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10 Best Dry Red Wines Under $30

Who said a good dry red wine had to cost a lot of money? There are many great dry red wines out there for less than $30. In the following guide, we showcase our 10 favorites!

dry red wine

Do you enjoy a nice glass of good dry red wine at the end of a hard day or week? Perhaps you always end up paying a lot of money for yours.

There has been something of a long-held misconception that expensive wine is in some way better than cheap stuff.

Although this is true in some cases, it is not a general rule that can be applied to all dry red wine types.

Contrary to popular belief though, it is the opposite that is true. You really can get a good bottle of dry red wine without spending lots of money.

As with any wine really, it is more about knowing exactly what to look for. There are a dizzying array of dry red wines out there that give you that full and complex flavor profile you are looking for, bursting with sophistication and elegance.

You can get a very good bottle of wine without spending a fortune. Think you will need to spend 40 to 50 bucks? Not necessarily.

In the following guide, we are going to look at some great dry red wines that you can get for under $30.

10. Chateau de Landiras 2014

Elegance is normally seen as something you must pay a premium price for when buying wine. Or is it?

That’s certainly what a lot of people believe. However, this classic and intense blend of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon makes for a very easy-going and robust Bordeaux.

Chateau de Landiras 2014 2

That’s thanks to Merlot’s prominence in the mix. The nose features spicy, currant, blackcurrant and kirsch cherry aromas.

Well-balanced with a fresh and crisp flavor, there tight tannins and a palate with notes of fresh fruit and subtle hints of dried herbs, flowers and earth.

The taste follows through on the aroma with fresh blackcurrants and blackberries working together perfectly.

If you are looking for a good dry red wine to pair with those bright summer’s evening meals of red and white meats or a delicious cheeseboard, this Chateau de Landiras is perfect

9. Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017

If you’re looking for a lighter dry red wine with lower levels of tannin, Pinot Noir is always a safe bet.

This Pinot Noir is a very fruity affair with a nose full of the aromas of raspberry, pomegranate and deep cocoa.

Its palate is similarly deep and fruity, with the addition of an intriguing and flavorsome, but very light blend of spices such allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2017 wine

Imagine a small dusting of warming spices on a fruit compote and your close. The polished and silky tannins have been integrated with the flavors effortlessly, so they are not lost in the mix, but don’t overpower everything either.

Overall, this is a deliciously elegant and pleasingly complicated dry red that you will still be able to savor, long after the last sip.

8. Diviner Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

From the unique and exciting Santa Ynez Valley, a terroir famed for its varied and diverse microclimates and terrain, comes this beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon.

Diviner have produced a single-varietal Cabernet that has been allowed to first ferment inside a sealed stainless-steel tank before it was aged inside 35% French Oak for 14 months.

Diviner Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

The result is a dry red wine that’s not too bold and brash, but delicately rich and full-bodied.

The aroma and palate are incredibly well-structured, and you will pick up woody and fruity aromas alongside that of wood. While the taste delivers a delicious burst of rosemary, oak and dark blackberries.

This wine is best served after its been opened for 20 minutes with hard cheeses, succulent ribs, a nice beef brisket or even some roasted vegetables.

7. Cabernet Sauvignon 10th Anniversary Edition by Raymond 2017

From Raymond Vineyards, we have another Cabernet Sauvignon that you might find interesting.

Raymond Vineyards are renowned for their releases and this 10th anniversary edition for WSJ Wine is an exceptional example of their talents.

Decadent and barrel-aged, this has aromas and flavors of spice that brings the ripe and deep red cherries out perfectly.

Cabernet Sauvignon 10th Anniversary Edition by Raymond 2017

Pepper, rhubarb, blackcurrants and plums all help to give this a rich and robust quality. As with all Raymond Vineyards dry red wines, it is very smooth due to the cleverly fine, but firm tannins.

We would suggest that as well as beef and hard cheeses, the norms for pairing with Cabernet Sauvignon, that you could also serve it with roast lamb, game, burgers or even just meaty Bolognese.

6. Pillastro Primitivo 2016

Puglia is a region in the south of Italy, in the heel of the boot and become increasingly well-known for its dry red wines. Like this Pillastro Primitivo.

A cousin of California’s famed and fruity Zinfandel, Primitivo is a charming, rich and dark grape that produces suitably complex, but rewarding reds.

Pillastro Primitivo 2016

Its flavor is flooding with a heady cocktail of blue and black berries, figs, honey and delicious plums. All in all, it’s a very rounded and sweet palate.

Considering its ridiculously low price, this is a very sophisticated wine that will please your dinner guests.

We’d normally serve it with lamb, beef and most types of aged cheeses and gamey meat. However, it will work just as well with rich, red pasta sauces and meaty pizzas.

5. Cinco Manos Pinot Noir 2015

The second Pinot Noir in our guide to cheap dry red wine is this Cinco Manos medium-bodied number.

