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Apothic Red Wine Review

If you are looking for an easy to drink red wine that combines a lot of great flavors and offers a satisfying fruity finish, check out our Apothic red wine review.

apothic red wine review

It’s not unheard of to blend one or two different grapes together to make a delicious blend that combines the best of both worlds.

It’s a way to soften harsher and more intense grapes or to bring to life grapes that are too subtle for words.

However, what is rarely done and even when it is, to a high standard, is blending more than a couple of grapes together. 

So, the thought of a wine that mixes not two, but three different varieties together in a melting pot of aromas and flavors, is a strange thing indeed. Especially when you consider that the three being mixed together are not exactly best friends or common bedfellows. 

But here we have in the Apothic Red Winemaker’s Red from California, (produced by Gallo) a blend of Merlot, Syrah, and Zinfandel.

That sentence does make it sound like some kind of mad wine blasphemy, but this is a popular red wine. The name is apparently inspired by a mysterious location that was used to blend and store wine during the 13th century in Europe, known as Apothecia. 

So, it makes sense that it’s a clever blend of California’s finest, juiciest and tastiest grape varietals. It really works well as a celebration of those three. 

According to the inscription on the bottle, Apothic Red is a ‘masterful blend’ of the three grapes and creates a layered flavor profile of dark red fruits with hints of mocha and vanilla.

Does it really live up to the popularity it has, given that it’s sold in grocery stores, wholesalers and just about anywhere else with a liquor license? Let’s see in our Apothic Red Wine Review.


Proof of the Pudding is in the Tasting

If you are nervous of red wines and whether you will ever find one that you like, you should give this Apothic Red a try.

Given that it’s a rich blend of what you would think would be warring flavor factions all vying for their place in the taste profile. However, what you get is a well-executed marriage of the three varietals. 

With the nose, there is a pleasing and attractive, enticing even mixture of black cherry, red berries, vanilla and strangely butterscotch. Those aromas set the mood perfectly for the taste test. From the moment it hits your mouth you are rewarded with a blend of maraschino cherries, well-ripened raspberries and chocolate. 

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Some have even noted hints of maple syrup to the taste profile and even brown sugar. That all sounds rather sweet, and really it is because that’s often why people choose these blended wines because they are easier to drink. However, far from being an out and out sugary sweet and saccharine fest, the finish is decidedly dry with biting acidity and mild tannins coming through.

It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular, as it’s not as hard to drink as some wines, but still offers a bit of intrigue and pizzazz compared to the average modestly priced single grape sipper.


Great Value for Money

Although it’s not the finest red wine out there, this packs a flavor punch that’s just what you need when you’re not too fussed about what you’re drinking.

When you consider the price it retails for, it makes it more of an attractive purchase.

Ideally, it’s best served on its own, but due to its sweetness, would work wonderfully with pizza or something similarly laid back. 

As a blended wine, it’s also a great addition to the drink’s menu at your next party. 

About The Winery – Gallo

Apothic Wines, like the one showcased in this review, are a wide range of offerings produced by the biggest wine producer and exporter in California, E.J. Gallo.

Gallo Winery

Gallo Winery

Founded and ran by Ernest and Julio Gallo, until they died, the winery was set up in 1933. This range all began with the release of the first Apothic Red in 2010 and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. 

The Apothic Red and other Apothic wines are crafted by the company’s skilled Debbie Juergensen. From the very first vintage of this range to the most recent, Debbie is always looking to create a unique blend with bold flavors and intense aromas. She allows the grapes themselves to dictate the way the flavoring is going to turn out. 

She has said she likes to tell a story with each vintage and blend. Although you could be forgiven for thinking that was just some clever sales pitch. As this Apothic Red blend will not do show you, it really does feel as if it’s telling a story from the first sniff to the first sip and then that long and satisfying finish.


If you are looking for something subtle, look elsewhere. Apothic Red may be many, many things, but subtle is not one of them.

It’s bold, dry, fruity and a little bit in your face and that’s what’s genuinely great about it. It’s the perfect addition to any party situation or if you just want a non-nonsense and fuss sipper that will give you that fruity and berry hit you are looking for.

Given that it has continued to be sold by the winery and is constantly updated on a yearly basis, all those people that love it can’t be wrong, can they?

We certainly don’t think so, which is why to close out our Apothic Red review, we would suggest you give it a try. For the low price it retails at and the decent quality it delivers, it’s a winner!

About the Author Tim Edison

Although not having any formal training in wine, Tim has developed an irrefutable love of wine and interest in anything related to it ever since he was a little kid. Coming from a family of wine lovers, it was from a young age that he got exposed to wine and the culture that goes with it and has been addicted ever since. Having traveled to dozens of wine regions across the world including those in France, Italy, California, Australia, and South Africa and tasted a large selection of their wines, it is with great joy that he hopes to share those experiences here and take you along on the journey.

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  1. This is the best wine. No hangover….no weird after taste and smells nice. Can't go wrong…its.$7.98 at most grocery store and $9.99 and most other stores.

  2. Just happened to taste Apothic Dark when my wife bought this unknown wine (at least to me) during my overseas trip quarantine in Korea.

    After the first sip, I just looked for this wine and its winemaking.

    This is an eye-popping wine in my wine experience of 20+ years.

    Thanks for the candid review.


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