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17 Cork Holder Décor Ideas

As a wine lover, you have definitely 17 Cork Holder Décor Ideasopened lots of wine bottles in your life. Maybe you have even decanted some of them in the past to enhance the aromas and flavors of your beverage. And if you truly love wine, you know that there is always a reason to drink it.

But after opening a bottle of wine there is a question that arises. What happens with the cork? Do you just throw it away? Wouldn’t it be better to just gather them in a collection? What about recycling wine corks and transform them into original pieces of décor?

If the last idea appeals to you, you’ll only need a cork holder and… lots of corks. Here are 15 cork holder décor ideas to inspire you!

1. Wine Bottle Cork Cage

Grapevine Wine Bottle Shaped Cork Corral Holder

A cork cage is one of the chicest cork holder ideas you could use to create beautiful decorative elements. There are many models available on the market, but maybe the most classy one is a wine bottle cork cage that you can fill with your used corks.

You can place the cork cage in any space you want, for example you can enhance the beauty of your kitchen or exhibit it under the fireplace or on a shelf in the living room.

If you are throwing a wine party, you can even use this cork holder to decorate your buffet; in this way, you can just throw the corks in the holder as soon as you open a bottle.

2. Copper Wire Wine Glass Cork Holder

Big Wine Glass Cork Holder for Wine Lovers By Thirteen Chefs

If you want a cork holder that is both decorative and functional, maybe a wire cork holder shaped as a giant wine glass suits you better.

Just as the wine bottle cork cage, this cork holder can be placed anywhere in your house or wine business, but it can also be placed outdoors where it can have both a decorative and functional use.

If you want an original candle holder, for example, fill half of the glass with corks and place a thin metal tray above them. Hide the tray by surrounding it with other corks, then place a scented candle on the tray. Otherwise, you can just fill up the whole glass and use it as post holder for amusing signs.

3. Barrel Shaped Wine Cork Holder

TheopWine Barrel Shaped Wine Cork Holder

If you love traditional yet stylish décors, another type of cork holder to use is a barrel shaped container that can enhance the look of your countryside home or cellar.

On the market, there are many models of barrel shaped cork holders available and you can use them exclusively to hold your corks or to transform them into original pots for your plants.

For example, you could fill half of the barrel with corks, then place a small pot inside the barrel and mask it with other corks placed around it. Plant a decorative grass and use this ensemble as a table center décor during family dinners or parties.

4. Wine Storage Table & Cork Holder

Wine Storage Table

In the house of any wine lover, the most important pieces of furniture are the wine storage cabinets or holders. If you love to keep your wine close to you and maybe exhibit a few bottles in your studio or living room, then you certainly have to invest in a stylish wine storage table.

But what if you could use the wine storage table as a cork holder too? A wire storage table with a central foot used as cork holder will allow you to create a unique corner that all your guests will love.

Many wine storage tables and cork holders available on the market also allow you to remove the corks and start building up the design as many times as you like.

5. Wine Cork Notice Board

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Board Kit

Many wine cork holders are just decorative elements made of wire or glass and used to hold the corks. But if you are a lover of both wine and unconventional ideas, you can transform the corks into an original board on which you can display photos, notes or your future adventures maps.

To make a cork board you will need a frame, preferably a wooden one, corks, and imagination.

We can’t help you with the imagination, but we can let you know that there are many wine cork board kits available on the market that come in different dimensions.

According to the bottles of wine you drink, you can choose a smaller or a larger frame and arrange the corks in any pattern you like to create your unique posting board.

6. Wall Art Cork Holder Décor

Wine Letter Cork Holder Art Wall Décor

Another creative idea is gathering your corks in wall-mounted cork holders that come in various models and shapes.

Among all of them, we prefer the cork holder letters that allow you to write any word you like in a more than creative way.

Letter cork holders are usually made of metal and, apart from the word “wine”, you can literally use any combination you like to create a suggestive décor.

You can mount these cork holders on any wall to create a distinctive element or just place them near the wine storage cabinet for convenience.

7. Metal Birdcage Cork Holder

Home-X Keepsake Wine Cork Holder

If you fancy the idea of having a countertop cork holder but you don’t want a wine-related design, then you can certainly create a lovely element of décor using a rustic metal birdcage to hold your corks together.

Although you can use literally any stylish bird cage you like, maybe it would still be a better idea to choose a cork holder birdcage that is designed exclusively to hold corks.

There are a few beautiful models to choose from, some of them with awesome details and removable tops that help you add corks to the collection or remove the old ones and start a new design.

8. Oversized Wine Glass Cork Holder

Wine Enthusiast Oversized Wine Glass Cork Holder

Many cork holders are made of metal or wire, but the truth is that you can use pretty much any oversized glass, jar, or pot to collect the most important corks of your wine collection.

If you want to use a wine-related item, then an oversized red wine glass made of crystal will certainly draw the attention and will decorate with success any environment. Apart from holding corks, you can use a giant stemware to hold many other objects, such as candies or marbles, or even transform it into an original vase.

When filled with corks, you can use it as a decorative element on a shelf of your storage cabinet or as tabletop décor for a buffet.

When filled with candies or marbles, you can use it to enhance the design of your living room or kitchen and we’re pretty sure that both your guests and family members will simply love it.

9. Cork Coaster

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Coasters Kit

Corks can be used in countless creative ways, and an interesting idea is creating original coasters that will keep your precious table top stain-free.

There are many cork coasters available on the market, but if you drink a lot of wine and have a lot of corks, maybe you fancy the idea of creating your own coasters. There are many ways to do them. For instance, you could glue the corks together to create round coasters.