Made from grapes harvested from Colchagua Valley vines that benefit from a cooler climate thanks to their high-altitude location.

A rival to the classic French Pinot Noir, Chilean offerings like this are deep, fresh and complex.

Cinco Manos Pinot Noir 2015

Oak barrel aging has given it a touch of cedar that perfectly frames the fruity berry and cherry flavor you’d want from a Pinot Noir.

Rich and silky at the top with a spicy berry finish that lingers for a smooth and delicious finish.

Although it’s perfect with lamb, duck and beef, we’d also push the boat out and pair this with tuna steak, mushrooms, chicken or even salmon.

4. Catena Malbec 2016

An easy choice when you are trying to find the ideal Malbec is to choose one of the many amazing Malbecs available from Mendoza, Argentina.

However, we decided to put the spotlight on one from perhaps the most important Malbec producer in the region.

First established b ack in 1902, Catena Zapata was a pioneer of grape growing at high altitudes.

Catena Malbec 2016

This offering really showcases what people love about Malbec with a tasty, very juicy and vibrant style that has spring flower, wild strawberry and tantalizing black raspberry notes.

The perfectly integrated tannins five it a smoothness and balance that marries well with the acidity that Malbec is known for. Fresh, rich and just superb quality from the first sip to the last.

3. Grill House Shiraz Pinotage 2017

With summer comes BBQ season and if you are in the market for something that will pair up with all that chargrilled veg and meat, you need a dry red that is full of flavor, with silky smooth tannins and a nice hint of spices.

That’s why we’ve picked out for South Africa, this Shiraz and Pinotage blending made by the highly skilled Bruce Jack, who happens to love BBQs probably as much as you.

Grill House Shiraz Pinotage 2017 wine

The Grill House dry red has a full body and aromas of red and black bramble fruit with chocolatey, almost-smoky notes.

Aside from pairing it with all BBQ meat and veg, it also will work well alongside burgers, meaty pasta dishes, roast lamb, sausages and even pizza.

So, slap the meat on those hot grills over those smoking coals and listen for that sizzling sound. Pour a glass of Grill House Shiraz Pinotage and you’ll see why we’ve picked this out from the crowd.

2. Cabernet Sauvignon Robert Oatley Signature 2016

Australia has a long history of producing fine red wines. Margaret River is not just the most widely known wine region in Australia, but it’s also considered to be one of the most highly reliable.

This is thanks to its climate that makes it the perfect home for Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon Robert Oatley Signature 2016 wine

These Bordeaux varietals are used in this region to produce full-bodied, well-structured wines that have elegance and finesse. Like this Robert Oatley Signature Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bold and rich, it’s perfect for full-bodied red fans, with a heady mix of dried leaves, black berries, milky coffee and a lot of spice.

The interesting thing is that because this is a relatively young wine, you could buy it now and still enjoy it 20 years from now. It’s finished with sinewy but very sophisticated tannins.

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1. Las Barracas Gran Reserva Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Last in our cheap dry red wine guide is this delicious release from Ramon Roqueta and his highly esteemed and much-loved bodega in the Spanish region of Catalonia in the north east of the country.

Las Barracas Gran Reserva Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 wine

Known for their lengthy barrel aging and cellar time of their reds, in line with the traditional Spanish winemaking ways, wines from Las Barracas are always worth considering.

Ramon was awarded Winemaker of the Year from the prestigious association of sommeliers in the northern Spanish region of Catalan in 2016.

Here his expertise is put to good use in producing this wonderous blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo (40%/60%) taken from the family owned property.

The Las Barracas Gran Reserva brings together the traditional flavors and aromas of dried black and red fruits, with sophisticated and complex layers of tobacco leaf, lightly toasted coconut, vanilla and leather.

It’s incredibly surprising that something so decadent and delicious would be so low priced.


A nice dry red wine can really hit the spot, when the sun’s out ‘til late evening and you are unwinding from the daily grind.

In the guide above, we’ve tried to cater to a wide range of wine lovers. You’ll notice that we covered most of the major winemaking regions, known for first-class dry reds.

There’s no reason to think anymore that delicious fancy dry reds always cost the world.

The misconception of price denoting quality is an old way of thinking. Obviously, there are some fine wines out there that have a high price tag that are worth every cent. However, that doesn’t mean you always have to be out of pocket just to enjoy a rich dry red.

We’ve hopefully shown that if you make the right choices you can spend a modest amount on a wine that gives you back plenty in return.

Whether you are looking for an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentinian Malbec or prefer a French Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon blend, there is plenty on offer above.

If you’re wanting to have something a bit more sophisticated and classier with your traditional summer BBQ, remember there’s that exceptional Grill House Shiraz Pinotage.

Really, it all comes down to what you are looking for. At least you know you don’t have to be misled by fancy labels and the clout that comes with a hundred-dollar bottle of red.

You can sit back on your own or with friends and enjoy tasty dry reds that won’t break the bank.


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