from simple corkscrews to electric openers designed to simplify the wine bottle opening process.

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Types of Wine Bottle Opener

Electric wine bottle openers are rather new on the market and apart from them, there are many different types of wine bottle openers to choose from.

The reason why there still are so many types of bottle openers is their destination of use. For instance, a sommelier has to carry the opener in his pocket or in his hand, depending on how busy an evening is. A bulky model would be difficult to carry around, therefore using a professional, compact model is a must.

Casual consumers, on the other hand, would probably not mind using a bulkier model if it is relatively simple to use. So, what is the best model for you? Find out what the main types of bottle openers are to decide what model you need.

  • T-Shape Opener
  • Probably the most traditional model, the t-shape opener consists of a straight handle to which it is attached the classic opener screw. The handle is usually made of hardwood, although the most refined models can be made of silver, brass, ivory, bone, and sometimes encrusted with various patterns.

    This type of opener requires not only skills but also a greater physical effort to pull out the cork compared to all the other models.

  • Classic Bottle Opener
  • The classic opener is made of a lever-type handle in the middle of which it is fixed the screw. This type of opener can be tricky to use by the non-experts and it can easily break the cork.

    The more advanced classic models can be equipped with two levers that help to extract the cork with more ease, while some of them even double as beer bottle openers. Nevertheless, these models usually have a short life.

  • Professional Opener
  • As the name suggests, this type of opener is the one used by sommeliers and consists of a long handle that is centered on a perpendicular retractable coil. The handle of these models is always fitted with a removable foil cutter used to remove the foil that covers the neck of the wine bottles.

  • Wall-mounted Opener
  • The wall-mounted openers come with a wall fixing system that secures them into place. These openers are extremely easy to use and are able to extract the cork with extreme ease and safety.

  • Electric Opener
  • Powered either by batteries or by an electric cord, these openers are the newest innovation among the wine bottle openers. 

    They allow users to extract the cork with minimum effort and are more versatile compared to the wall-mounted ones as the battery models can be used anywhere.

How to Choose a Wine Bottle Opener

Choosing a wine bottle opener might seem easy, but things are not as simple as they seem. Apart from deciding what type of opener is the best for you, there are other factors to take into account before buying.

Probably the most important is the choice of materials. An accurate review of all the models proposed on the market highlights two details, some materials are of really poor quality, shortening the life of the accessory, and others come with low-quality screws that are sometimes unable to pierce the cork.

For this reason, paying attention to these details when choosing a wine bottle opener is essential unless you want to start your evening or wine party with a broken or useless instrument.

The metal of which is made the screw must be solid, preferably stainless steel to avoid compromising the taste of the wine.

Apart from the robustness of the opener, accessories are other elements to pay attention to when choosing the best wine bottle opener on the market.

It is not a general rule, but usually, the best corkscrews come with some convenient accessories, such as foil cutter, spare screw and stainless steel cap that can be used to avoid the oxidation of the unconsumed wine.

Lastly, if you are a casual consumer and usually end up wasting the unconsumed wine from an opened bottle, you might consider investing in a wine access system instead of in a bottle opener. Wine access systems are designed to avoid wine oxidation and will keep your wine in optimal conditions for long periods of time.

How Electric Bottle Openers Work

The electric wine bottle opener is an instrument capable of piercing and extracting the cork in a fast, easy and trouble-free gesture. This type of opener doesn’t present any of the disadvantages of the traditional corkscrews and it works efficiently on both natural and synthetic corks.

Powered by batteries or using energy from a power outlet, this tool is really easy to use. Nevertheless, there are a few steps to pay attention to.

  • Firstly, remove the foil that covers the neck of the bottle using a knife or a foil cutter if you have one.
  • Put the electric opener on top of your bottle and keep it in a firm position.
  • Press the button on the opener. The screw will start rotating clockwise until it has fully pierced the cork then it will automatically rotate counterclockwise and extract the cork with extreme delicacy. During this process, pay attention to keep both the opener and the bottle in a firm position.
  • Remove the cork from the opener’s screw and enjoy a glass of wine from your effortlessly opened bottle.

If by now you’re convinced that you need this type of instrument in your kitchen, take a look at the best electric wine bottle opener reviews below and choose the right model for you.

Our Recommended Electric Wine Bottle Openers

1. Deik Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Deik is one of the most popular electric wine opener available on the market. Its design is inspired by the elegant, curved lines specific to the European accessories. The lines are not the only elegant thing about this attractive and functional opener. In fact, Deik boasts a sleek stainless steel housing and a transparent shell that surrounds the corkscrew mechanism.

Thanks to these features, uncorking your bottles will be really easy, as you will actually be able to see what is happening. Apart from this, the opener also features an ergonomic grip designed to help you keep the instrument in place while uncorking.

Regarding the technical specifications, this electric bottle opener is powered by a rechargeable battery that boasts a long life.

Things We Like

  • Single operation switch: the simple and intuitive switch makes operating this tool extremely simple. To uncork the bottle is sufficient to press the down arrow button on the switch and wait for a few seconds until the cork is safely removed. To remove the cork from the screw with ease, simply press the up arrow button and the opener will do the rest.
  • Vacuum stopper: to protect your wine from oxidation, this instrument comes with a vacuum stopper.
  • Foil cutter: to be honest, a foil cutter is not an essential accessory but it is convenient to have one, especially if you want to impress your friends or family when opening a bottle of wine. This electric wine bottle opener comes with an elegant foil cutter that can be kept on the charging base.
  • Long lasting battery: you will be able to open up to 40 bottles of wine on a single charge, while to fully charge a completely drained battery requires only 8 hours.

2. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener

The Nouveaux II electric wine opener by Ozeri impresses with its extremely elegant design that incorporates stylish curves with stainless steel and transparent elements. Designed for amateur and professional use, this bottle opener is able to stand vertically without the use of a separate base, occupying in this way a really little space on your countertop.

Nouveaux II is able to uncork any bottle with a simple push of a button while the transparent shell will allow you to see the process and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Another great feature is the illumination feature that activates itself when the opener is in use or when it is charging. This function is both aesthetically beautiful and useful, as it will help you monitor better the opening of the bottle and the charging status.

Things We Like

  • European inspired design: this bottle opener boasts elegant sleek lines, the ability to stand vertically without a separate base and an ergonomic grip designed for easy handling.
  • Long lasting battery: coming with a newly designed motor, the Nouveaux II is able to open up to 60 bottles of wine on a single charge, being suitable for both residential and professional use. Operating the opener is easy, with a simple push of a button.
  • Accessories included: Nouveaux II comes with a patent-pending removable lid that doubles as a foil cutter and with a convenient wine pourer and stopper that will help you preserve the organoleptic characteristics of your drink.
  • Multiple color selections: the manufacturer produces this electric wine bottle opener in three different colors that can match with any style. The colors available are stainless steel, black and red.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Although the instrument is designed to stand on its own, some users feel that it is more convenient to store and charge an electric opener on a separate base.

3. Brewberry Electric Wine Bottle Opener

By far, the Brewberry electric wine bottle opener is not only one of the most popular but also one of the most complete wine openers on the market. Everything about this opener is superlative, starting with the sleek design and ending with the many functions and accessories this opener comes with.

With regard to design, this bottle opener boasts extremely elegant straight lines that match perfectly with a minimalist interior design. The instrument is made of a stainless steel case with a transparent insert that allows you to visually monitor the uncorking of your bottles.

Regarding the functions, this electric wine bottle opener has plenty. Apart from the bottle opening feature, this opener comes with an integrated thermometer that reads the temperature of the wine. Useless to say that you will be able to serve your wine at the right temperature effortlessly.

Apart from this, the opener comes with really many accessories designed to make opening and preserving leftover wine a breeze.

Things We Like

  • Convenient operation: the Brewberry electric wine bottle opener is a cordless instrument able to remove both natural and synthetic corks with a simple push of a button. Removing the cork from the screw is as simple as removing it from the bottle.
  • Long lasting: on a single charge, the Brewberry opens up to 30 bottles of wine, while charging the battery will only take between 6 and 8 hours.
  • Multiple accessories: this bottle opener comes with a vacuum sealer designed to preserve your wine, 2 wine stoppers, a wine pourer and one foil cutter that can be conveniently stored on the charging base.
  • LED display: monitoring the battery status and the temperature of the wine is extremely simple thanks to the convenient display.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Expensive: compared with similar models, this opener is rather expensive. Nevertheless, it does come with innovative functions and multiple accessories.

4. Secura Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Another popular electric wine bottle opener is Secura, an instrument with sleek lines, stainless steel and transparent elements and relaxing blue light when charging or in use.

For a convenient use, Secura is a cordless instrument that can be used literally in anywhere. Thanks to the long lasting battery, it will be possible to take the instrument with you while camping or use it at outdoor events.

The opener opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge and it is easy to operate with a simple push of a button. The intuitive controls are easy to operate and the opener also comes with a convenient foil cutter.

Things We Like

  • Two versions available: the manufacturer proposes two models of Secura bottle opener, a standard one and an improved one that comes with a sleeker design and with a thermometer that reads the temperature of the wine.
  • Durable design: Secura is made of high-quality stainless steel and it boasts a see-through mechanism to facilitate the wine opening process.
  • Easy-to-store foil cutter: the foil cutter can be stored on the charging base, so it will always be handy when needed.
  • Relaxing blue light: when charging, the relaxing blue light doubles as a beautiful décor element on the countertop.

Things We Don't Like

  • The charger is built specifically for the North American electric outlets, therefore it will be difficult to use this bottle opener while traveling abroad.

5. Vremi Electric Wine Opener

Vremi impresses with its beautiful lines and high-quality materials with which it is built, with the multiple accessories it comes with and with the impressive life of the battery.

This bottle opener has really sleek lines and it comes with a minimalist base that occupies a really little space on the counter. Although beautifully designed, the base doesn’t double as a support for the accessories yet it fits perfectly in the tiny spaces.

The design is intuitive and operating the opener is really easy. Furthermore, the bottom part of the housing is transparent for an easier operation.

Things We Like

  • Battery level display: knowing when it is time to charge is easy, thanks to the convenient LED battery level display.
  • Easy to hold: this instrument has a slim design and it is really easy to hold and use.
  • Accessories: the Vremi comes with a foil cutter and a wine pourer that doubles as a stopper.
  • Multiple purchase options: if you feel that you need more accessories, the manufacturer sells this opener in four versions, three pieces, four pieces, five-piece or nine-piece sets.

Things We Don't Like

  • The accessories are easy to lose because they cannot be stored on the charging base.


In our opinion, the best electric wine bottle opener on the market is the Brewberry Electric Wine Bottle Opener.

Starting with the design and ending with the multiple accessories and interesting features, this instrument should be present in every wine lover’s house.

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