Alternatively, you can use small wooden frames and your most valuable corks to create the coasters. You can either build the frame yourself or buy a ready to use kit, such as the one proposed by Wine Enthusiast.

10. Round Wine Cork Board

Wine Enthusiast Round Wine Cork Board Kit

If you like the idea of making your own glass coasters using used corks, then you should probably pair them with a matching board or tray.

To play with the shapes and create an original set, a great idea is to choose a round cork holder to make the board or tray.

Wine Enthusiast proposes a round cork board kit made of mahogany wood and that matches perfectly with the mahogany coasters reminded above. Then, you’ll only have to use your imagination to create an original pattern with the corks.

With such a set, we guarantee that all your guests will appreciate your talent.

The round cork board can be used as a serving tray, to hold the hot pots and protect the surface of your table or countertop, or as an original notice-board if mounted on a wall.

11. Collectible Cork Frame

Collectible Cork Frame (19x12x2, All You Need Is Love And Little Wine)

If you have a wine bar or another type of wine business, as a matter of fact, you could transform the old corks into beautiful artworks if you decide to gather them in collectible cork frames.

These frames are usually wooden or metal boxes with a transparent window either on one side or on both sides and they can be used to display the corks in an original way. Most of the times, the window has inspiring or fun quotes written on it, and without a doubt, all of your customers will love them.

To make things even more fun, you can display these cork holders on the bar and let your customers create the collection by inviting them to drop the corks after you opened a wine bottle for them.

Alternatively, you can use a collectible cork frame at home, to show everyone that you are a true wine lover.

12. Word Wine Cork Cage

Epic Products Cork Cage Wine

Cork cages are probably the most popular cork holders and there is a good reason why. They are stylish, decorative and not demanding when it comes to collecting your corks. If you are not extremely talented or you lack ideas, a cage cork holder will help you create splendid decors with no hassle.

Among them all, the word wine cork cages are probably the most versatile. These cork holders can be used to enhance your countertop or wine storage cabinet, or you can place them on a shelf in your living room or behind a bar to keep all your corks organized.

There are many words you can choose from. In our opinion, you can associate word cork holder cages to create the phrase wine corks.

13. Cork Map

USA Wine Cork Map

If you love both travel and a good wine, then maybe a cork map could be the right cork holder for you.

In fact, an original way of keeping track of your travels is by collecting corks from the wineries you visit during your journeys and gather them on a map that you can hang on the wall in your living room or studio.

On the market, there are wine cork maps available for different countries or regions of the world, and we can guarantee that having such a map will determine you visit the world to complete your collection.

Since the USA is a quite large nation, you could start your collection with a USA cork map, then visit every state to discover their best wines. Choose your favorite and add its cork to the map, until all the spaces are filled. Then, it’s time to consider a wine tour around the world.

14. Wine Wall Décor

Wine Wall Décor

If you have a cellar or a countryside cottage that needs some new décors, then you could use a wall-hanging cork holder to enhance your space.

For instance, you could use a resin, wood or metal decorative element with grapes or bottles of wines in the middle and a frame with slots that can then be filled with your most valuable corks.

This type of decorative element can be paired with other rustic décors, such as oversized wine cellar keys, barn bells or decorative barrels. Probably the best place to hang this type of décor is in your kitchen, although it would also fit well a rustic dining room.

When it comes to the corks, you can either fill all the slots of the frame for a linear design or use your imagination and alternate corks with empty spaces for a more enhancing visual effect.

15. Cork Serving Tray

Wine Enthusiast Wine Cork Serving Tray Kit

Imagine waking up in a cozy room somewhere on the hilltops of a winery, with your breakfast served in the bed. Probably all wine lovers should treat themselves at least once in their lifetime.

To maintain the magic atmosphere and recreate that feeling at home, you can use a cork serving tray that reminds you of the last time you visited a winery.

Creating a cork serving tray is easy. All you need is a regular wooden or metal serving tray and a lot of corks. You can either use the corks of your most valuable bottles or just new corks if you want to create a flawless design.

Arrange the corks in any pattern you want, then cover them with a glass sheet, to keep them safe in case you spill your juice, coffee or wine.

Apart from using this tray for your breakfasts, you can use it to serve beverages to your guests or to take with you on picnics. What is certain is that this tray will be the center of attention.

16. Wine Cork Display

Rabbit CorkHaus Bamboo Wine Cork Display

If you are a true wine connoisseur and have a collection of prestigious bottles, then maybe you will want to keep the corks of your valuable bottles.

In many cases, if the wine is rare or extremely expensive, you might not even want to collect these corks in a holder together with the others, but rather display them on their own.

To do this, you can simply use a wine cork displayer that you can mount on a wall over your wine cabinet or wine storage table.

You can either build a cork display on your own or opt for a ready to use version. For instance, you could use an elegant display made of wood and provided with metal racks designed to hold your corks while still showing what is written on them, similar to the one in the photo above.

17. Cork Display Box

Mud Pie His/Her Cork Display Box

Are you a forever wine lover while your hubby is more of a beer drinker? Do you want to display your corks while he argues that beer taps are just thrown away in the bin? A solution to still keep your corks while offering him an alternative is a stylish cork display box divided into two sides, one for you and one for him.

In this way, he will also be able to collect the taps of the most valuable beer bottles while you will get to keep all of your corks with no arguments.

If both of you are wine lovers, then you can simply choose another fun cork display box, maybe a model that shows you if you are a beginner, intermediate or expert wine drinker based on the amount of corks you collect.


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